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Christ appeareth

8. Luke. to two disciples. 10 It was Mary Magdalene, swering, said unto him, Art and Joanna, and Mary the mo- thou only a stranger in Jeruther of James, and other wo- salem, and hast not known the men that were with them, things, which are come to pass which told 'these things unto there in these days ? the apostles.

19 And he said unto them, 11 And their words seemed What things ? And they said to them as idle tales, and they unto him, Concerning Jesus of believed them not.

Nazareth, which was a pro12 Then arose Peter, and phet, mighty in deed and word ran unto the sepulchre; and, before God and the people. stooping down, he beheld the 20 And how the chief priests linen clothes laid by them- and our rulers delivered him selves, and departed, wonder- to be condemned to death, and ing in himself at that, which have crucified him. was come to pass.

21 But we trusted that it 13 4 And, behold, two of had been he, which should have them went that same day to a redeemed Israel; and, beside village called Emmaus, which all this, to-day is the third was from Jerusalem about day since these things were threescore furlongs. b

done. 14 And they talked together 22 Yea, and certain women of all these things, which had also of our company made us happened.

astonished, which were early 15 And it came to pass, that, at the sepulchre: while they communed c togeth- 23 And, when they found er and reasoned, Jesus himself not his body, they came, saying, drew near, and went with them. That they had also seen a vi

16 But their eyes were hol- sion of angels, which said that den, that they should not know he was alive. him. d

24 And certain of them, 17 And he said unto them, which were with us, went to What manner of communica- the sepulchre, and found it etions e are these that have ven so as the women had said ; one to another, as ye walk, and but him they saw not. are sad :

25 Then he said unto them, 18 And the one of them, O fools, and slow of heart to whose name was Cleopas, an

believe all that the prophets

have spoken! 6 Threescore furlongs, 60 furlongs, or 7 and an half miles.

26 Ought not Christ to have c Communed, conversed.

suffered these things, and to d But their eyes were so affected, enter into his glory? that they did not know him.

27 And beginning at Moses e Communications, conversations; and all the prophets, he ex

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Christ openeth

Chap. xxiv,

the scriptures, &e. pounded unto them in all the 38 And he said unto them, scriptures the things concern- Why are ye troubled ? and ing himself.

why do thoughts arise in your 28 And they drew nigh un- hearts ? to the village whither they 39 Behold my

hands and went; and be made as though my feet, that it is I myself. he would have gone further. Handle me, and see; for a

29 But they constrained spirit hath not flesh and bones, him, saying, Abide with us;

as ye see me have. for it is toward evening, and 40 And, when he had thus the day is far spent. And he spoken he shewed them his went in to tarry with them.

hands and his feet. 30 And it came to pass, as

41 And while they yet behe sat at meat with them, he lieved not for joy, and wondertook bread, and blessed it, and ed, he said unto them, Have ye brake, and gave to them. here


meat ? 31 And their eyes were

42 And they gave him a opened, and they knew him; piece of broiled fish, and of an and he vanished out of their honeycomb. sight.

43 And he took it, and did 32 And they said one to eat before them. another, Did not our heart 44 And he said unto them, burn within us, while he talk. These are the words which Í ed to us by the way, and while spake unto you, while I was he opened to us the scriptures ? yet with you, that all things

33 And they rose up the must be fulfilled, which were same hour, and returned to Je- written in the law of Moses, rusalem, and found the eleven and in the prophets, and in the gathered together, and them Psalms concerning me. that were with them,

45 Then opened he their 34 Saying, the Lord is risen understanding, that they might indeed, and hath appeared to understand the scriptures, Simon.

46 And said unto them, 35 And they told what things Thus it is written, and thus it were done in the way, and how behoved Christ to suffer, and he was known of them in break, to rise from the dead the third ing of bread.

day : 36 9 Apd as they thus spake, 47 And that repentance and Jesus himself stood in the midst remission of sins should be of them, and saith unto them, preached in his name among Peace be unto you.

all nations, beginning at Jeru37 But they were terrified salem. and affrighted, and suppos- 48 And ye are witnesses of ed that they had seen a spirit. these things.


Christ ascends

9. Luke.

into heaven 49 And, behold, I send

51 And it came to pass, the promise of my Father f up- while he blessed them, he was on you; but tarry ye in the parted from them, and carried city of Jerusalem, until ye be up into heaven. endued with power from on 52 And they worshipped high.

him, and returned to Jerusa50 1 And he led them out lem with great joy; as far as to Bethany; and he 53 And were continually in lifted up his hands, and bless- the temple, praising and blessed them.

ing God. Amen.



The history of St. John as well as of the other apostles, is • involved in much obscurity. We know however, he was the

son of Zebedee, and the brother of James the Greater, or Elder, and that he was by occupation a fisherman of Bethsaida in Galilee. It was James and John, whom Jesus, for their zeal and fidelity in his service, distinguished with the name of Boanérges, or sons of thunder. John was one of the three, whom Jesus admitted to be witnesses of the resurrection of Jairus’ daughter, of his transfiguration on the mount, and of his agony in the garden ; and he was honoured among the apostles by being the one, whom Jesus loved. John alone of all the apostles, had the courage to follow Jesus to the cross and see him expire.

Soon after the death of Jesus, we find John with eight other of the apostles returning to their former occupation on the sea of Tiberias; but this was soon left for the more glorious work, to which they were appointed. Hence John became a preacher of the Gospel, and a pillar of the church in Judea ; and it is supposed he continued here till the time approached for the predicted destruction of Jerusalem, and that he then went into Asia Minor, and resided some years at Ephesus. It is probable he continued here some time and preached the Gospel, and

, as he in the Revelation expresses it, was for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus, banished thence to the island of Patmos, in the Archipelago sea, which probably happened in the persecution under the Roman emperor Domitian; that of The promise of my Father, The Holy Spirit.

Divinity, humanity, and Chap. i. office of Jesus Christ, after the death of that emperor he returned to Asia Minor; that he lived till he was nearly a hundred years


age, having survived all the other apostles, and then died a natural death, at Ephesus, in the reign of the emperor Trajan, being the only apostle who escaped martyrdom.

The precise time, when John wrote his Gospel, is not ascertained; but it is thought most probable he wrote it after his return from exile near the close of the first century, at the request of the churches in Asia Minor, where he resided in the latter part of his life. The particular objects, for which his Gospel was written, were probably to supply what had not been fully communicated in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, and also to refute the errors of Cerinthus and the Gnos. tics, who taught many extravagant notions concerning God and Jesus Christ.


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6 T There was a man sent 1 The divinity, humanity, and from God, whose name was

office of Jesus Christ. 15 The John. testimony of John. 39 The hy The same came for a calling of Andrew, Peter, witness, to bear witness of the &c.

Light,b that all men through N the beginning was the him might believe.

Word, and the Word was 8 He was not that Light, but with God, and the Word was was sent to bear witness of that God.

Light. 2 The same was in the be- 9 That was the true Light, ginning with God.

which lighteth every man that 3 All things were made by cometh into the world. him ; and without him was 10 He was in the world, and not any thing made that was the world was made by him, made.

and the world knew him not. 4 In him was life ; and 11 He came unto his own, the life was the light of men.

and his own received him not. 5. And the light a shineth in 12 But as many as received darkness; and the darkness him, to them gave he power to comprehended it not.

become the sons of God, even

to them that believe on his a And the light, &c. And the Mesa siah appeared in this dark and sinful world, and the world, by sin and pre

13 Which were born, not of judice, would not understand that he blood, nor of the will of the was the Messiah.

b Light, our Saviour.


before me.

John's testimony

S. John.

of Christ. flesh, nor of the will of man, sent us; what sayest thou of but of God.

thyself 14 And the Word was made 23 He said, I am d the voice flesh, and dwelts among us, of one crying in the wilderness, (and we beheld his glory, the Make straight the way of the glory as of the only begotten Lord, e as said the prophet of the Father,) full of grace Esaias. and truth.

24 And they which were 15 | John bare witness of sent, were of the Pharisees. him, and cried, saying, This 25 And they asked him, and was he of whom I spake, He said unto him, Why baptizest that cometh after me is pre- thou then, if thou be not that ferred before me; for he was Christ, nor Elias, neither that

prophet? 16 And of his fulness have 26 John answered them, all we received, and grace for saying, I baptize with water; grace.c

but there standeth one among 17 For the law was given you, whom ye know not. by Moses, but grace and truth 27 He it is, who, coming came by Jesus Christ.

after me, is preferred before 18 No man hath seen God me, whose shoe's latchet I am at any time; the only begot- not worthy to unloose. ten Son, which is in the bosom 28 These things were done of the Father, he hath declared in Bethabara beyond Jordan, him.

where John was baptizing. 19 | And this is the record 29 ! The next day John of John, when the Jews sent seeth Jesus coming unto him, priests and Levites from Je- and saith, Behold the Lamb of rusalem to ask him, Who art God, which taketh away the thou ?

sin of the world ! 20 And he confessed, and 30 This is he of whom I denied not, but confessed, I said, Aftur me cometh a man, am not the Christ.

which is preferred before me; 21 And they asked him, for he was before me. What then ? Art thou Elias ? 31 And I knew him not; And he saith, I am not.

Art but that he should be made thou that prophet? And he manifest to Israel, therefore answered, No.

am I come baptizing with wa22 Then said they unto him, ter. Who art thou ? that we may

32 And John bare record, give an answer to them that saying, I saw the spirit de

d I am one whose voice crieth. c Of bis fulness have we all receive e Lord, in the Old Testament 7eed fulness, even grace for his grace.


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