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eyes ; and

A new heaven

Revelation. and a new earth. life ; and the dead were judg- all tears from their ed out of those things, which there shall be no more death, were written in the books, ac- neither sorrow, nor crying, cording to their works. neither shall there be any more

13 And the sea gave up the pain; for the former things are dead which were in it; and passed away. death and hell delivered up 5 And he that sat upon the the dead which were in them; throne said, Behold, I make and they were judged every all things new. And he said man according to their works. unto me, Write; for these

14 And death and hell words are true and faithful. were cast into the lake of fire. 6 And he said unto me, It This is the second death. is done. I am Alpha and O.

15 And whosoever was not mega, the beginning and the found written in the book of end. I will give unto him life was cast into the lake of that is athirst of the fountain fire.

of the water of life freely. CHAP. XXI.

✓ He that overcometh shall 1 A new heaven and a new inherit all things ; and I will

earth. 10 The heavenly Je- be his God, and he shall be rusalem, with a full descrip- my son. tion thereof: 23 she needeth 8 But the fearful and unbeno sun, the glory of God is lieving, and the abominable, her light: 24 the kings of and murderers, and whorethe earth bring their riches mongers, and sorcerers, and unto her.

idolaters, and all liars, shall AND I saw a new heaven have their part in the lake and a new earth; for the first which burneth with fire and heaven and the first earth brimstone; which is the secwere passed away; and there ond death.

9 And there came unto me 2 And I John saw the holy one of the seven .angels which city, new Jerusalem coming had the seven vials full of the down from God out of heaven, seven last plagues, and talked prepared as a bride adorned with me, saying, Come hither, for her husband.

I will shew thee the bride, the 3 And I heard a great voice Lamb's wife. out of heaven, saying, Behold,

10 And he carried me away the tabernacle of God is with to a great and high mountain, men, and he will dwell with and shewed me that great city, them, and they shall be his the holy Jerusalem, descendpeople, and God himself shall ing out of heaven from God, be with them, and be their God. 11 Having the glory of

4 And God shall wipe away God; and her light was like

was no more sea.

Description of the Chap. xxi.

heavenly Jerusalem. anto a stone most precious, sapphire; the third, a chaleven like a jasper stone, clear cedony; the fourth, an emas crystal ;

erald; 12 And had a wall great 20 The fifth, sardonyx ; the and high, and had twelve sixth, sardius; the seventh, gates, and at the gates twelve chrysolyte; the eighth, beryl ; angels, and names written the ninth, a topaz; the tenth, thereon, which are the names a chrysoprasus; the eleventh, of the twelve tribes of the a jacinth; the twelfth, an amchildren of Israel:

ethyst. 13 On the east three gates;

21. And the twelve gates on the north three gates; on

were twelve pearls; every sevthe south three gates; and on eral gate was of one pearl; the west three gates.

and the street of the city was 14 And the wall of the city pure gold, as it were transpahad twelve foundations, and rent glass. in them the names of the twelve 22 And I saw no temple apostles of the Lamb.

therein ; for the Lord God 15 And he that talked with Almighty and the Lamb are me had a golden reed to mea- the temple of it. sure the city, and the gates 23 And the eity had no need thereof, and the wall thereof. of the sun, neither of the

moon, 16 And the city lieth four- to shine in it; for the glory of square, and the length is as God did lighten it, and the large as the breadth ; and he Lamb is the light thereof. measured the city with the

24 And the nations of them reed, twelvethousand furlongs. which are saved shall walk in The length and the breadth the light of it; and the kings and the height of it are equal. of the earth do bring their glo

17 And he measured the ry and honour into it. wall thereof, an hundred and 25 And the gates of it shall forty and four cubits, accord- not be shut at all by day; for ing to the measure of a man, there shall be no night there. that is, of the angel.

26 And they shall bring the 18 And the building of the glory and honour of the nawall of it was of jasper ; and tions into it. the city was pure gold, like un

27 And there shall in no to elear glass.

wise enter into it any thing 19 And the foundations of that defileth, neither whatsothe wall of the city were gar

ever worketh abomination, or nished with all manner of pre- maketh a lie; but they which cious stones. The first found- are written in the Lamb's book ation was jasper ; the second, of life.

The angel will not Revelation

be worshipped. CHAP. XXII. blessed is he that keepeth the 1 The river of the water of sayings of the prophecy of life. 2 The tree of life. 5 this book. The light of the city of God 8 And I John saw these is himself. 9 The angel will things, and heard them. And not be worshipped. 18 No- when I had heard and seen, I thing may be added to the fell down to worship before word of God, nor diminish- the feet of the angel which ed therefrom.

shewed me these things. AND he shewed me a pure

9 Then saith he unto me, river of water of life, clear as See thou da it not; for I am crystal, proceeding out of thy fellow-servant, and of thy the throne of God and of the brethren the prophets, and of Lamb.

them which keep the sayings 2 In the midst of the street of this book; worship God. of it and on either side of the 10 And he saith unto me, river, was there the tree of life, Seal not the sayings of the which bear twelve manner of prophecy of this book ; for the fruits, and yielded her fruit time is at hand. every month; and the leaves

11 He that is unjust, let of the tree were for the heal- him be unjust still; and he ing of the nations.

which is filthy, let him be fil3 And there shall be no thy still; and he that is righmore curse; but the throne of teous, let him be righteous God and of the Lamb shall be still; and he that is holy, let in it; and his servants shall him be holy still. serve him :

12 And, behold, I come 4 And they shall see his quickly, and iny reward is face; and his name shall be with me, to give every man acin their foreheads.

cording as his work shall be, 5 And there shall be no 13 I am Alpha and Omega, night there, and they need no the beginning and the end, the candle, neither light of the first and the last. sun; for the Lord God giveth 14 Blessed are they that do them light; and they shall his commandments, that they reign forever and ever. may have right to the tree of

6 And he said unto me, life, and may enter in through These sayings are faithful and the gates into the city. true; and the Lord God of 15 For without are dogs, the holy prophets sent his an- and sorcerers, and whoremong. gel to shew unto his servants ers, and murderers, and idola the things which must šhortly ters, and whosoever loveth and be done.

maketh a lie. 7 Behold, I come quickly; 16 I Jesus hare sent mine

Nothing to be added nor Chap. xxii. taken from this book. angel to testify unto you these unto him the plagues that are things in the churches. I am written in this book : the root and the offspring of 19 And if any man shall David, and the bright and take away from the words of morning star.

the book of this prophecy, 17 And the spirit and the God shall take away his part bride say,

Come. And let him out of the book of life, and out that heareth say, Come. And of the holy city, and from the let him that is athirst come. things which are written in And whosoever will, let him this book. take the water of life freely. 20 He which testifieth these

18 For I testify unto every things saith, Surely I come man that heareth the words quickly; Amen. Even so, of the prophecy of this book, come, Lord Jesus. If any

man shall add unto 21 The grace of our Lord these things, God shall add Jesus Christ be with you all






PATRIARCHS, or Fathers Government during the capof Families, such as Abraham, tivity. Isaac, and Jacob, and his sons.

Judges, Temporary Su- Under the Grecian Monarchs. preme Governors, immediate

Superior Officers. ly appointed by God over the children of Israel.

Maccabees, the Successors Kings, And they either of of. Judas Maccabeus, High the whole nation, or after the Priest, who presided with falling of the ten tribes, of kingly power. Judah or Israel.

Elders, Senators, the LXX Under the Roman Emperors. or Sanhedrin.

Presidents, or Governors, Officers, Provosts, Sheriffs, sent from Rome with imperial or Executioners.

power. Judges, Inferior rulers, such Tetrarchs, who had kingly as determine controversies in power in four Provinces. particular cities.

Proconsuls, or Deputies of Israelites,Hebrews, descend- Provinces. ants from Jacob.

An Hebrew of Hebrews, an Inferior Officers. Esraelite by original extraction.

Publicans, or Taxgatherers. A Proselyte of the Covenant, Centurions, Captains of an who was circumcised, and sub- hundred men mitted to the whole Law.

A Proselyte of the Gate, or Ecclesiastical Officers, or Sects Stranger who worshipped one God, but remained uncircum

High Priests, who only cised.

might enter the Holy of Ho

lies. Officers under the Assyrian or

Second Priests, or Sagan, Persian Monarchs. who supplied the High Priest's

Office, in case he were disaTirshatha, or Governor ap. bled. pointed by the kings of Assy- High Priests for the War, ria or Persia.

set apart for the occasion of Heads of the Captivity, The an expedition. chief of each tribe or family, Priests, Levites of the sons who exercised a precarious of Aaron, divided into twenty

of Men.

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