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up my Voice and cried, that he left his Garment with me, and fled and got him out.

16 And the laid up his Garment by her, until his Lord came home.

17 And she spake unto him according to thefe Words, faying, The Hebrew Servant which thou haft brought unto us, came in unto me to mock me.

18 And it came to pafs, as I lift up my Voice and cried, that he left his Garment with me, and fled out.

19 And it came to pafs, when his Mafter heard the Words of his Wife, which fhe fpake unto him, faying, After this Manner did thy Servant to me; that his Wrath was kindled.

20 And Jofeph's Mafter took him, and put him into the Prison, in a Place where the King's Prisoners were bound: and he was there in the Prison.

ZI But the LORD was with Jofeph, and fhewed him Mercy, and gave him Favour in the Sight of the Keeper of the Prifon.

22 And the Keeper of the Prifon committed to Jofeph's Hand all the Prifoners that were in the Prifon; and whatsoever they did there, he was the Doer of it.

23 The Keeper of the Prifon looked not to any thing that was under his

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13 And have not obeyed the Voice of my TEACHERS, nor inclined mine Ear to them that INSRUCTED ME? and rejoyce in the WIFE of thy Youth.

18 Let thy Fountain be bleffed :

19 Let her be as the loving Hind and pleafant Roe, let her Breafts fatisfy thee at all Times, and be thou ravished always with her Love.

20 And why wilt thou, my Son, be ravifht with a STRANGE WOMAN, and embrace the Bofom of a Stranger.

21 For the WAYS of MAN are before the EYES of the LORD, and he


22 His own INIQUITIES fhall take

the Wicked himself, and he shall be holden with the Cords of his SINS.

23 He fhall die without Inftruction, and in the Greatness of his Folly he shall go aftray.

Prov. vii. 1 My Son, keep my Words, and lay up my COMMAND

MENTS with thee.

7 For 1 difcerned among the YOUTHS, a young Man void of Understanding,

8 Paffing through the Streets in the Evening:

To And there met him a Woman with the Attire of an HARLOT, and fubtil of Heart.

13 She caught him, and kiffed him, and with an impudent Face faid unto him,

17 I have perfumed my Bed, let us folace ourselves with Loves.

home, he is gone a long Journey

19 For the Good man is not at

21 With her much fair Speech the caused him to yield, with the FLAT

TERING of her LIPS the forced him.

22 He goeth after her as an Ox to the SLAUGHTER, or as a Fool to the CORRECTION of the STOCKS:

LIVER as a Bird hafteth to the Snare, 23 Till a DART ftrike through his

and knoweth not that it is for his LIFE. fore, O YE CHILDREN, and attend 24 Hearken unto me now thereunto the Words of my Mouth. Hand,

Hand, because the LORD was with him and that which he did, the LORD made it to profper.

25 Let not thine Heart decline to her Ways, go not aftray in her Paths. 26 For the hath caft down many woUNDED: yea, many ftrong Men have been SLAIN by her.

going down to the CHAMBERS of DEATH.

27 HER HOUSE is the Way to HELL,

Heb. xiii. 4 Marriage is honourable in all, and the Bed undefiled; but WHOREMONGERS and ADULTERERS GOD will JUDGE.

Matth. v. 28 Whofoever looketh on a Woman to LUST after her, hath committed ADULTERY with her already in his HEART.


1 The Butler and Baker of Pharaoh in Prifon : 4 Joseph hath Charge of them: 5 He interpreteth their Dreams: 20 They came to pass according to his Interpretation. 23 The Ingratitude of the Butler,

Ver. 1

ND it came to pafs after thefe Things, that the Butler of the King of Egypt, and his Baker had offended their Lord the King of Egypt.

2 And Pharaoh was wroth against two of his Officers, against the chief of the Butlers, and against the chief of the Bakers.

3 And he put them in Ward in the Houfe of the Captain of the Guard, into the Prison, the Place where Jofeph was bound.

4 And the Captain of the Guard charged Jofeph with them, and he ferved them; and they continued a Seafon in Ward.

5 And they dreamed a Dream, both of them, each Man his Dream in one Night, each Man according to the Interpretation of his Dream; the Butler and the Baker of the King of Egypt, which were bound in the Prison.

6 And Jofeph came in unto them in the Morning, and looked upon them, and behold they were fad.

7 And he asked Pharaoh's Officers that were with him in the Ward of his Lord's Houfe, faying, Wherefore look ye fo fadly To-day?

8 And they faid unto him, We have dreamed a Dream, and there is no Interpeter of it. And Jofeph faid unto them, Do not Interpretations belong to God? tell me them, I pray you.

9 And the chief Butler told his Dream to Jofeph, and faid unto him, In my Dream, behold, a Vine was before


10 And in the Vine were three Branches: and it was as though it budded, and her Bloffoms fhot forth; and the Clufters thereof brought forth ripe Grapes.

11 And Pharaoh's Cup was in my Hand and I took the Grapes, and preffed them into Pharaoh's Cup, and I gave the Cup into Pharaoh's Hand.

12 And Jofeph faid unto him, This is the Interpretation of it: The three Branches are three Days.

13 Yet within three Days fhall Pharaoh lift up thine Head, and restore thee unto thy Place: and thou fhalt deliver Pharaoh's Cup into his Hand, after the former manner when thou waft his Butler.

14 But think on me when it shall be well with thee, and fhew Kindness, I pray thee, unto me; and make mention of me unto Pharaoh, and bring me out of this Houfe.

15 For indeed I was ftolen away out of the Land of the Hebrews and here also have I done nothing that they fhould put me into the Dungeon.

16 When the chief Baker faw that the Interpretatton was good; he faid unto Jofeph, I alfo was in my Dream, and behold, I had three white Baskets on my Head.

17 And in the uppermoft Basket there was of all manner of Bake-meats for Pharaoh; and the Birds did eat them out of the Basket upon my Head.

18 And Jofeph anfwered and faid, This is the Interpretation thereof: The three Baskets are three Days.

19 Yet within three Days shall Pharaoh lift up thy Head from off thee, and fhall hang thee on a Tree; and the Birds fhall eat thy Flesh from off thee.

20 And it came to pass the third Day, which was Pharaoh's Birth-day, that he made a Feaft unto all his Servants: and he lifted up the Head of the chief Butler, and of the Baker among his Servants.

21 And he reftored the chief Butler to his Butlership; and he gave the Cup into Pharaoh's Hand:

22 But he hanged the chief Baker: as Jofeph had interpreted to them.

23 Yet did not the chief Butler remember Jofeph, but forgat him,



1 Pharaoh's two Dreams: 9 Jofeph interpreteth them: 33 He giveth Pharaoh Counfel. 38 Jofeph is advanced : 50 He begetteth Manasseh and Ephraim. 54 The Famine beginneth.

Ver. 1


the River.

ND it came to pass at the End of two full Years, that Pharaoh dreamed, and behold, he stood by

2 And behold, there came up out of the River, seven well-favoured Kine, and fat-flefhed; and they fed in the Meadow.

3 And behold, feven other came up after them out of the River, ill-favoured, and lean-flefhed; and ftood by the other Kine, upon the Brink of the River.

4 And the ill-favoured and lean-flefhed Kine, did eat up the feven well-favoured and fat Kine. So Pharaoh awoke.

5 And he flept and dreamed the fecond Time: and behold, feven Ears of Corn came up upon one Stalk, rank and good.

6 And behold, feven thin Ears and blafted with the Eaftwind fpringing up after them.

7 And the feven thin Ears devoured the feven rank and full Ears and Pharaoh awoke, and behold, it was a Dream.

8 And it came to pafs in the Morning, that his Spirit was troubled; and he fent and called for all the Magicians of Egypt, and all the Wife-men thereof: and Pharaoh told them his Dream; but there was none that could interpret them unto Pharaoh.

9 Then fpake the chief Butler unto Pharaoh, faying, I do remember my Faults this Day.

10 Pharaoh was wroth with his Servants, and put me in Ward in the Captain of the Guard's Houfe, both me and the chief Baker.

: 11 And we dreamed a Dream in one Night, I and he: we dreamed each Man according to the Interpretation of his Dream.

12 And THERE was there with us a young Man, an Hebrew, Servant to the Captain of the Guard; and we told him, and he interpreted to us our Dreams: to each Man according to his Dream, he did interpret.

13 And it came to pafs, as he interpreted to us, fo it was me he restored unto mine Office, and him he hanged.

14 Then Pharaoh fent and called Jofeph, and they brought him haftily out of the Dungeon: And he shaved himfelf, and changed his Raiment, and came unto Pharaoh.

15 And Pharaoh faid unto Joseph, I have dreamed a Dream, and there is none that can interpret it: and I have heard fay of thee, that thou canft understand a Dream to interpret it.

16 And Joseph answered Pharaoh, faying, It is not in me: GoD fhall give Pharaoh an Answer of Peace.

17 And Pharaoh faid unto Jofeph, In my Dream, behold, Iftood upon the Bank of the River.

18 And behold, there came up out of the River seven Kine, fat-flefhed, and well-favoured; and they fed in a Meadow.

19 And behold, feven other Kine came up after them, poor, and very ill-favoured, and lean-flefhed, fuch as I never faw in all the Land of Egypt.

20 And the lean and ill-favoured Kine did eat up the firft feven fat Kine.

21 And when they had eaten them up, it could not be known that they had eaten them; but they were still ill-favoured, as at the Beginning. So I awoke.

22 And I faw in my Dream, and behold, feven Ears tame up in one Stalk, full and good.

23 And behold, feven Ears, withered, thin, and blafted with the Eaft-wind, fprung up after them.

24 And the thin Ears devoured the seven good Ears : and I told this unto the Magicians; but there was none that could declare it unto me.

25 And Jofeph faid unto Pharaoh, The Dream of Phataoh is one: GOD hath fhewed Pharaoh what he is about to do.

25 The feven good Kine are feven Years; and the feven good Ears are feven Years: the Dream is one.

27 And the seven thin and ill-favoured Kine that came up after them, are feven Years, and the feven empty Ears blafted with the Eaft-wind, fhall be feven Years of Famine. 28 This is the Thing which I have spoken unto Pharach: What Gop is about to do, he fheweth unto Pharaoh.

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