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Christ's death foretold. Chap. xix. The blind man healed,

28 Then Peter said, Lo, we 39 And they which went have left all, & followed thee. before rebuked him, that he 29 And he said unto them, should hold his peace ;

but he Verily I say unto you, There cried so much the more, Thou is no man that hath left house, son of David, have mercy on or parents, or brethren, or wife, or children, for the king- 40 And Jesus stood, and dom of God's sake,

commanded him to be brought 30 Who shall not receive unto him; and when he was manifold more in this present come near he asked him, time, and in the world to come 41 Saying, What wilt thou life everlasting

that I shall do unto thee? And 31 T Then he took unto him he said, Lord that I may rethe twelve, and said unto them, ceive my sight. Behold, we go up to Jerusalem, 42 And Jesus said unto him, and all things that are written Receive thy sight; thy faith by the prophets concerning the hath saved thee. Son of man shall be accom- 43 And immediately he replished.

ceived his sight, and followed 32 For he shall be deliver. him, glorifying God; and all ed unto the Gentiles, and shall the people, when they saw it, be mocked, and spitefully ingave praise unto God. treated, and spitted on: 33 And they shall scourge

CHAP. XIX. him, and put him to death ; & 1 Zaccheus a publican. 13 The the third day he shall rise ten pieces of money. 28 Christ again.

rideth into Jerusalem, 45 and 34 And they understood purgeth the temple. none of these things; and this

AND Jesus entered and saying was hid from them, passed through Jericho. neither knew they the things 2 And, behold, there was a which were spoken.

man named Zaccheus, which 35 And it came to pass,

was the chief

among that, as he was come nigh untó licans, and he was rich. Jericho, a certain blind man 3 And he sought to see Jesat by the way side begging: sus who he was;

and could not 36 And hearing the multi- for the press, because he was tude pass by, he asked what little of stature. it meant.

4 And he ran before, and And they told him, that climbed up into a sycamoreJesus of Nazareth passeth by. tree to see him; for he was to 38 And he cried saying, Je- pass


way. sus, thou son of David, have 5 And when Jesus came to mercy on me.

the place he looked up, and

the pub

Zaccheus called, &c.

S. Luke. The ten pieces of money. saw him, and said unto him, 15 And it came to


that Zaccheus, make haste, & come when he was returned, having down; for to-day I must abide received the kingdom, then he at thy house.

commanded these servants to 6 And he made haste, and be called unto him, to whom came down, and received him he had given the money, that joyfully.

he might know how much ev7 And when they saw it ery man had gained by trading. they all murmured, saying, 16 Then came the first, sayThat he was gone to be guesting, Lord, thy pound hath with a man that is a sinner. gained ten pounds.

8 And Zaccheus stood, and 17 And he said unto him, said unto the Lord, Behold, Well, thou good servant; beLord, the half of my goods I

cause thou hast been faithful give to the poor; and if I have in a very little, have thou autaken any thing from any man thority over ten cities. by false accusation, I restore

18 And the second came, him four-fold.

saying, Lord, thy pound hath 9 And Jesus said unto him, gained five pounds. This day is salvation come to 19 And he said likewise to this house, forasmuch as he him, Be thou also over five also is a son of Abraham. cities. 10 For the Son of man is

20 And another came, saycome to seek and to save that ing, Lord, behold here is thy which was lost.

pound, which I have kept laid 11 | And, as they heard up in a napkin: these things, he added, and 21 For I feared thes, be. spake a parable, because he cause thou art an austere man; was nigh to Jerusalem, and thou takest

up that thou laidest because they thought that the not down, & reapest that thou kingdom of God should imme- didst not sow. diately appear.

22 And he saith unto him, 12 He said, therefore, A Out of thine own mouth will I certain nobleman went into a judge thee, thou wicked serfar country to receive for him- vant. Thou knewest that I self a kingdom, and to return. was an austere man, taking up 13 And he called his ten that I laid not down, and

reapservants, and delivered them ing that I did not sow: ten pounds, & said unto them, 23 Wherefore then gavest Occupy till I come.

not thou my money into the 14 But his citizens hated bank, that at my coming I him, and sent a message after might have required mine own him, saying, We will not have with usury.a this man to reign over us.

a Vsury, interest.

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unto every

Christ rideth to Jerusalem. Chap. xix. Jerusalem lamented.

24 And he said unto them garments upon the colt, and that stood by, Take from him they set Jesus thereon. the pound, and give it to him 36 And, as he went, they that hath ten pounds.

spread their clothes in the way. 25 (And they said unto him, 37 And when he was come Lord, he hath ten pounds.) nigh, even now at the descent 26 For I say unto you, That of the mount of Olives, the

one which hath whole multitude of the discishall be given ; and from him ples began to rejoice & praise that hath not, even that he hath God with a loud voice, for all shall be taken away from him. the mighty works that they

27 But those mine enemies, had seen; which would not that I should 38 Saying, Blessed be the reign over them, bring hither, King that cometh in the name and slay them before me. of the Lord; peace in heaven,

28 7 And when he had thus and glory in the highest. spoken he went before, ascend- 89 And some of the Phari. ing up to Jerusalem.

sees from among the multitude 29 And it came to pass, said unto him, Master, rebuke when he was come nigh to thy disciples. Bethphage and Bethany, at the 40 And he answered, and mount called the mount of Ol- said unto them, I tell you, ives, he sent two of his disci. That if these should hold their ples,

peace, the stones would imine30 Saying, Go ye into the diately cry out. village over against you ; in

41 And when he was come the which, at your entering, ye near he beheld the city, and shall find a colt tied, whereon wept over it, yet never man sat; loose him, 42 Saying, If thou hadst and bring him hither.

known, even thou, at least in 31 And if any man ask you, this thy day, the things which Why do ye loose him? thus belong unto thy peace! but now shall

ye say unto him, Because they are hid from thine eyes. the Lord hath need of him. 43 For the days shall come

32 And they that were sent upon thee, that thine enemies went their way, and found even shall cast a trench about thee, as he had said unto them.

6 Cast a trench about thee. This pro33 And, as they were loos- phecy was wonderfully fulfilled by ing the colt, the owners there. the Romans, when they besieged and of said unto them, Why loose took Jerusalem ; for in order to preye the colt ?

vent the Jews from escaping, Titus 34 And they said, the Lord the city with a wall, and a deep wide

commanded his soldiers to encompass hath need of him.

ditch, which in three days was com35 And they brought him pleted, although the circuit was neare to Jesus; and they cast their ly five miles.

Christ teacheth in the temple. S. Luke. Parable of the and compass thee round, and ing, Tell us, by what authority keep thee in on every side. doest thou these things ? or

44 And shall lay thee even who is he that gave thee this with the ground, and thy chil- authority ? dren within thee; and they 3 And he answered, and shall not leave in thee one said unto them, I will also ask stone upon another; because you one thing and answer me: thou knewest not the time of 4 The baptism of John, thy visitation.c

was it from heaven, or of men? 45 And he went into the 5 And they reasoned with temple, and began to cast out themselves, saying, If we shall them that sold therein, and say, From heaven; he will them that bought;

say, Why then believed ye 46 Saying unto them, It is him not? written, My house is the house 6 But and if we say, Of of prayer; but ye have made men; all the people will stone it a den of thieves.

us ; for they be persuaded 47 And he taught daily in that John was a prophet. the teinple,

But the chief 7 And they answered, That priests, and the scribes, and they could not tell whence it the chief of the people, sought was. to destroy him ;

8 And Jesus said unto them, 48 And could not find what Neither tell I you by what authey might do; for all the peo-. thority I do these things. ple were very attentive to hear 9 T Then began he to speak him.

to the people this parable; A

certain man planted a vineCHAP. XX.

yard and let it forth to hus1 Christ avoucheth his authori- bandmen, and went into a far

ty by a question of John's country for a long time. baptism. 9 the parable of the 10 And at the season he vineyard. 22 Of giving tri- sent a servant to the husbandbute to Cesar.

men, that they should give AND it came to pass, that him of the fruit of the vineon one of those days, as he yard; but the husbandmen · taught the people in the tem- beat him, and sent him away

ple, and preached the Gospel, empty. the chief priests and the scribes 11 And again he sent ancame upon him, with the elders, other servant; and they beat 2 And spake unto him, say- him also, and entreated him

shamefully, and sent him ac Because thou knewest not, &c. or way empty; hast disregarded the visitations of 12 And again he sent a God's judgments and of his mercies third ; and they wounded him to reform and save you.

also, and cast him out.

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Chap. XX. Of paying tribute. 13 Then said the lord of men that they might take hold the vineyard, What shall I do? of his words, that so they I will send my beloved son; it might deliver him unto the may be they will reverence power and authority of the him when they see him. governor.

14 But when the husband- 21 And they asked him saymen saw him they reasoned ing, Master, we know that among themselves, saying, thou sayest and teachest rightThis is the heir; come, let ly, neither acceptest thou

the us kill him, that the inheri- person of any, but teachest tance may be ours.


of God truly; 15 So they cast him out of 22 Is it lawful for us to give the vineyard, and killed him. tribute c unto Cesar, or no ? What, therefore, shall the 23 But he perceived their lord of the vineyard do unto craftiness, and said unto them, them :

Why tempt ye me? 16 He shall come and de- 24 Shew me a penny. Whose stroy these husbandmen, and image and superscription d shall give the vineyard to oth- hath it? They answered, and ers. And when they heard it, said, Cesar's. they said, God forbid.

25 And he said unto them, 17 And he beheld them, and Render, therefore, unto Cesar said, What is this then that is the things which be Cesar's, written, The stone which the and unto God the things which builders rejected, the same is

be God's. become the head of the corner? 26 And they could not take

18 Whosoever shall fall hold of his words before the upon that stone shall be brok- people; and they marvelled en; buton whomsoever it shall

at his answer,

and held their falí, it will grind him to pow. peace.

27 | Then came to him cer19 1 And the chief priests tain of the Sadducees, which and the scribes the same hour deny that there is any resursought to lay hands on him, rection, and they asked him, and they feared the people; 28 Saying, Master, Moses for they perceived that he had wrote unto us, if any man's spoken this parable against brother die, having a wife,

and he die without children, 20 And they watched him, that his brother should take and sent forth spies, which his wife, and raise


seed unshould feign themselves just to his brother.

a Verses 17, 18. See Matt. xxi. notes f and g. Also Acts iv. note d. c Tribute, taxes. b To lay hands on him, to take him. d Superscription. See Matt. xxi. 70



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