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the Gospel, foc.

Chap. ii. Justification by faith. they saw, that the Gospel of the 13 And the other Jews dis. uncircumcision f was commit- sembled likewise wịth him ; ted unto me, as the Gospel of insomuch that Barnabas also the circumcision was unto Pe- was carried away with their

dissimulation. 8 (For he that wrought ef- 14 9 But when I saw that fectually in Peter to the apos- they walked not uprightly, actleship of the circumcision, the cording to the truth of the Gossame was mighty in me toward pel, I said unto Peter before the Gentiles ;)

them all, If thou, being a Jew, 9 And when James, Ce- livest after the manner of Genphas, and John, who seemed tiles, and not as do the Jews, to be pillars, perceived the why compellest thou the Gengrace that was given unto me, tiles to live as do the Jews ? they gave to me and Barnabas

15 We who are Jews by nathe right hands of fellowship, ture, and not sinners of the that we should go unto the Gentiles,h heathen, and they unto the cir- 16 Knowing that a man is cumcision.

not justified by the works of 10 Only they would that we the law, but by the faith of Jeshould remember the poor : sus Christ, even we have bethe same which I also was lieved in Jesus Christ, that we forward to do.

might be justified by the faith 11 But when Peter was come of Christ, and not by the works to Antioch I withstood him of the law ; for by the works to the face, because he was to of the law shall no flesh be be blamed.

justified. 12 For before that certain 17 But if, while we seek to came from James, he did eat be justified by Christ, we ourwith the Gentiles; but when selves also are found sinners, they were coine, he withdrew, is, therefore, Christ the minisand separated himself, fear- ter of sin ? God forbid. ing them which were of the 18 For if I build again the circumcision.

things which I destroyed, I

make myself a transgressor. of The Gospel of the uncircumcision ; the preaching of the Gospel to the

19 For I through the law am Gentiles.

dead to the law, that I might & The Gospel of the circumcision, the live unto God.i preaching of the Gospel to the Jews.

N. B. It may here be remarked, b Not sinners, &c. not idolatrous that circumcision, because it was one Gentiles. of the distinguishing and peculiar i For I through breaking the law rites of the Israelites, frequently sig- am pronounced dead, by the curse or nifies the Jews; and uncircumcision sentence of the law, so that, if I live, the Gentiles.

it must be by the free grace of God.


Believers justified Galatians.

and blessed. 20 [I am crucified with 4. Have ye suffered so many Christ; nevertheless I live; things in vain ? if it be yet in yet not I, but Christ liveth in vain. me; and the life which I now 5 He, therefore, that minislive in the flesh I live by the tereth to you the Spirit, and faith of the Son of God, who worketh miracles among you, loved

gave hin:self for doeth he it by the works of the

law, or by the hearing of faith? 21 I do not frustrate the 6 4 Even as Abraham begrace of God; for if righteous- lieved God, and it was account. ness come by the law, thened to him for righteousness.c Christ is dead in vain.

7 Know ye, therefore, that CHAP. III.

they which are of faith, the 1 He asketh what moved them same are the children of A.

to leave the faith, and depend braham. on the law. 6 They that be- 8 And the scripture, foreliere are justified, 9 and seeing that God would justify blessed with Abraham. the heathen through faith,

0 FOOLISH Galatians, preached before the Gospel who hath bewitched you, that unto Abraham, saying,d In thee ye should not obey the truth, shall all nations be blessed. before whose eyes Jesus Christ 9 So then, they which be of hath been evidently set forth, faith are blessed with faithful crucified among you?

Abraham. 2 This only would I learn of 10 For as many as are of you, Received ye the Spirit by the works of the law are under the works of the law,a or by the curse; for it is written, the hearing of faith Pb

Cursed is every one, that con3 Are ye so foolish ? having tinueth not in all things, which begun in the Spirit, are ye now are written in the book of the made perfect by the flesh? law, to do them.

11 But that no man is jus. a By the works of the law, on ac- tified by the law in the sight of count of performing the works, or ob- God, it is evident; for, The serving the ceremonies of the law of Moses. In the first verses of this just shall life by faith.f chapter Paul is reasoning to show those Galatians, whom he had taught ¢ Abraham believed God, &c. Paul the Gospel,& to whom he had impart- here alludes to Gen. xv. 5. ed spiritual gifts; but who had been d Saying, Gen. xii. 3. seduced by false teachers, that under e It is written, Deut. xxvii. 26. the Gospel, the rites of Moses, that f The just shall live by faith ; this is sacrifices, circumcision, &c. are no sentence is sometimes translated; longer necessary to salvation. The just by faith, that is, those, who

b By the bearing, by the obedience have the justifying faith of Abraham, of faith,

shall live. See Rom. iii. 28.

Paul sheweth how

Chap. iii.

, believers are justified. 12 And the law is not of 18 For if the inheritanee be faith; but, The man that do- of the law, it is no more of eth them shall live in them.g promise; but God gave it to

13 Christ hath redeemed us Abraham by promise. from the curse of the law, be- 19 Wherefore then serveth ing made a curse for us ;h for the law? It was added beit is written, Carsed is every cause of transgressions, till the one that langeth on a tree : seed should come to whom the

14 That the blessing of A- promise was made; and it was brahami might come on the ordained by angels in the hand Gentiles through Jesus Christ; of a mediator. that we might receive the pro- 20 Now, a mediator is not mise of the Spirit through faith. a mediator of one, but God is

15 Brethren, I speak after one.k the manner of men; Though 21 Is the law then against it be but a man's covenant, yet the promises of God? God forif it be confirmed, no man dis- bid; for if there had been a annulleth,j or addeth thereto. law given, which could have

16 Now, to Abraham and given life, verily righteousness his seed were the promises should have been by the law. made. He saith not, and to 22 But the scripture hath seeds, as of many; but as of coneluded all under sin, that one, And to thy seed, which is the promise by faith of Jesus Christ.

Christ might be given to them 17 And this I say, that the that believe. covenant, that was confirmed 23 But before faith came, before of God in Christ, the we were kept under the law, law, which was four hundred shut up unto the faith which and thirty years after, cannot should afterwards be revealed. disannul, that it should make 24 Wherefore the law was the promise of none effect. our schoolmaster to bring us

unto Christ, that we might be Tbe man that doeth them, &c. the justified by faith. judgments and ordinances of God,

25 But after that faith is mentioned Lev. xviii.

6 Being made a curse for us ; nothing come, we are no longer under more is here meant, than that Christ a schoolmaster. was treated as an accursed person; for although he was not a transgresa

ł Now a mediator is not employed sor, he was numbered with them, and between parties, who are of one senignominiously crucified.

timent, or in friendship; but God is i Theblessing of Abraham, the bless- one of the parties, and in friendship ing of justification by faith, promised only with the righteous; therefore to Abraham.

God was not in friendship with the j Disannulleth, abolisheth or setteth other party, which was the Israelites, aside.

who were a rebellious race.


Of our being freed Galatians. from the law, fc.

26 For ye are all the chil. rit of his Son into your hearts; dren of God by faith in Christ crying, Abba,b Father. Jesus.

Wherefore thou art no 27 For as many of you as more a servant, but a son; and have been baptized into Christ if a son, then an heir of God have put on Christ.

through Christ. 28 There is neither Jew nor 8 Howbeit then, when ye Greek, there is neither bond knew not God, ye did service nor free, there is neither male unto them, which by nature nor female ; for ye are all one are no gods. in Christ Jesus.

9 But now, after that ye 29 And if ye be Christ's, have known God, or rather are then are ye Abraham's seed, known of God, how turn ye a and heirs according to the pro- gain to the weak and beggarmise.

Iy elements,c whereunto ye deCHAP. IV.

sire again to be in bondage ? 1 We were under the law till 10 Ye observe days, and

Christ came : 5 but Christ months, and times, and years. freed us: 22 we are the sons 11 I am afraid of


lest of Abraham by the free wo. I have bestowed upon you la

bour in vain. NOW I say, That the heir, 12 Brethren, I beseech

you, as long as he is a child, differ- be as I am; for I am as ye eth nothing from a servant, are;d ye have not injured me though he be lord of all; at all.

2 But is under tutors and 13 Ye know how, through governors, until the time ap- infirmity of the flesh, I preachpointed of the father.

ed the Gospel unto you at the 3 Even so we, when we first. were children, were in bond- 14 And my temptation, age under the elements of the which was in my flesh, e ye world :a

despised not, nor rejected ; but 4 But when the fullness of the time was come, God sent

6 Abba, a Syriac word, signifying forth his Son, made of a woman,


c Weak and beggarly elements. See made under the law,

verse third of this chapter. 5 To redeem them that were d Be as I am, &c. be friendly to under the law, that we might me, as I am really so to you. receive the adoption of sons.

. My temptation which was in 6. And, because ye are sons, fesh; this was probably what Paul God hath sent forth the Spi- with which, after his rapture into the

2 Cor. xii. 7. calls the thorn in bis flesh, a By the elements of the world Paul third heaven, he was afflicted, lest he meant the law of Moses, and the su- should have been exalted above meaperstitions of heathen nations.



Chap. iv.

Abraham's seed. received me as an angel of legory;g for these are the two God, even as Christ Jesus. covenants; the one from the

15 Where is then the bless. mount Sinai, which gendereth edness ye spake of? for I bear to bondage, which is Agar. you record, that, if it had been 25 For this Agar is mount possible, ye would have pluck. Sinai in Arabia, and answered out your own eyes, and have eth to Jerusalem which now given them to me.

is, and is in bondage with her 16 Am I, therefore, become children. your enemy, because I tell you 26 But Jerusalem, which the truth?

is above, is free, which is the 17 They zealously affect mother of us alí. you, but not well; yea, they 27 For it is written, rejoice, would exclude you, that ye thou barren that bearest not; might affect them.f

break forth and cry, thou that 18 But it is good to be zea- travailest not; for the desolate lously affected always in a hath many more children than good thing, and not only when she which hath an husband. I am present with you.

28 Now we, brethren, as 19 My little children, of Isaac was, are the children of whom I travail in birth again, promise. until Christ be formed in you,

29 But as then, he that was 20 I desire to be present born after the flesh persecuted with you now, and to change him that was born after the my voice; for I stand in doubt Spirit, even so it is now. of you.

30 Nevertheless, what saith 21 Tell me, ye that desire the scripture ? Cast out the to be under the law, do hear the law ?

affection, that you may love them the 22 For it is written,

that more exclusively Abraham had two sons; the 8 Which things are an allegory, that one by a bond maid, the other is, the bond-maid and the free woman by a free woman.

figuratively represent the two cove23 But he who was of the Agar, the bond-maid, represents the

nants, or dispensations of religion; bond woman was born after covenant of the law, given to the the flesh; but he of the free Jews on mount Sinai; and since Awoman was by promise. gar was a slave, and of course her 24 Which things are an al

children born-slaves, or brought forth in bondage or slavery; so the Jews

under the covenant of the law, were f They zealously, &c. Your false enslaved by the law, and bound to teachers pretend to love you ardently, observe all its numerous, painful but they do not honourably; for they and expensive rites. This, Paul says, wish to exclude either you from the is Jerusalem, which now is, and is in Christian covenant; or me from your bondage with her children ; but Sa

ye not

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