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Christ denied of Peter, and S. Mark. brought bound to Pilate.

67 And when she saw Peter carried him away, and deliverwarming himself she looked ed him to Pilate. a apon him, and said, And thou 2 And Pilate asked him, also wast with Jesus of Naza- Art thou the king of the Jews! reth.

And he answering, said unto 68 But he denied, saying, I him, Thou sayest it. b know not, neither understand 3 And the chief priests aeI what thou sayest. And he cused him of many things; but went out into the porch; and he answered nothing. the cock crew.

4 And Pilate asked him 69 And a maid saw him again, saying, Answerest thou again, and began to say to nothing ? behold how many them that stood by, This is one things they witness against of them.

thee. 70 And he denied it again. 5 But Jesus yet answered And a little after they that nothing, so that Pilate marvel. stood by said again to Peter, led. Surely thou art one of them; 6 Now at that feast he refor thou art a Galilean, and leased unto them one prisoner, thy speech agreeth thereto. whomsoever they desired.

71 But he began to curse hy And there was one named and to swear, saying, I know Barabbas, which lay bound not this man of whom ye speak with them that had made in.

72 And the second time the surrection with him, who had cock crew. And Peter called committed murder in the into mind the word that Jesus surrection. said unto him, Before the cock 8 And the multitude, crying crow twice thou shalt deny me aloud, began to desire him to thrice. And when he thought do as he had ever done unto thereon he wept.


9 But Pilate answered them, CHAP. XV.

saying, Will ye that I release 1 Jesus brought bound and ac- unto you the King of the Jews?

cused before Pilate, 15 is 10 For he knew that the delivered to be crucified ; 17 chief priests had delivered he is crowned with thorns, him for envy. 27 hanged between two 11 But the chief priests mov. thieves, 43 and is honour- ed the people, that he should ably buried. AND straightway in the

a Pilate, the Roman Governor of morning the chief priests held

Judea. a consultation with the elders and scribes, and the whole question, thou sayest or pronouncest

6 Thou sayest it, i. e. in asking that council, and bound Jesus, and what I am, the king of the Jews.

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Barabbas released. Chap. xv. Christ is crucified. rather release Barabbas unto ed by, coming out of the counthem.

try, the father of Alexander 12 And Pilate answered, and Rufus, to bear his cross. and said again unto them, 22 And they bring him unto What will you then that I shall the place Golgotha, e which is, do unto him whom ye call the being interpreted, The place King of the Jews :

of a scull. 13 And they cried out again, 23 And they gave him to drink Crucify him.

wine mingled with myrrh ; but 14 Then Pilate said unto he received it not. them, Why? what evil hath 24 And when they had cru. he done? And they cried out cified him they parted his garthe more exceedingly, Crucify ments, casting lots upon them, him.

what every man should take. 15 And so Pilate, willing 25 And it was the third to content the people, released hour;f and they crucified him. Barabbas unto them, and de- 26" And the superscription livered Jesus, when he had of his accusation was written scourged him, to be crucified. over, E. THE KING OF

16 And the soldiers led him THE JEWS. away into the hall called Pre- 27 And with him they crutoriam, and they call togeth- cify two thieves; the one on er the whole band.

his right hand and the other 17 And they clothed him on his left. with purple,c and platted a 28 And the scripture was crown of thorns, and put it fulfilled, which saith, And he about his head,

was numbered with the trans18 And began to salute him, gressors. Hail, King of the Jews! 29 And they that passed by

19 And they smote him on railed on him, wagging their the head with a reed, and did heads, and saying, Ah, thou spit upon him, and, bowing that destroyest the temple, and their knees, worshipped him. -buildest it in three days,

20 And when they had 30 Save thyself, and come mocked him they took off the down from the cross. purple from him and put his 31 Likewise also the chief own clothes on him, and led priests, mocking, said among him out to crucify him. ihemselves, with the scribes,

21. And they compel one Simon a Cyrenian,d who pass

e Golgotha. See Matt. xxvii. 33. 6 Purple. See Matt. xxvii. 28.. f The third bour, nine in the mornd Cyrenian. Cyrene was a country ing. of Africa at some distance west of The superscription of his accusation, Egypt.

&c. See Matt. xxvii. 37.



Christ confessed by S. Mark.

the centurion, &c. He saved others; himself he 40 There were also women cannot save.

looking on afar off; among 32 Let Christ the King of whom was Mary Magdalene, Israel descend now from the and Mary the mother of James cross, that we may see and be- the less, and of Joses and Salieve. And they that were lome ; crucified with him reviled him. 41 (Who also, when he was

33 1 And when the sixth in Galilee, followed him, and hour h was come, there was ministered unto him ;) and darkness over the whole land


which until the ninth hour. i

came up with him unto Jeru34 And at the ninth hour salem. Jesus cried with a loud voice, 42 | And now, when the saying, Eloi, Eloi, lama sa- even was come, (because it was bachthani ? which is, being the preparation, that is, the interpreted, My God, my God, day before the Sabbath,) m why hast thou forsaken me ? 43 Joseph of Arimathea, an

35 And some of them that honourable counsellor, which stood by when they heard it, also waited for the kingdom said, Behold, he calleth Elias. of God,n came, and went in

36 And one ran and filled boldly unto Pilate, and craved a spunge full of vinegar, and the body of Jesus. put it on a reed,j and gave 44 And Pilate marvelled if him to drink, saying, Let he were already dead; and alone; let us see whether Elias calling unto him the centurion, will come to take him down. he asked him whether he had

37 And Jesus cried with a been any while dead. loud voice, and gave up the 45 And when he knew it of ghost.

the centurion, he gave the body 38 And the vail of the tem- to Joseph. ple was rent in twain from the

46 And he bought fine linen, top to the bottom. k

and took him down, and wrap39 4 And when the centu- 'ped him in the linen, and laid rion,l which stood over against him in a sepulchre which was him, saw that he so cried out, hewn out of a rock, and rolled and gave up the ghost, he said, a stone unto the door of the Truly this man was the Son sepulchre. of God.

47 And Mary Magdalene,

and Mary the mother of Joses, b Sixth hour, twelve at noon. beheld where he was laid. i Ninth bour, three in the afternoon. j Reed, a cane or rod.

m Tbe preparation, was Friday. k Vail, &c. See Matt. xxvii. 51. The Sabbath was our Saturday.

| Centurion, a Roman commander n Waited for the kingdom of God. of one hundred men.

Expected the coming of the Messiah. Christ appears to Chap. xvi. Mary Magdalene, fc. CHAP. XVI.

sus of Nazareth, which was 1 An angel declareth the resur- crucified; he is risen; he is

rection of Christ to three not here; behold the place women ; 9 he appeareth to where they laid him. Mary Magdalene; 12 to two vry But go your way, tell his others going into the country, disciples and Peter, that he 15 sendeth forth the apostles, goeth before you into Galilee; 19 and ascendeth into heaven. there shall ye see him, as he AND when the sabbath was

said unto you. past, Mary Magdalene, and 8 And they went out quickMary the mother of James and ly,and fled from the sepulchre; Salome, had bought sweet spi. for they trembled and were ees, that they might come and amazed; neither said they any anoint him. a

thing to any man; for they 2 And very early in the were afraid. morning, the first day of the 9 9 Now, when Jesus was week,b they came unto the risen early, the first day of the sepulchre at the rising of the week, he appeared first to sun.

Mary Magdalene, out of whom 3 And they said among he had cast seven devils. themselves, Who shall roll us 10 And she went and told away the stone from the door them that had been with him, of the sepulchre ?

as they mourned and wept. 4 (And when they looked, 11 And they, when they they saw that the stone was had heard that he was alive, rolled away ;) for it was very and had been seen of her, begreat. c

lieved not. 5 And, entering into the 12 | After that he

appearsepulchrc, they saw a young ed in another form unto two man sitting on the right side, of them as they walked, and clothed in a long white gar- went into the country. ment; and they were affright- 13 And they went and told

it unto the residue;d neither 6 And he saith unto them, believed they them. Be not affrighted; ye seek Je- 14 | Afterward he appeara Anoint or embalm bim. It was

ed unto the eleven as they sat a custom of the eastern nations to at meat, and upbraided them embalm the bodies of the dead to with their unbelief and hardpreserve them from putrefaction.

ness of heart, because they bea. The knowledge of this art is now lost. lieved not them which had seen 6. The first day of the week. Our

him after he was risen. Sabbath.

. For it was great. This sentence belongs to the third verse, and should The residue, the rest of the disimmediately follow it.



The apostles sent forth. S. Luke. Christ's ascension.

15 And he said unto them, pents; and if they drink any Go

ye into all the world, and deadly thing it shall not hurt preach the Gospel to every them; they shall lay hands on creature.

the sick, and they shall recover. 16 He that believeth, and is · 19 | So then after the Lord baptized, shall be saved; but had spoken unto them, he was he that believeth not shall be received up into heaven, and damned.

sat on the right hand of God. 17 And these signs shall 20 And they went forth, and follow them that believe; In preached every where, the my name shall they cast out Lord working with them, and devils; they shall speak with confirming the word with signs new tongues ;

following. Amen. 18 They shall take up ser




It is not fully ascertained whether St. Luke was a Jew or a Gentile ; but it is most probable, that his religion was Juda." ism, before he was converted to Christianity. He was a physician by profession, and a man of more learning than the other Evangelists. He was not, as appears from his own words, chap. i. 2, a companion of our Saviour, and an eye-witness of his miracles; but what he records was delivered to him by those, who were from the beginning eye-witnesses and ministers of the word. St. Luke was a constant companion of St. Paul in all his travels and evangelical labours, and assisted him in preaching the Gospel, as Mark is said to have accompanied and assisted the apostle Peter.

At the time St. Luke wrote, it is supposed there were many erroneous narratives of the life of Jesus, and that he wrote to prevent people's giving to them, without examination, too easy credit; and likewise to give a more full and detailed account of many particulars, than had been given by Matthew and Mark.

As Luke designed his Gospel for the benefit of Gentile Christians in different countries, he wrote it in Greek, the most general language of that day. And as Matthew gave the genealogy of our Saviour from Abraham to Joseph, the reputed father of Jesus; so Luke traces it back from Mary to Abra

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