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meeting, and that the support of that highly useful establishment be earnestly and devoutly recommended to the members of the New Church throughout the United Kingdom.

On reading the last Report of the Manchester Printing Society, the following Resolution was unanimously passed :

Resolved-That this meeting, whilst they lament with their Manchester brethren the scarcity of Foreign intelligence respecting the progress of the heavenly doctrines of the New Jerusalem, rejoice with them most cordially in subscribing to the truth of their remark, that "the recovery of the kingdom of God within is the grand point, towards which the whole of the testimony of those doctrines is directed." They think it right therefore to unite their voices with those of the Manchester Society, by proclaiming aloud to all the families of the earth, that it is their firm belief, that, the kingdom of GOD within, which is doubtless the blessing of all blessings, hath been nearly closed among christians at this day by the division of the Godhead into three distinct persons, which division implies the monstrous idea of a kingdom governed by three kings, or of a body under the direction of three heads, thus of a form of government completely at variance with the best reason of man, as well as with the divine order of GOD. This meeting therefore are decidedly of opinion with their Manchester brethren, that the kingdom of GOD within can never be again established here on earth, but by the heartfelt reception of that heavenly doctrine of the New Jerusalem, which teaches, that in heaven above, and in the church beneath, there is ONLY ONE GOD, whose high and holy name is JESUS CHRIST, and that this God can never be duly acknowledged and obeyed, until His Holy Word, or Law, be seen in connection with him, and exalted in the human mind as the All of saving good and truth, leading man to renounce all evil, not only because it is opposed to human laws, but because it is in direct contrariety also to the Divine Love and Wisdom, and thus utterly subversive of the kingdom of that love and wisdom in the defiled bosom of every impenitent offender.

On the evening of the same day, the following concluding Resolution was passed unanimously :

Resolved-That we are again debtors to the divine mercy, and this to an immense degree, for the high honour and happiness of being once more called together by the ALMIGHTY to co-operate with him in laying the foundation of that glorious New Church here on earth, which is to bear the distinguished name and title of " the Tabernacle of God with men, in which He will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and GOD himself shall be with them, their GOD." [Rev. xxi. 3.] For can any honour and happiness be set in competition with this, involving in it a conjunction of life with the GREAT FATHER of heaven, and a communion with all his holy angels, in effecting a purpose of all others the grandest and most dignified, because including in it the eternal welfare and salvation of myriads of human beings yet unborn? Whilst however we return our grateful thanks to our DIVINE BENEFACTOR for this unmerited favour conferred upon us, of being called to co-operate with him on an occasion of such pre-eminence, it surely becomes us to consider in a proportionable degree, what is properly to be understood by this co-operation, that so we may be enabled to ascertain how far we ourselves individually have obeyed the call, and are thus entitled to the favour. For the term co-operation, it is evident, when applied

to man in reference to his GOD, is a complex term, expressive of complex acts, and therefore it is impossible for any one to discover how far he cooperates with GOD in any instance, unless he first explores, so as distinctly to see and apprehend, the number and the nature of those complex acts. It is happy however for us, that this investigation requires no extraordinary powers of mind to make it, but is within the reach of the most ordinary capacity, provided only that sincerity of heart be united with exercise of judgment. For what well-disposed mind cannot discern, as by the light of a noon-day sun, that man is capable of co-operating with his God in a three-fold manner and degree, viz: in will, in understanding, and in act, and that the perfection of his co-operation will depend altogether on the conjunction, or union, of these three co-operating principles, which constitute the life of every rational being? What well-disposed mind therefore cannot discern yet further, that to co-operate with GOD in will is to submit our will to His will, or, what is the same thing, our love to His love; and that to co-operate with Him in understanding is to submit our wisdom to His wisdom, or, what is the same thing, our prudence to His providence; and lastly, that to co-operate with him in act is to suffer all our deeds and works to be governed and directed by the same spirit of love and of wisdom, which must be supposed to influence all His deeds and works; here then we may discover at once, if we will be at the pains of exploring the interiors of our minds, how far we, each of us, are co-operating with our GOD in promoting the grand and beneficent purposes of our present assembly. For we have only to ask ourselves individually, in the sanctuary of conscience, and in the presence of the God who dwells there, the following short but most momentous questions-Do we find our supreme joy in the devout acknowledgment from penitent hearts, that JESUS CHRIST, in His DIVINE HUMANITY, is the GREAT AND ONLY LORD of heaven and earth, being at once the CREATOR, PReserver, Redeemer, RegeneRATOR and SAVIOUR of Angels and Men? Do we believe also that this GREAT and HOLY GOD has been pleased, in these latter days, to make a revelation of the internal spiritual sense of His MOST HOLY WORD, and this with the mer. ciful intent of establishing here on earth a New Church of true worshippers, in the place of that Old Church, which, through evil of life and error of doctrine, is come to its consummation? Do we further endeavour to confirm this belief in our understandings, by a diligent perusal of the writtings in which that revelation is made, and to manifest it in our lives, by exerting all our powers of mind, of body, and of worldly property, in endeavouring to disseminate those writings amongst our fellow men, and especially by renouncing all evil as sin against that HEAVENLY FATHER, to whose mercy we are indebted for the light and comfort of all his revelations ? -The serious answer to these questions will at once determine, how far we are co-operating, or otherwise, with the above GREAT and HOLY GOD in the stupendous and blessed work, for the accomplishment of which we are here assembled, and on the success of which will depend the happiness and salvation of myriads yet unborn. Is it necessary to add, or rather, will not every one here present spontaneously exclaim, that blessed are they, who can answer the above questions with satisfaction to themselves, and who in that satisfaction are made sensible of the truth and weight of the divine words of JESUS CHRIST, where he saith, "I am ALPHA and OMEGA, the BEGINNING and the END, the FIRST and the LAST. And the SPIRIT and the BRIDE say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him

that is athirst say, Come; and whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely. AMEN. Even so, Come LORD JESUS." [Rev. xxii. 13. 17. 20.]"


THE Nineteenth General Conference of the Ministers and other members of the New Jerusalem, was held in that elegant and substantial edifice, the New Jerusalem Church, in Peter Street, Manchester, from Tuesday the 8th, till Saturday the 12th of August. There were present at this annual assembly, seven ministers and twenty-one representatives; besides various friends of the Church who came as spectators from different societies. As the custom is, the Conference was opened and closed each day with the Lord's prayer. During the sittings, after the business of the day, divine service was performed in the evenings of Wednesday, Thursday and friday. On Wednesday the 9th, the Rev. J. Gilbert of Leeds, preached in Peter Street Church; on Thursday evening the Rev. S. Noble delivered an able discourse in the New Jerusalem Temple, Bolton Street, Salford; and on the evening of the following day Mr. J. Parry of Dalton, near Huddersfield, preached in Peter Street Church.

The business of Conference was so abundant, as to demand their assembling in the evening's after divine service was over, to hasten their proceedings. Many important matters were brought under consideration, and disposed of according to the best judgment of the assembly, in such way, as we hope, will be generally satisfactory to every one who has the character, strength, and stability, of the New Jerusalem Church at heart.

The letters and reports from Societies were numerous, and occupied much time in the perusal of them. In order to shorten this part of the business, it was enacted, that all reports and letters be transmitted to the Secretary at a much earlier period than they have hitherto been; and that none be attended to, which are sent at a later period, except a deputation of members think them to be of indispensable importance. It appears from the state of accounts read in Conference that the fund for carrying its purposes into effect is at a low ebb, and stands in need of considerable assistance.

When the list of recognized ministers of the Church was read, the Rev. S. Noble informed the Conference that the Rev. Joseph Proud had departed this life, and that on his way to Conference on Sunday the 6th ult. he saw the earthly remains of this aged minister. During the revision of the above named list, very considerable discussion took place.

A draft of the so long expected Liturgy was read, and a Com

mittee re-appointed. It is now presumed that we may expect this work will soon make its appearance.

The proceedings respecting the subject of the Newcastle-upontyne trust deed occupied much time, and much legal information transpired as it regards all general as well as local trusts; part of which will appear in the Minutes.

A copy of the second edition of the hymn book was presented to Conference: it appears that this work is now very generally adopted by the different societies of the Church. The report of the Committee for the ordering of the ministry was read, but nothing very definitive has yet been done; hence the Committee was re-appointed.

The New Jerusalem Chapel at Radcliffe in Lancashire was finally vested in the hands of the Conference Trustees, and the Deeds were presented in Conference. This is the first fruits of the Ge neral Trust, so far as regards places of worship, and this place will stand at the head of future investments. The interest of the Chester Legacy, was for another year disposed of in favour of that excellent establishment in London, the New Jerusalem Church Free School.

A very pleasing address was read in Conference, which had been received a few days before from the convention of the New Church in the United States of America, signed by the Rev. Messrs. Hargrove, Carll, and Doughty.

The report of the Spelling Book Committee was read, from which it appears, that the work is not yet in a state of much forwardness; the Committee was re-appointed, under the impression that dispatch of business in regard to such a work is essentially necessary.

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In order that documents forwarded by Societies may come before Conference with respectability and some degree of authority, it was appointed, that all communications so made by societies, shall be signed by the Minister or leader as the case may be, as well as by the secretary or corresponding member, &c. Such a measure will impose a check upon improper communications being made.

Another resolution that seems to be of some importance was come to, viz. that copies should be attempted to be got from all societies that have adopted rules, &c. and that our legal adviser should from the whole form one general code of regulations upon such principles, as are thought the most conducive to the good of all our Societies.

A draft of a first catechism was read, and a committee appointed to mature it; an appointment also took place in respect

to a second catechism for elder children and youth; as well as to a series of questions without answers, for the examination and exercise of young people.

Various Reports were read or presented to Conference, containing much interesting matter from the different institutions of our church which show that the New Jerusalem is making its way in the earth.

Conference is next year to be held in Hanover Street Chapel, London, to commence its sittings on the second Tuesday in August, 1827. The business of Conference having been gone through, an Address, drawn up by the Rev. T. Goyder, was read and received as the parting admonition to friends who had come from very distant parts of England, Ireland and Scotland. The Rev. Richard Jones was chosen President, who conducted the duties of this office with his usual sedateness and christian moderation.

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The Fourth Annual Report of the London New Jerusalem Church School has been published. Among the resolutions passed at Free the last Annual Meeting are contained the following, which we consider will be interesting to our readers.

"The importance of educating children in the doctrines of the New Church becoming every day more evident to her members, and some parents, whose circumstances would not allow of their taking advantage of the School as a Free School, having expressed a wish to have their children educated therein, and also their willingness to pay for such education it


Resolved Unanimously :

First. That a number of boys, not exceeding twenty, be received into the School for Education, for whom a certain payment shall be made by their parents or guardians.

Second. That the terms of payment for such boys be one guinea per quarter, including the necessary books, slates, &c. &c.

An anxious wish having been expressed by several friends present that efforts should be made for commencing the girls' school as soon as possible, and a probability being suggested that the ordinary expences for carrying on the same might be shortly provided, if the expence which would be incurred by fitting up the school room could be met, it was

Resolved Nem. Con. :

That a subscription for the purpose of fitting up the school for girls be now entered into, and that Mr. William Malins be treasurer thereto."

We have extracted the following from the Committee's Report: "The Committee have one peice of information to communicate, which cannot fail to be most agreeable to our friends: it is, that prejudice has not sent forth her direful sphere to oppose the operations of this Institution: witness the fact, that no sooner were the doors of the School opened to receive children, for the avowed purpose of their being instructed in the doctrines of the New Jerusalem, than a greater number was presented than the room is calculated to accomodate.

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