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His boasting
II. Corinthians.

in infirmities. ger of Satan to buffet med lest but the parents for the chilI should be exalted above meadren. sure.

15 And I will very gladly 8 For this thing I besought spend and be spent for you; the Lord thrice, that it might though the more abundantly Í depart from me.

love you, the less I be loved. And he said unto me, My

16 But be it so I did not grace is sufficient for thee; for burden you; nevertheless, bemy strength is made perfect in ing crafty, I caught you with weakness. Most gladly, there- guile. fore, will I rather glory in my

17 Did I make a gain of infirmities, that the power of you by any of them, whom I Christ may rest upon me.

sent unto you? 10 Therefore I take plea

18 I desired Titus,e & with sure in infirmities, in reproach- him I sent a brother; did Ti. es in necessities, in persecu. tas make a gain of you ? walktions, in distresses for Christ's ed we not in the same spirit? sake ; for when I am weak walked we not in the same then am I strong.

steps ? 11 I am become a fool in 19 Again, think

ye glorying; ye have coin pelled excuse ourselves unto you? we me; for 1 ought to have been speak before God in Christ; commended of you; for in no- but we do all things, dearly thing am I behind the very beloved, for your edifying. ehiefest apostles, though I be 20 For I fear, lest when I nothing

come, I shall not find


sueh 12 Truly the signs of an a- as I would, and that I shall be postle were wrought among found unto you such as ye would you in all patience, in signs, & not; lest there be debates, enwonders, and mighty deeds. vyings, wraths, strifes, back

13 For what is it wherein bitings,whisperings, swellings, ye were inferior to other chur- tumults: ches, except it be that I myself 21 And lest, when I come was not burdensome to you ? again, my God will humble forgive me this wrong, me among you, and that I

14 Behold, the third time I shall bewail many which have am ready to come to you; and sinned already, and have not I will not be burdensome to repented of the uncleanness you; for I seek not yours, and fornication and lasciviousbut you; for the children oughtness which they have cournot to lay up for the parents, mitted.

that we

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d As the messenger of satan to buffet or mortify me.

e I desired Titus to go to you.

es shall

Paul threateneth

Chap. xiii.

obstinate sinners. CHAP. XIII.

know that we are not repro1 He threateneth obstinate sin- bates.

ners : 5 he adviseth them to ng Now I pray to God that a trial of their faith. ye do no evil; not that we

THIS is the third time I should appear approved, but am coming to you. In the that ye should do that which mouth of two or three witness- is honest, though we be as rep


word be estab. robates. lished.

8 For we can do nothing a2 I told you before, and gainst the truth, but for the foretel you, as if I were pre- truth. sent, the second time ; and be- 9 For we are glad, when ing absent now I write to them we are weak, and ye are which heretofore have sinned, strong; and this also we wish, and to all other, that, if I even your perfection. come again, I will not spare : 10 Therefore I write these

3 Since ye seek a proof of things being absent, lest being Christ speaking in me, which present I should use sharpness, to you-ward is not weak, but according to the power which is mighty in you.

the Lord hath given me to 4 For though he was cru- edification, and not to destruccified through weakness,a yet tion. he liveth by the power of God. 11 Finally, brethren, fareFor we also are weak in him, well. Be perfect, be of good but we shall live with him by comfort, be of one mind, live the

power of God toward you.b in peace; and the God of love 5 Examine yourselves, whe- and peace shall be with you. ther

be in the faith; prove

12 Greet one another with your own selves. Know ye an holy kiss. not your own selves, how that

13 Åll the saints salute you. Jesus Christ is in you, except

14 The

of the Lord ye be reprobates ?

Jesus Christ, and the love of 6 But I trust that ye shall God, and the communion of

the holy Ghost, be with you

all. Amen. a Tbrough weakness; by reason of 1 The second epistle to the the weakness of his human nature,

Corinthians was written which was subject to death. 6 We shall live with bim, by exer

from Philippi, a city of cising the power of God among you, if

Macedonia, by Titus and ye do not repent.







The Galatians were descendants of the ancient Gauls, who leaving their native country, now France, wandered into Asia Minor, and established themselves in a part of the country, which from them, was called Gallo-græcia, or Galatia.

These Gauls having little intercourse with their neighbours, long continued a rude and illiterate people; yet they wanted neither inclination nor capacity to receive instruction; for when St. Paul came among them, they listened with rapture to his preaching, & soon formed themselves into a number of churches.

Not long after the Galatians had embraced the Gospel, certain false teachers from Judea, zealous for the Mosaic institutions, came among them; and to discredit Paul, and counteract his influence, represented him as inferior to the other apostles ; as their disciple, but differing from them in doctrine; and although they acknowledged Jesus Christ and his religion, they insisted, that circumcision and observance of the ritual law were still necessary to salvation, and that the three great apostles Peter, James, and John had taught those doetrines. Perceiving therefore how great an obstacle these impositions would be to the conversion of the Gentiles, Paul in this Epistle, which is supposed to have been written about A. D. 53, strenuously vindicates the liberty of the Gospel, that is, its freedom from Jewish rites ; and shews, that in point of authority he was in no respect inferior to other apostles; he al. so treats of justification by faith, of the temporary use and of the abolition of the Mosaic law; and shews that faith in Christ alone, without the Jewish ceremonies, is sufficient to obtain everlasting life ; and finally he exhorts the Galatians to persevere in their Christian liberty, but to use it rightly; and not either by licentiousness, or superstition, neglect the important duties of Christianity. | THE EPISTLE OF PAUL THE APOSTLE TO


by Jesus Christ, and God the 6 He wondereth that they have Father, who raised him from

so soon left him and the Gos- the dead,) pel, 11 which he learned not 2 And all the brethren which of men, but of God.

are with me, unto the churchAUL, an apostle, (not of es of Galatia : men, neither by man, but

3 Grace be to you, and

Paul reproveth

Chap. i.

the Galatians. peace, from God the Father, 12 For I neither received & from our Lord Jesus Christ, it of man, neither was I taught

4 Who gave himself for our it, but by the revelation of Jesins, that he might deliver us sus Christ.b from this present evil world, 13 For ye have heard of according to the will of God my conversation c in time past and our Father:

in the Jews' religion, how that 5 To whom be glory forev- beyond measure I persecuted er and ever. Amen.

the church of God, and wasted 6 I marvel, that ye are so it; soon removed from him, that 14 And profited in the Jews' called you into the grace of religion, above many my equals Christ, unto another Gospel : in mine own nation, being more

7 Which is not another; exceedingly zealous of the trabut there be some that trouble ditions of


fathers. you, and would pervert the 15 But when it pleased God, Gospel of Christ.

who separated me from my 8 But though we, or an an- mother's womb, and called me gel from heaven, preach any by his grace, other Gospel unto you, than 16 To reveal his Son in me, that which we have preached that I might preach him among unto you, let him be accursed. the heathen; immediately I

9 As we said before, so say conferred d not with flesh and I now again, If any man preach blood : any other Gospel unto you,

11 Neither went I


to Je. than that ye have received,

rusalem to them which were let him be accursed.

apostles before me; but I went 10 For do I now persuade into Arabia,and returned again men, or God? or do I seek to unto Damascus. please men for if I yet pleas- 18 Then, after three years, ed men, I should not be the I went up to Jerusalem to see servant of Christ.

Peter, and abode with him fif11 But I certify you, breth- teen days. ren, that the Gospel, which 19 But other of the apostles was preached of me, is not af

6 By the revelation, &c. The false ter man.

teachers had endeavoured to lessen a There be some that trouble you. Paul's authority with the Galatians Paul here alludes to the numerous by teaching, that he was not an aposJews, who traversed the countries, tle of Jesus Christ; but that he had where the Gospel had been preached, been intrusted only by the other and taught that the rites and cere- apostles, and that he had even demonies of the law of Moses, were parted from their doctrine. necessary to salvation. This ceremo

c Conversation, conduct or behanial law is what Paul means by an- viour. other Gospel, or rather no Gospel. d Conferred, consulted.

run, in vain.


in me.

Paul testifieth how Galatians.

he received saw I none, save e James the means I should run,a or had Lord's brother.

20 Now the things which I 3 But neither Titus,b who write unto you, behold, before was with me, being a Greek, God I lie not.

was compelled to be circum21 Afterwards I came into cised : the regions of Syria and Cili- 4 And that because of false

brethren unawares brought in, 22 And was unknown by who came in privily to spy out face into the churches of Ju- our liberty,c which we have in dea which were in Christ : Christ Jesus, that they might

23 But they had heard only, bring us into bondage :d that he which persecuted us in

5 To whom we gave place times past, now preacheth the by subjection, no, not for an faith which once he destroyed. hour; that the truth of the 24 And they glorified God Gospel might continue with


6 But of those, who seemed CHAP. II.*

to be somewhat, (whatsoever 1 He sheweth when he went up they were, it maketh no matter

again to Jerusalem, and why. to me; God accepteth no man's 14 Of justification by faith, person ;) for they who seemed and not by works: 20 They to be somewhat in conference that are so justified live not added nothing to me:e in sin.

But, contrariwise, when THEN,

af. ter I went up again to Jerusa

a I should run, &c. I should labour, lem with Barnabas, and took

or had laboured in vain.

6 But neither, &c. However, not Titus with me also.

even Titus, although a Greek, &c. 2 And I went up by revela- c Our liberty, our freedom from tion, and communicated unto the burthensome and painful rites of them that Gospel, which I Moses. preach among the Gentiles, d Into bondage, under the ceremobut privately to them which nies of the law. were of reputation, lest by any nicated nothing, no part of the Gos

e In conference added, &c. comms

pel, neither knowledge, spiritual gifts, e Save, except.

nor authority. * In the four first verses of this chapter Paul tells the Galatians that his was the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, which his enemies denied, and that it did not require Gentiles to observe the rites of the Jewish law; and as eve idence of it, he says, that the apostles at Jerusalem did not disapprove of it, nor did they compel Titus, who was a Gentile convert, to be circumcised, notwithstanding the presence of false brethren, who were zealous for the support of the Jewish rites,

fourteen years

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