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Of dissension

Chap. xvi.

and offences. brethren, mark them which of the whole church, saluteth cause divisions and offences con- you. Erastus, the chambertrary to the doctrine which ye lain of the city, saluteth you, have learned, and avoid them. and Quartus a brother. 18 For they that are such, 24 The grace of our Lord

not our Lord Jesus Jesus Christ be with you all. Christ, .but their own belly; Amen. and by good words and fair 25 Now, to him that is of speeches deceive the hearts of power to stablish you accordthe simple.

ing to my gospel, and the 19 For your obedience is preaching of Jesus Christ, (accome abroad unto all men. I cording to the revelation of am glad, therefore, on your be- the mystery which was kept half; but yet I would have you secret since the world began, wise unto that which is good, 26 But now is inade mani. and simple concerning evil. fest, and by the scriptures of

20 And the God of peace the prophets, according to the shall bruise Satan under your commandment of the everlastfeet_shortly. The grace of ing God, made known to all our Lord Jesus Christ be with nations for the obedience of

faith :) 21 Timotheus my work- 27 To God only wise, be fellow, and Lucius, and Jason, Glory through Jesus Christ and Sosipater, iny kinsmen, for ever. Amen.

22 I 'Tertius, who wrote this Written to the Romans epistle, salute you in the Lord. from Corinthus, and sent

23 Gaius mine host,c and by Phebe, servant of the « Gaius mine bost, Gaius or Caius,

church at Cenchrea. with whom I lodge.

you. Amen.

salute you.



CORINTH was a rich and luxurious city in Achaia, situated upon the isthmus, which connected the Peloponnesus, now Morea, with the northern part of Greece. It was favourably situated for commerce ; and at the time this Epistle was writ. fen, about A. D. 57, it was one of the most celebrated cities in Greece for its learning and magnificence, and no less for the profligacy and wickedness of its inhabitants.

St. Paul first visited Corinth about A. D. 51, and establish

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Salutations and I. Corinthians. thanksgivings. ed a flourishing church, in which were some Jews of note, but the greater part were idolatrous Gentiles. After several years absence a false teacher appeared among them, and introduced division and disorder. In this situation of the church some of the members wrote to Paul for advice and direction, and not being able to visit them again so early as he intended, about A. D. 57, he wrote this first Epistle, in which he reproves the false teacher and his adherents; and because they had ridiculed him as rude in speech, he informed them, that in preaching the Gospel, Christ had ordered him to avoid the enticing words of man's wisdom. He told them, their luxurious manner of living was inconsistent with the purity of the Gospel, and sharply reproved them for referring their disputes to Heathen courts of justice for settlement.

The apostle then answers certain questions concerning marriage, celibacy, and divorce. He proves his apostleship, which the false teacher had presumed to question, declares it sinful to sit down with Heathens in an idol's temple to partake of the sacrifices,mgives rules for the behaviour of both sexes in the public assemblies, rebukes the whole church for the indecent manner, in which they had celebrated the Lord's Supper,--proves against the opinion of the Greek philosophers and Jewish Sadducees, not only the possibility, but the certainty of the resurrection of the dead, and exhorts the Corinthians to make collections for the saints at Jerusalem, who were reduced to great distress. THE FIRST EPISTLE OF PAUL THE APOSTLE,



Jesus, called to be saints, with 1 After salutation and thanks- all that in every place call up

giving, 10 he exhorteth to on the name of Jesus Christ unity, 12 and reproveth their our Lord, both theirs & ours: dissensions. 18 God des- 3 Grace be unto you, and troyeth the wisdom of the peace, from God our Father, & wise.

from the Lord Jesus Christ. PAUL, called to be an a- 4 I thank


God always on postle of Jesus Christ through your behalf, for the grace

of the will of God, and Sosthenes God which is given you by Jeour brother,

sus Christ; 2 Unto the church of God 6 That in every thing ye which is at Corinth, to them are enriched by him, in all that are sanctified in Christ utterance, & in all knowledges


ye be

Paul exhorteth

Chap. i.

to unity, fc. 6 Even as the testimony of tized none of you, but Crispus Christ was confirmed in you: and Gaius ;

hy So that ye come be- 15 Lest any should say that hind in no gift; waiting for I had baptized in mine own the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ :

16 And I baptized also the 8 Who shall also confirm household of Stephanas; beyou unto the end, that ye may sides, I know not whether I be blameless in the day of our baptized any other. Lord Jesus Christ :

17 For Christ sent me not 9 God is faithful, by whom to baptize, but to preach the ye were called unto the fel. Gospel; not with wisdom of lowship of his Son Jesus Christ words, lest the cross of Christb our Lord.

should be made of none effect. 10 Now I beseech you, 18 For the preaching of the brethren, by the name of our cross is to them that perish, Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all foolishness; but unto us which speak the same thing, and are saved, it is the power of that there be no divisions a- God. mong you ; but that


19 For it is written,c I will fectly joined together in the destroy the wisdom of the same mind, and in the same wise, and will bring to nojudgment.

thing the understanding of the 11 For it hath been declar- prudent.e ed unto me of you, my

breth- 20 Where is the wise ? ren, by them which are of the where is the scribe? where house of Chloe, that there are is the disputer of this world! contentions among you.

hath not God made foolish 12 Now this I say, That the wisdom of this world.f every one of


saith, I am 21 For after that, in the of Paul, and I of Apollos, and wisdom of God, the world by I of Cephas, and I of Christ. wisdom knew not God, it

13 Is Christ divided ? was pleased God by the foolishness Paul crucified' for you ? or of preaching to save them that were ye baptized in the name believe. of Panl?a

b Cross of Christ. The doctrine of 14 I thank God that I bap- salvation through the cross, or the

sufferings and death of Christ. a To be baptized into the name of c It is written, Isaiah, xxix. 14. any person, or into a person, signifies, to idef The Wisdom of the wise, the enter one's self a disciple of him, into wisdom of this world, and the understandwhose name he is baptized, and to ing of the prudent, are expressions of profess that he submits himself im. singular import, and signify the false plicitly to his authority, and receives doctrines of the Jewish teachers, and his doctrines and rules.

Gentile philosophers.

The power

I. Corinthians.

of God, &c. 22 For the Jews require a

CHAP. II. sign, and the Greeks seek af. Paul declareth that his preachter wisdom :

inç far excelleth all human 23 But we preach Christ wisdom. crucified, unto the Jews a AND I, brethren, when I stumbling-block, and unto the

came to you, came not with Greeks foolishness;

excellency of speech, or of 24 But unto them which are wisdom, declaring unto you called, both Jews and Greeks, the testimony of God. Christ the power of God, and 2 For I determined not to the wisdom of God.

know any thing among you,a 25 Because the foolishness save Jesus Christ, and him of God is wiser than men; crucified. and the weakness of God is 3 And I was with you in stronger than men.

weakness, and in fear, and in 26 For ye see your calling, much trembling. brethren, how that not many

4 And my speech and my wise men after the flesh, not preaching was not with entiemany mighty, not many noble, ing words of man's wisdom, are called :

but in demonstration of the 27 But God hath chosen Spirit and of power; the foolish things of the world 5 That your faith should to confound the wise; and not stand in the wisdom of God hath chosen the weak men, but in the power of God. things of the world to confound 6 Howbeit, we speak wisthe things which are mighty; dom among them that are per

28 And base things of the fect;b yet not the wisdom of world, and things which are this world, nor the princes of despised, hath God chosen, this world, that come to nought; yea, and things which are not, 7 But we speak the wisdom to bring to nought things that of Gode in a mystery, even the are ;

hidden wisdom, which God or29 That no flesh should glo- dained before the world unto presence.

our glory; 30 But of him are ye in 8 Which none of the prinChrist Jesus, who of God is ces of this world knew; for made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctifica- a Not to know any thing: not to make tion, and redemption ;

known or teach any thing among you. 31 That, according as it is

6 Them, that are perfect, those who written, He that glorieth, let

were fully instructed in the doctrines him glory in the Lord.

of the Gospel, and were become sincere disciples of Jesus Christ.

c The wisdom of God, salvation by Jesus Christ.

ry in his

Of Paul's
Chap. iii.

preaching had they known it, they would 16 For who hath known not have crucified the Lord of the mind of the Lord, that he glory.

may instruct him? But we 9 But as it is written,d Eye have the mind of Christ. hath not seen, nor ear heard,

CHAP. III. neither have entered into the 1 Milk is fit for children. 16 heart of man, the things which Men the temples of God: 17 God hath prepared for them which must be kept holy. that love him.

AND I, brethren, could not 10 But God hath revealed speak unto you as unto spiritthem unto us by his Spirit; for ual, but as unto carpalza even the Spirit searcheth all things, as unto babes in Christ. yea, the deep things of God.

2 I have fed you with milk, 11 For what man knoweth and not with meat; for hiththe things of a man, save the erto ye were not able to bear it, spirit of man which is in him? neither yet now are ye able. even so, the things of God 3 For ye are yet carnal; knoweth po man, but the Spir- for whereas there is among it of God.

you envying and strife, and 12 Now we have received, divisions, are ye not carnal, not the spirit of the world, but and walk as men? the Spirit which is of God; 4 For while one saith, I am that we might know the things of Paul; and another, I am that are freely given to us of of Apollos; are ye not carnal? God.

5 Who then is Paul, and 13. Which things also we who is Apollos, but mivisters speak, not in the words which by whom ye belieyed, even as man's wisdom teacheth, but the Lord gave


every man: which the Holy Ghost teacheth; 6 I have planted, Apollos comparing spiritual things watered; but God gave the with spiritual.

increase. 14 But the natural mane re- So then, neither is he that ceiveth not the things of the planteth any thing, neither he Spirit of God; for they are that watereth; but God that foolishness unto him; neither giveth the increase. can he know them, because 8 Now he that planteth and they are spiritually discerned. he that watereth are one ; anıl

15 But he that is spiritual every man shall receive his judgeth all things, yet he him- own reward, according to his self is judged of no man.

own labour.

9 For we are labourers to d It is written, Isaiah lxiv. 4. e The natural man, one who makes gether with God; ye are his senses, passions, and prejudices the a Carnal, fleshly, weak or stupid, measure of truth, and the rule of his and under the influence of the pas. conduct.


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