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Paul sent to Berea


and Athens.


ed, and consorted b with Paul with all readiness of mind, and and Silas; and of the devout searched the scriptures daily, Greeks a great multitude, and whether those things were so. of the chief women not a few. 12 Therefore


of them 59 But the Jews which be- believed ; also of honourable lieved not, moved with envy, women which were Greeks, took unto them certain lewd and of men not a few. fellows of the baser sort, and 13 But when the Jews of gathered a company, and set Thessalonica had knowledge, all the city on an uproar, and that the word of God was assaulted the house of Jason, preached of Paul at Berea, and sought to bring them out they came thither also, and to the people.

stirred up the people. 6 And, when they found 14 And then immediately them not, they drew Jason, and the brethren sent away Paul, certain brethren, unto the ru- to go as it were to the sea ; but lers of the city, crying, These Silas and Timotheus abode that have turned the world there still. upside down, are come hither 15 And they that conducted

Paul, brought him unto AWhoi Jason hath receive thens,d and receiving a comed; and these all do contrary mandment unto Silas and Tito the decrees of Cesar, say- motheus for to come to him ing, That there is another with all speed, they departed. king, one Jesus.

16 Now, while Paul wait8 And they troubled the ed for them at Athens his spirit people, and the rulers of the was stirred in him, when he city, when they heard these saw the city wholly given to things.

idolatry. 9 And when they had taken 17 Therefore disputed he security of Jason, and of the in the synagogue with the other, they let them go. Jews, and with the devout per

10. And the brethren im- sons, and in the market daily mediately sent away Paul and with them that met with him. Silas by night unto Berea ; 18 Then certain philosowho, coming thither, went in- phers of the Epicureans,e and to the synagogue

of the Jews. 11 These were more noble

d Athens, one of the most ancient than those in Thessalonica, in

and celebrated cities of Greece. It

was the seat of the arts and sciences, that c they received the word and distinguished for the wealth, po

. 6 Consorted, associated with, or ad- losophers, that derived their name

liteness and bravery of its inhabitants

c Epicureans, a sect of heathen phihered to. 6 In that, because,

from Epicurus, the Athenian who flourished about 200 years before

he preacheth
Chap. xvii.

at Athens. of the Stoics, f encountered 21 (For all the Athenians, him. And some said, What and strangers, which were will this babbler say ? other there, spent their time in nothsome, He seemeth to be a set- ing else, but either to tell or ter forth of strange gods; be- to hear some new thing.) cause he preached unto them 22 Then Paul stood in the Jesus, and the resurrection. midst of Mars' hill, and said,

19 And they took him, and Ye men of Athens, I perceive brought him unto Areopagus,g that in all things ye are too saying, May we know what superstitious. this new doctrine, whereof 23 For, as I passed by and thou speakest, is?

beheld your devotions, I found 20 For thou bringest cer- an altar with this inscription,h tain strange things to our ears;

TO THE UNKNOWN we would know, therefore, GOD. Whom, therefore, ye what these things mean. ignorantly worship, him de

clare I unto you. Christ. They believed the world 24 God that made the world, to be the effect of chance; that there and all things therein, seeing were superior and divine beings, but that he is Lord of heaven and that they did not trouble themselves with the government of the world

. earth, dwelleth not in temples They denied the immortality of the made with hands; soul, and placed their chief happiness

25 Neither is worshipped in tranquility of mind, or in corpo- with men's hands, as though real pleasures, such as eating, drink- he needed any thing, seeing he ing, and other sensual gratifications. giveth to all life, and breath,

and all things; phers, who took their rise from one Zeno of Cyprus, who lived about 350

26 And hath made of one years before Christ

. They taught, blood all nations of men for to that God was the soul of the uni- dwell on all the face of the verse,& that though he did not create earth, and hath determined the matter, he formed, and actuates all times before appointed, and things. They believed that wisdom

the bounds of their habitation; alone makes men happy, that pain and poverty are but imaginary evils ;

27 That they should seek and that a wise man ought not to be the Lord, if haply they might affected with either joy or grief. feel after him, and find him, They affected great indifference, pa- though he be not far from evetience, austerity and insensibility. ry one of us : This philosophy was for many ages 28 For in him we live, and popular, especially at Athens. g Areopagus, Mars' hill, or the hill

move, and have our being; as of Mars, the heathen god of war. On this hill was held the highest h Inscription, i. e. on the altar were court of Athens; and hence called written or engraved the following the Areopagus.

words; “ To the unknown god.

Many converted


to Christ, certain also of your own poets 2 And found a certain Jew have said, For we are also his named Aquila, born in Pontus, offspring

lately come from Italy with 29 Forasmuch then as we his wife Priscilla, (because are the offspring of God, we that Claudius had commanded ought not to think that the all Jews to depart from Rome,) Godhead is like unto gold, or and came unto them. silver, or stone, graven by art 3 And because he was of and man's device.

the same craft b he abode with 30 And the times of this ig- them, and wrought; for by norance God winked at; but their occupation they were now commandeth all men eve. tent-makers. ry where to repent :

4 And he reasoned in their 31 Because he hath appoint- synagogue every sabbath, and ed a day in the which he will persuaded the Jews and the judge the world in righteous. Greeks. ness by that man whom he hath 5 And when Silas and Timordained; whereof he hath otheus were come from Macegiven assurance unto all men, donia, Paul was pressed in in that he hath raised him from spirit, and testified to the the dead.

Jews that Jesus was Christ. 321 And when they heard 6 And when they opposed of the resurrection of the dead, themselves, and blasphemed, soine mocked; and others said, he shook his raiment, and said We will hear thee again of unto them, Your blood be upon this matter.

your own heads; I am clean; 33 So Paul departed from from henceforth I will go un

to the Gentiles. 34 Howbeit, certain men 71 And he departed thence, clave unto him,i and believed; and entered into a certain among the which was Diony- man's house, named Justus, sius the Areopagite, and a one that worshipped God, woman named Damaris, and whose house joined hard toc others with them.

the synagogue,

8 And Crispus, the ehief CHAP. XVIII. ruler of the synagogue, be. 1Paul laboureth with his hands, lieved on the Lord with all

and preaching at Corinth, ý his house; and many of the is encouraged in a vision.

AFTER these things Paul the wealth, pride, and profligacy of departed from Athens, and its inhabitants. Paul resided here came to Corinth ;a

about a year and a half, teaching the

Christian religion, and gaining his i Clave unto him, adhered to him. support by his personal labour.

e Corinth, the principal city of b Craft, trade. Achaia in Greece. It was noted for Joined hard to, was near,

among them.

The Lord

Chap. xviii.

encourageth Paul. Corinthians hearing, believed, 18 [ And Paul after this and were baptized.

tarried there yet a good while, 9 4 Then spake the Lord and then took his leave of the to Paul in the night by a vis. brethren, and sailed thence inion, Be not afraid, but speak, to Syria, and with him Prisand hold not thy peace :

eilla and Aquila; having shorn 10 For I am with thee, and his head in Cenchrea; for he no man shall set on theed to had a vow. hurt thee; for I have much 19 And he came to Ephesus.f people in this city.

and left them there; but he 11 And he continued there himself entered into the synaa year and six months, teach- gogue, and reasoned with the ing the word of God among Jews. them.

20 When they desired him 12 And when Gallio was to tarry longer time with them, the deputy e of Achaia, the he consented not; Jews made insurrection with 21 But bade them farewell, one accord against Paul, and saying, I must by all means brought him to the judgment- keep this feast that cometh in seat,

Jerusalem; but I will return 13 Saying, This fellow per again unto you, if God will. suadeth men to worship God And he sailed from Ephesus. contrary to the law.

22 And when he had landed 14 And, when Paul was at Cesarea,g and gone up, and now about to open his mouth, saluted the church, he went Gallio said unto the Jews, If down to Antioch. it were a matter of wrong or

23 And after he had spent wicked lewdness, 0 ye Jews ! some time there, he departed, reason would that I should and went over all the country bear with you:

of Galatia and Phrygia, in or15 But if it be a question of der, strengthening all the diswords, and names, and of your ciples. law, look ye to it; for I will 24 | And a certain Jew be no judge of such matters. named Apollos, born at Alex

16 And he drave them from andria,h an eloquent man, and the judgment-seat. 17 Then al} the Greeks

f Ephesus, one of the principal cities took Sosthenes, the chief ru- of Asia Minor, situated on the shore ler of the synagogue,

and beat of the lonian sea. In it was the first of him before the judgment-seat;

seven churches, which St. John and Gallio cared for none of addresses in the Revelation. those things.

g Cesarea; see Acts viii. 40.

b Alexandria ; a large and populous

city of Egypt at the mouth of the d Shall set on thee, shall assault thee, river Nile, built by Alexander the e Deputy, governor.


The Holy Ghost

Acts. given by Paul's hands. mighty in the scriptures, came since ye believed ? And they to Ephesus.

said unto him, We have not 25 This man was instructed so much as heard whether in the way of the Lord ;i and, there be an Holy Ghost. being fervent in the spirit, he 3 And he said unto them, spake and taught diligently Unto what then were ye bapthe things of the Lord,j know- tized? And they said, Unto ing only the baptism of John. John's baptism.

26 And he began to speak 4 Then said Paul, John boldly in the synagogue; whom verily baptized with the bapwhen Aquila and Priscilla had tism of repentance, saying unto heard, they took him unto the people, That they should them, and expounded unto him believe on him, which should the way

of God k more perfect- come after him, that is, on ly.

Christ Jesus. 27 And when he was dis- 5 When they heard this, posed to pass into Achaia, the they were baptized in the brethren wrote, exhorting the name of the Lord Jesus. disciples to receive him ; who, 6 And, when Paul had laid when he was come, helped his hands upon them, the Holy them much, which had believ- Ghost came on them; and ed through grace:

they spake with tongues, and 28 For he mightily convin- prophesied. ced the Jews, and that public- my And all the men were aly, shewing by the scriptures bout twelve. that Jesus was Christ.

8 | And he went into the

synagogue, and spake boldly CHAP. XIX.

for the space of three months, The Holy Ghost given by the disputing and persuading the

laying on of Paul's hands. 19 things concerning the king. Magical books are burnt. 29 dom of God. Demetrius raiseth an uproar.

9 But when divers a were AND it came to pass, that hardened, and helieved not, while Apollos was at Corinth, but spake evil of that way bePaul having passed through fore the multitude he departthe upper coasts, came to Eph- ed from them, and separated esus; and finding certain dis- the disciples, disputing daily ciples,

in the school of one Tyrannus. 2 He said unto them, Have 10 And this continued by ye received the Holy Ghost the space

of two

years ; ijé The way of the Lord, the things all they, which dwelt in Asia of the Lord, and the way of God, all heard the word of the Lord mean the religion of Jesus Christ. Jesus, both Jews and Greeks. 1 Grace, the mercy & favour of God.

a Divers, some or many.

so that

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