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and Languages that dwell in all the Earth, Peace be multiplied unto you.

26 I make a Decree that in every Dominion of my Kingdom, Men tremble and fear before the God of Daniel: for he is the living God, and stedfast for ever, AND HIS KingDOM that WHICH SHALL NOT BE DESTROYED, and his Dominion shall be even unto the End.

* 27 He delivereth and rescueth, and he worketh Signs and Wonders in Heaven and in Earth, who hath delivered Daniel from the Power of the Lions.

28 So this Daniel prospered in the Reign of Darius, and in the Reign of Cyrus the Persian.


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Book of E ZRA.

The Sixth Period: From the rebuilding the Temple at Jerusalem, to

the Coming of Jesus Christ the Messiah, containing about the Space of 588 Years.

| C H A P. I. 2 The Proclamation of Cyrus, for the Building of the Temple.

5 The People provided for their Return. 7 Cyrus restoreth the Vessels of the Temple to Shesbazzar.

Ver. 1

COW & in the & Ifa. xliv. 28 That saith of Cyrus,


He is my Shepherd, and shall per-
I eat form all 'my Pleasure, even saying to
of CYRUS Jerusalem, 'Thou shalt be built; and
King of to the Temple, Thy Foundation hall

belaid. Persia (that

Llll 2


the WORD of the LORD by 1'axlv. 13 I have raised him or the Mouth of JEREMIAH in Righteousness, and I will direà might be fulfilled the LORD all his Ways: he shall build my Ci

ty, and he shall let go my Captives, stirred up the SPIRIT of Cy- nor for Price nor Rewad, saith the RUS King of Persia, that he Lord of Hofts. made a Proclamation through- , proclamation throwoh Jer. xxix. 10 For thus faith the

LORD), That after seventy Years le out all his Kingdom, and put accomplished at Babylon, I will visit it also in Writing, saying, you, and perform my good Word 2.Thus faith Cyrus King

towards you, in cauling you to a hus iaith CYRUS ning turn to this place. of Persia, The Lord God of Heaven hath given me all the Kingdoms of the Earth, and he hath CHARGED me to build him an House at Jerusalem.

3 Who is there among you of all his People? his GOD be with him, and let him go up to Jerusalem, and build the House of the Lord God of Israel (he is the God) which is in Jerusalem.

4. And whosoever remaineth in any Place, let the Men of his Place help him with Silver, and with Gold, and with Goods, and with Beasts, besides the Free-will Offering for the House of God.

5 Then rose up the chief of the Fathers of Judah, and Benjamin, and the Priests, and the Levites, with all them whose SPIRITS God had RAISED to go up, to build the House of the LORD.

6 And all they that were about them, strengthened their Hands with Vessels of Silver, with Gold, and with precious Things, besides all that was willingly offered.

7 Also Cyrus the King brought forth the VESSELS of the House of the LORD, which Nebuchadnezzar had brought forth out of Jerusalem, and had put theni in the House of

8 Even those did Cyrus bring forth by the Hand of Mithreath the Treasurer, and numbered them unto SHESBAZZAr the Prince of Judah.

11 All the Vessels of Gold and of Silver were five thousand and four hundred.

CH A P. II. 1 The Number that return of the People, 36 of the Priet,

40 Of the Levites, 43 Of the Nethinims, 55 of Solomon's Servants, 62 Of the Prieji's which could not mew their Pedia gree. 64 The whole Number of them with their Substance, 68 Their Oblations,

Ver. N OW these are the Children of the Province,

IV that went up out of the Captivity, of those whom Nebuchadnezzar had carried away unto Babylon, and came again unto Jerusalem and Judah, every one unto his City,

¿ which came with Zerubbabel, Jeshua, Nehemiah, Seraiah, Reelaiah, Mordecai, Bilshan, Mispar, Bigvai, Behum, Baanah, the Number of the Men of the People of Israel.

64 The whole Congregation together was forty and two thousand, three hundred and threescore.

65 Besides their Servants, of whom there were seven thousand three hundred thirty and seven : and there were among them two hundred singing Men and singing Women.

68 And some of the chief of the Fathers when they came to the House of the LORD, offered freely for the House of God to set it up in this place.

69 They gave after their Ability unto the Treasure of the Work.

CH A P. III. 1 The Altar is set up. 4. Offerings frequented. 7.Workman

prepared. The Foundation of the Temple laid in great joy and Mourning.

Ver. 8 T N the second Year of their coming unto the House

1 of God at Jerusalem, in the second Month, Zerubbabel and Jeshua, appointed the Levites, from twenty Years old, to set forward the Work of the Houle of the LORD.

10 And when the Builders laid the Foundation of the Temple of the LORD, they set the Priests in their Apparel with Trumpeters, and the Levites the Sons of Asaph, with Cymbals to praise the Lord, after the ORDINANCE of DAVid King of Israel.

11 And they SUNG together by COURSE, in Praising and giving Thanks unto the LORD, because he is GOOD, for his h Mercy endureth for Psal. cxxxvi. 19 O give Thanks EVER towards Ifrael, and all unto the Lord, for he is good, for the People shouted with a his Mercy endureth fot ever.


great Shout, when they praised the LORD, because the Foundation of the House of the LORD was laid.

12 i But many of the Prieits " Haceai ii. who is left among and Levites, and chief of the you that saw this House in her fritt Fathers, who were antient Glory? and how do ye fee it Dow!

Is it not in your Eyes in Compa-
Men that had feen the firit rison of it as nothing.
House, when the Foundation 4 Yet now be strong, o Zerobba-
of this House was laid before bel, faith the LORD, and be ftrong,

O Joshua Son of Josedech the High their Eyes, WEPT with a Priest, and be strong all ye People of loud Voice, and many shoạt- the Land, saith the LORD, and #ork: ed aloud for Joy.

(for I am with you, saith the LORD

of Hosts.) 13 So that the People could 6 For thus faith the LORD of not discern the Noise of the Hofts, Yet once it is a little while,

w from the Noire and I will shake the Heavens, and Shout of Joy, from the Noise

the Earth, and the Sea, and the dry of the Weeping of the Peo- Land. ple: for the People shouted 7 And I will shake all Nations and

the Delire of all Nations shall come, with a loud Shout, and the

and I will fill this House with Glory, Noise was heard afar off. faith the Lord of Hofts.

8 The Silver is mine, and the Gold is mine, faith the LORD of Hofts.

9 The Glory of this latter House shall be GREATER than of the former, faith the LORD of Hosts: and in this place will I give Peace, faith the Lord of Hofts.


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The Building of the Temple hindered. 7 Their Letters tz

Artaxerxes. 17 His Decree.

CH A P. V. i Zerubbabel and Jeshua incited by Haggai and Zechariah, let

forward the Building of the Temple. 3 Tarnai and She'thar-boznai could not hinder the Jews. 6 Their Letters is Darius against the Jews.

Ver. I THEN k the Pro- * Hag. i. 1 In the second Year of

Darius ihe King, in the fixth Month, 1 phets, Haggai and came the Word of the Lord by Hag. Zechariah prophesied unto the gai the Prophet unto Zerubbabel the Tews, in the Name of the Governor of Judah, and to Jeshua

the High Priest, saying, God of Israel.

2 Thus speakech the LORD of 2 Then rose up Zerubba- Hofts, saying, This People say the

Time is not come that the LOND's bel, and Jessua, and began

House should be built. the House of God, which is

7 Thus faith the LORD of Hofts, at Jerufalem: and with them Conlider your Ways,


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