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Holy Ghost falleth on them, Chap. xi. & they are baptized. gan from Galilee, after the 46 For they heard them baptism, which John preached. speak with tongues, & magnify

38 How God anointed Jesus God. Then answered Peter, of Nazareth with the Holy 47 Can any man forbid waGhost and with power; who ter, that these should not be went about doing good, and baptized which have received healing all that were oppress- the Holy Ghost as well as we? ed of the devil; for God 48 And he commanded them with him.

to be baptized in the name of 39 And we are witnesses of the Lord. Then prayed they all things, which he did, both him to tarry certain days. in the land of the Jews, and in Jerusalem; whom they slew,

CHAP. XI. and hanged on a tree; 1 Peter is accused for going to 40 Him God raised


the the Gentiles. 19 The gosthird day, and shewed him o- pel is preached, Sc.

AND the apostles and breth41 Not to all the people, but ren that were in Judea, heard unto witnesses chosen before of that the Gentiles had also reGod, even to us, who did eat ceived the word of God. and drink with him after he 2 And when Peter was come rose from the dead.

up to Jerusalem,they that were 42 And he commanded us to of the circumcision, contended preach unto the people, and to with him, testify, that it is he, which was 3 Saying, thou wentest in to ordained of God to be the Judge men uncircumcised, and didst of quick and dead.d

eat with them.a 43 To him give all the pro

4 But Peter rehearsed the phets witness, that, through matter from the beginning, and his name, whosoever believeth expounded it by order unto in him, shall receive remission them, saying, of sins.

5 I was in the city of Joppa 44 I While Peter yet spake praying; and in a trance I saw these words, the Holy Ghost a vision, A certain vessel defell on all them, which heard scend, as it had been a great the word.

sheet, let down from heaven by 45 And they of the circum- four corners; and it came even cision which believed, were as

to me : tonished, as many as came with a They of the circumcision were the Peter, because that on the Gen- Jews: the uncircumcised were the Gentiles also was poured out the

tiles. The Jews censured Peter for gift of the Holy Ghost.

visiting Cornelius, who was a Gen

tile; for they thought it impious to d Quick, &c. The living and the hold religious intercourse with those dead.

of any other nation.

my mouth.

Peter, being accused, Acts. defendeth his conduct. 6 Upon the which, when I had said, John indeed baptized fastened mine eyes, I consider- with water; but ye shall be ed, and saw four-footed beasts baptized with the Holy Ghost. of the earth, and wild beasts, 17 Forasmuch, then, as God and creeping things, and fowls gave them the like gift, as he of the air.

did unto us, who believed on And I heard a voice saying the Lord Jesus Christ; what unto me, Arise, Peter; slay, was I that I could withstand and eat.

God? 8 But I said, Not so, Lord; 18 When they heard these for nothing common or unclean things, they held their peace, hath at any time entered into & glorified God, saying, Then

hath God also to the Gentiles 9 But the voice answered granted repentance unto life. me again from heaven, What 19 4 Now they which were God hath cleansed, that call scattered abroad


pernot thou common.

secution, that arose about Šte10 And this was done three phen, travelled as far as Phetimes; and all were drawn up nice, and Cyprus, b and Antiagain into heaven.

och, c preaching the word to 11 And, behold, immediate- none, but unto the Jews only. ly there were three men alrea- 20 And some of them were dy come unto the house where men of Cyprus and Cyrene, d I was, sent from Cesarea unto which, when they were come

to Antioch, spake unto the 12 And the Spirit bade me Grecians, preaching the Lord go with them, nothing doubt- Jesus. ing. Moreover, these six breth

21 And the hand of the Lord ren accompanied me, and we was with them, and a great entered into the man's house: number believed and turned

13 And he shewed us, how unto the Lord. he had seen an angel in his 22 ? Then tidings of these house, which stood and said things came unto the ears of unto him, Send men to Jop

6 Cyprus, see Chap. iv. 36. pa, and call for Simon, whose

6 Antioch, the capital of Syria. It surname is Peter :

was a large and flourishing city situ14 Who shall tell thee ated on both sides of the river Oronwords, whereby thou and all tes about 12 miles from the Medithy house shall be saved.

Here the disciples of 15 And, as I began to speak,

our Lord were first called Christians. the Holy Ghost fell on them, north of Africa, a considerable dis

d Cyrene, a country and city in the as on us at the beginning. 16 Thep remembered I the sisted our Saviour in bearing his

tance west of Egypt. Simon who as. word of the Lord, how that he cross, was from this place.


terranean sea.


The gospel spread abroad. Chap. xii. Peter delivered from prison. the church which was in Jeru.

CHAP. XII. salem; and they sent forth 1 Herod persecuteth the ChrisBarnabas that he should

go tians : 20 his pride and misfar as Antioch;

erable death. 23 Who, when he came, and NOW, about that time, Hehad seen the


of God, was rod the king stretched forth glad, and exhorted them all, his hands to vex certain of the that with purpose of heart they church. would cleave unto the Lord. 2 And he killed James, the

21 For he was a good man, brother of John, with the and full of the Holy Ghost, sword. and of faith; and much peo

3 And because he saw it ple was added unto the Lord. pleased the Jews, he proceeded

25 Then departed Barnabas further to take Peter also. to Tarsus, for to seek Saul. (Then were the days of un

26 And, when he had found leavened bread.) him, he brought him unto An- 4 And, when he had appretioch. And it came to pass, that hended him, he put him in a whole year they assembled prison, and delivered him to themselves with the church, four quaternions a of soldiers and taught much people. And to keep him, intending after the disciples were called Chris- Easter b to bring him forth to tians first in Antioch.

the people. 27 1 And in these days 5 Peter, therefore, was kept came prophets from Jerusa- in prison; but prayer was lem unto Antioch.

made without ceasing of the 28 And there stood up one

church unto God for him. of them named Agabus, and 6 And when Herod would signified by the Spirit, that have brought him forth, the there should be great dearthe same night Peter was sleeping throughout all the world; between two soldiers, bound which came to pass in the days with two chains; and the of Claudius Cesar.

keepers before the door kept 29 Then the disciples, eye- the prison. ry man according to his abili- And, behold, the angel of tý, determined to send relief the Lord came upon him, and unto the brethren which dwelt a light shined in the prison ; in Judea ;

and he smote Peter on the 30 Which also they did, and side, and raised him up, saysent unto the elders by the hands of Barnabas and Saul.

a Quaternion means 4, and 4 quaternions 16, i.e. 16 men,consisting of 4 in

a party to relieve each other by turns. e Dearth, a famine.

6 Easter, the passover. See Matt. xxvi. 2. & 17.

even So.


The keepers


put to death. ing, arise up quickly. And his in, and told how Peter stood chains fell off from his hands. before the gate.

8 And the angel said unto 15 And they said unto her, him, Gird thyself, and bind on Thou art mad. But she conthy sandals; and so he did. stantly affirmed that it was And he saith unto him, Cast

Then said they, it thy garment about thee, and is his angel. follow me.

16 But Peter continued 9 And he went out, and fol- knocking; and when they had lowed him and wiste not that opened the door, and saw him, it was true which was done by they were astonisheil. the angel; but thought he saw i7 But he, beckoning una vision.

to them with the hand to hold 19 When they were past the their peace, declared unto first and second ward d they them how the Lord had brought came unto the iron gate that him out of the prison. And

he leadeth unto the city; which said, Go, shew these things opened to them of his own ac- unto James, and to the brethcord; and they went out, and And he departed, and passed on through one street, went into another place. and forthwith the angel de- 18 Now, as soon as it was parted from him.

day, there was no small stir 11 And when Peter was among the soldiers, what was come to himself he said, Now become of Peter. I know of a surety, that the 19 And when Herod had Lord hath sent his angel, and sought for him, and found him hath delivered me out of the not, he examined the keepers, hand of Herod, and from all & commanded that they should the expectation of the people be put to death. And he went of the Jews.

down from Judea to Cesarea 12 And when he had con- and there abode. sidered the thing, he came to 20 4 And Herod was highly the house of Mary the mother displeased with them of Tyre of John, whose surname was and Sidon; but they came with where

many were ga- one accord to him; and, having thered together, praying. made Blastus, the king's cham

13 And as Peter knocked berlain, their friend, desired at the door of the gate, a dam- peace; because their country sel came to hearken, named was nourished by the king's Rhoda.

country 14 And, when she knew 21 And, upon a set day, Peter's voice, she opened not Herod, arrayed in royal ap: the gate for gladness, but ran parel, sat upon his throne, and < Wist not, knew not.

made an oration unto them. d Ward, watch.

22 And the people gave a




Herod's miserable death. Chap. xiii. Paul y Barnabas chosen. shout, saying, It is the voice by the Holy Ghost, departed of a god, and not of a man. unto Selucia; and from thence

23 And immediately the an- they sailed to Cyprus. gel of the Lord smote him, be- 5. And when they were at cause he gave not God the glo- Salamis,b they preached the ry; and he was eaten of word of God in the synagogues worms, and gave up the ghost. of the Jews; and they had al

24 But the word of God so John to their minister. grew and multiplied.

6 | And, when they had 25 And Barnabas and Saul gone through the isle unto Pareturned from Jerusalem,when phos,c. they found a certain they had fulfilled their minis- sorcerer, a false prophet, a try,e and took with them John, Jew, whose name was Bar-jewhose surname was Mark.

7 Which was with the depCHAP. XIII.

utyd of the country, Sergius 1 Paul and Barnabas go to the Paulus, a prudent man; who

Gentiles. 42 The Gentiles called for Barnabus and Saul, believe. 45 The Jews blas- and desired to hear the word pheme.

of God. NOW, there were in the 8 But Elymas the sorcerer church that was at Antioch (for so is his name by intercertain prophets and teachers; pretation,) withstood them, as Barnabas, and Simeon that seeking to turn away the depwas called Niger, and Lucius uty from the faith. of Cyrene, and Manaen, which 9 Then Saul, (who also is had been brought up with He- called Paul,) filled with the rod the tetrarch, a and Saul. Holy Ghost, set his eyes on

2 As they ministered to the him, Lord, and fasted, the Holy 10 And said, O full of all Ghost said, Separate me Bar. subtilty, and all mischief, thou nabas and Saul for the work child of the devil, thou enemy whereunto I have called them. of all righteousness! wilt thou

3 And when they had fast- not cease to pervert the right ed and prayed, and laid their ways of the Lord ? hands on them, they sent them it And now, behold, the away.

hand of the Lord is upon thee, 47 So they, being sent forth and thou shalt be blind, not

seeing the sun for a season. e Fulfilled their ministry, when they had performed the duty of charity for bc Salamis and Paphos. See chap. which they went to Jerusalem. See

iv. 36. chap xi, 29, 3o.

à Deputy, one who transacts busia Tetrarch, a Roman governor of ness for another; here it means a a fourth part of a province.


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