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Herod reproved, Chap. xiv. Christ healeth the dropsy. west, and from the north, and verily I say unto you, Ye shall from the south, and shall sit not see me until the time come down in the kingdom of God. when ye shall say, Blessed is

30 And, behold, there are he that cometh in the name of last which shall be first,b and the Lord. there are first which shall be last.

CHAP. XIV. 31 1 The same day there 1 Christ healeth the dropsy on came certain of the Pharisees, the sabbath-day; 7 teacheth saying unto him, Get thee out, humility : 12 to feast the and depart hence; for Herod

poor. 16 The parable of the will kill thee.

great supper.

26 Who can32 And he said unto them, not be Christ's disciples. Go ye and tell that fox, Be- AND it came to pass as he hold, I cast out devils, and I went into the house of one of do cores to-day,and to-morrow, the chief Pharisees to eat bread and the third day I shall be on the sabbath-day, that they perfected.c

watched him. 33 Nevertheless, I must 2 And, behold, there was a walk to-day, and to-morrow, certain man before him whick and the day following, for it had the dropsy. cannot be that a prophet per- 3 And Jesus answering, ish out of Jerusalem.

spake unto the lawyers and 34 0 Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Pharisees, saying, Is it lawful which killest the prophets, to heal on the sabbath-day? and stonest them that are sent 4 And they held their peace. unto thee; how often would And he took him, and healed I have gathered thy children him, and let him go; together, as a hen doth gather 5 And answered them, sayher brood under her wings, ing, Which of you shall have and ye would not!

an ass or an ox fallen into a 35 Behold, your house is pit, and will not straightway left unto you desolate ;d and pull him out on the sabbath

day? 6 There are last which shall be first,

6 And they could not answer &c. See Matt. xix. 30.

I sball be perfected. I shall have him again to these things. finished my course, or completed my

any q And he put forth a parwork.

able to those which were bidd Your house is left unto you desolate. den, when he marked a how Your habitation, even the great cit Jerusalem, shall speedily be made desolate. This portentous prophe- reduced to a heap of ruins by Titus, a Christ teacheth humility. S. Luke.

most distressing siege, Jerusalem was cy of our Saviour was, about forty

Roman commander. years after his crucifixion, most wonderfully fulfilled. After sustaining a a Marked, observede

Parable of the supper. they chose out the chief rooms; unto him, Blessed is he that saying unto them,

shall eat bread in the kingdom 8 When thou art bidden of of God. any man to a wedding, sit not 16 Then said he unto him, down in the highest room, A certain man made a great lest a more honourable man supper,

and bade many : than thou be bidden of him; 17 And sent his servant at

9 And he that bade thee supper-time to say to them and him come and say to thee, that were bidden, Come; for Give this man place; and thou all things are now ready. begin with shame to take the 18 And they all with one lowest room.

consent b began to make excuse. 10 But when thou art bid. The first said unto him, I have den, 'go and sit down in the bought a piece of ground, and lowest room ;

that when he I must needs go and see it; that bade thee cometh, he



thee have me excussay unto thee, Friend, go up

ed. higher; then shalt thou have 19 And another said, I have worship in the presence of bought five yoke of oxen, and them that sit at meat with thee. I go to prove them; I pray

11 For whosoever exalteth thee have me excused. himself shall be abased; and 20 And another said, I have he that humbleth himself shall married a wife; and therefore be exalted.

I cannot come. 12 | Then said he also to 21 So that servant came, him that bade him, When and shewed his lord these thou makest a dinner or a sup- things. Then the master of per, call not thy friends, nor the house, being angry, said to thy brethren, neither thy kins- his servant, Go out quickly inmen, nor thy rich neighbours; to the streets and lanes of the lest they also bid thee again, city, and bring in hither the and a recompense be made poor and the maimed, and the thee.

halt, and the blind. 13 But when thou makest 22 And the servant said, a feast, call the poor, the Lord, it is done as thou hast maimed, the lame, the blind: commanded, and yet there is

14 And thou shalt be blessed; for they cannot recom

23 And the lord said unto pense thee: for thou shalt be the servant, Go out into the recompensed at the resurrec- highways and hedges, and tion of the just.

compel them to come in, that 15 | And when one of them my house


be filled. that sat at meat with him

b With one consent, all without ex heard these things, he said ception.


Of bearing the cross. Chap. xv. Parable of the lost sheep. 24 For Is

say unto you, That 33 So likewise, whosoever none of those men which were he be of you that forsaketh not bidden shall taste of my sup- all that he hath, he cannot be per.

my disciple. 23 And there went great 34 g Salt is good; but if multitudes with him; and he the salt have lost its savour, turned, and said unto them, wherewith shall it be seasoned? 26 If any man come to me,c

35 It is neither fit for the and hate not his father, and land, nor yet for the dunghill; mother, and wife, and children, but men cast it out. He that and brethren, and sisters, yea, hath ears to hear, let him hear. and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.

CHAP. XV. 27 And whosoever doth not 1 The parable of the lost sheep, bear his cross,d and come after 8 of the piece of silver, 11 me, cannot be my disciple. of the prodigal son. 28 For which of you, in

'THEN drew near unto him tending to build a tower, sit- all the publicans and sinners teth not down first and count for to hear him. eth the cost, whether he have 2 And the Pharisees and sufficient to finish it?

scribes murmured, saying, This 29 Lest haply, after he hath man receiveth sinners, and eatlaid the foundation, and is not eth with them. able to finish it, all that behold 3 And he spake this parit begin to mock him,

able unto them, saying, 30 Saying, This man began 4 What man of you, having to build, and was not able to an hundred sheep, if he lose finish.

one of them, doth not leave 31 Or what king, going the ninety and nine in the wil. to make war against another derness, and go after that king, sitteth not down first and which was lost until he find it? consulteth, whether he be able 5 And when he hath found with ten thousand to meet him it, he layeth it on his shoulthat cometh against him with ders rejoicing. twenty thousand !

6 And when he cometh 32 Or else, while the other home he calleth together his is yet a great way off, he send- friends and neighbours, saying eth an ambassage, and desir- unto them, Rejoice with me; eth conditions of peace.

for I have found my sheep

which was lost. c If any man come to me, and is not willing for my sake and the Gos

7 I say unto you, That likepel's, to relinquish father, mother,

wise joy shall be in heaven &c. he cannot be my disciple.

over one sinner that repenteth, d Cross. See Matt. x. 38.

more than over ninety and nine,

unto you,

Of the piece of silver. S. Luke. Of the prodigal son. just persons which need no re- that the swine did eat; and pentance.

no man gave unto him. 8 9 Either what woman,

17 And when he came to having ten pieces of silver, if himself he said, How many she lose one piece, doth not hired servants of my

father's light a candle, and sweep the have bread enough & to spare, house, and seek diligently till and I perish with hunger! she find it?

18 I will arise, and go to 9 And when she hath found my father, and will say unto it, she calleth her friends and him, Father, I have sinned aher neighbours together, say- gainst Heaven, and before thee, ing, Rejoice with me; for I 19 And am no more worthy have found the piece which I to be called thy son; make had lost.

me as one of thy hired servants. 10 Likewise I say

20 And he arose, and came There is joy in the presence of to his father. But when he the angels of God over one sin- was yet a great way off, his faner that repenteth.

ther saw him, and had com11 9 And he said, A certain passion, and ran, and fell on man had two sons :

his neck, and kissed him. 12 And the


of them 21 And the son said unto said to his father, Father, give him, Father, I have sinned ame the portion of goods that gainst Heaven and in thy sight, falleth to me. And he divided and am no more worthy to be unto them his living.a

called thy son. 13 And not many days af. 22 But the father said to ter the younger son gathered his servants, Bring forth the all together, and took his jour. best robe, and put it on him; ney into a far country, and and put a ring on his hand, there wasted his substance and shoes on his feet: with riotous living.

23 And bring hither the 14 And, when he had spent fatted calf, and kill it ; and all, there arose a mighty fa- let us eat and be merry : mine in that land; and he be- 24 For this my son was gan to be in want.

dead, and is alive again, he 15 And he went and joined 'was lost, and is found. And himselfb to a citizen of that they began to be merry. country; and he sent him in- 25 Now his elder son was to his field to feed swine. in the field; and as he came,

16 And he would fain have and drew nigh to the house, he filled his belly with the husks heard musick and dancing.

26 And he called one of the a His living, his estate.

Joined himself; he applied to a servants, and asked what these citizen.

things meant.

Parable of the

Chap. xvi.

unjust steward. 27 And he said unto him, cused unto him that he had Thy brother is

come; and thy wasted his goods. father hath killed the fatted 2 And he called him, and calf, because he hath received said unto him, How is it that him safe and sound.

I hear this of thee ? give an 28 And he was angry, and account of thy stewardship; would not go in; therefore for thou mayest be no longer came his father out and in- steward. treated him.

3 Then the steward said 29 And he answering, said within himself, what shall I to his father, Lo, these many do; for my

lord taketh away years do I serve thee; nei- from me the stewardship? I ther transgressed I at any time cannot dig; to beg I am athy commandment; and yet shamed. thou never gavest me a kid, 4 I am resolved what to do, that I might make merry with that, when I am put out of the my friends :

stewardship, they may receive 30 But as soon as this thy me into their houses. son was come, which hath de

5 So he called every one voured thy living with harlots, of his lord's debtors unto him, thou hast killed for him the and said unto the first, How fatted calf.

much owest thou unto my lord? 31 And he said unto him, 6 And he said, An hundred Son, thou art ever with me, measures of oil, And he said and all that I have is thine. unto him, Take thy bill, and

32 It was meet c that we sit down quickly, and write should make merry, and be fifty. glad; for this thy brother was

7 Then said he to another, dead, and is alive again ; and And how much owest thou ? was lost, and is found. And he said, An hundred

measures of wheat. And he CHAP. XVI.

said unto him, Take thy bill, 1 Of the unjust steward, 14 and write fourscore.

The hypocrisy of the covet- 8 And the lord commended ous Pharisees reproved. 19 the unjust steward, 6 because The rich glutton, and Laza- he had done wisely; for the rus the beggar.

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children of this world are in AND he said also unto his their generation c wiser than disciples, There was a certain the children of light. rich man which had a stew- 9 And I say unto you, Make ard ja and the same was ac

6 Commended the artifice or worldly c Meet, right.

prudence of the unjust steward. a Steward, a manager of another's c In their generation, in conducting affairs; an agent.

their affairs.


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