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Two Wardens with staves.

Gentlemen of both Societies.

Boys in the same order as the Girls. They returned in the same order, to the church in Peter Street, and after singing a hymn were dismissed.

D. W. MANCHESTER PRINTING Society. The Twenty Fourth Report of the Society instituted in Manchester in the year 1782, for printing, publishing, and circulating the Theological writings of the Hon.

E. Swedenborg, &c. has been published, from which we make the following extract:

From the Minutes also of the Eighteenth General Conference of the Ministers and other Members of the New Church held at Derby in August last, we are again encouraged to hope, that the descent of the Holy City New Jerusalem, as predicted in the Apocalypse, is gradually accomplishing, and that thus the tabernacle of God is about to be with men, and he will dwell with them and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them their God. For is it possible to conceive, that the labours of so many faithful servants of the Most High, assembled together during three days, for the express purpose of exalting Jesus Christ to his sole sovereignty in heaven and earth; of vindicating the honour of his word by proclaiming its spiritual and genuine meaning; and of preparing for its reception amongst men by the circulation of Hymn Books, Catechisms, &c. which may lead to its right interpretation, can be useless and of none effect? Rather, are not we forced to confess, that the Almighty is ever near both to hear and fulfil the desires of his children, and that consequently wheresoever two or three are gathered together in his name, there is he in the midst of them, ready to accomplish the blessed purposes which he himself hath dictated, and thus to diffuse the saving knowledge of himself and his kingdom throughout the most remote corners of the habitable globe?

When we read again the Fourth Report of the Missionary and Tract Society of the New Jerusalem church, instituted in London in the year 1821, and tho Ninth Report of the Manchester and Salford Missionary Society, &c. and observe the exertions of so many active labourers in the vineyard of the Lord of Hosts, all tending to stretch her boughs unto the sea, and her branches unto the river, what devout heart doth not feel its pulse beat high with the delightful persuasion that God bath again visited and redeemed bis people, and that the blessed sound of the tidings of his salvation is going out through all the carth, and their words to the end of the world?

The Society since the publication of their last Report bave been enabled to print the following works. From the Annual Subscription Fund.

Copies. The Golden Wedding Ring.......................................

1000 Brief account of the Character and writings of E. Swedenborg 1000

The Society, then, being convinced in their own minds that the heavenly doctrine of the New Jerusalem contains in it the seed of all that can be called Holy, wise and blessed amongst men, feel every day more and more confirmed in their purpose to disseminate it to the utmost of their ability; and though the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing, the kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord, and against his anointed; they are determined, through the Divine Mercy, not to shrink from their labours, but rather to join more earnesly in the Divine exclamation, “ Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us ;" under the infuence of a full belief, that " He that sitteth in the heavens shall. laugh ; the Lord shall have them in derision." Whilst therefore they have the consolation to believe, that the Glorified Saviour, whose high and holy name is Jesus Christ, is on their side, and that all their exertions tend to enlarge His blessed kingdom, by making known to mankind the purity, wisdom and purifying power of his most Holy Word, they will never cease to lift up their voices and cry, “ Be wise now therefore, O ye kings ; bo instructed ye judges of the earth; serve the Lord with fear, rejoice with trembling, kiss the Son lest he bé angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little: Blessed arc all they that put their trust in him.”

AMEN. ANNUAL MEETING OF THE LONDON MISSIONARY AND TRACT SOCIETY OF THE NEW CHURCH. The Fifth Annual General Meeting of this Society took place on Monday, May, 22, 1826, at Friar Street, Chapel, Doctors' Commons. The Rev. M. Sibly having been called to the chair, the Secretary read the Report of the proceedings of the Society for the past year, which contained an account of Mr. Noble's visit to Norwich, and Mr. Goyder's to Brightlingsea and St. Osyth. In the course of the evening several Gentlemen addressed the Meeting upon the benefits arising from Missionary exertions, and strongly urged the necessity of supporting an institution, the object of wbieh was to promulgate the heavenly doctrines of the New Jerusalem. We'regret to say the meeting was rather thinly attended.


MANCHESTER MISSIONARY SOCIETY. The General Annual Meeting of the Subscribers to the Missionary Institution, will be beld in the Lecture Room, Peter Street, Manchester, on Friday evening, the 17th, at half past Seven o'clock; for the purpose of receiving the Report of the Committee, and of electing, by ballot, a Committee and other Officers of the Society, for the year ensuing. All friends are earnestly invited to attend this Meeting. As the Treasurer will close his accounts on the 17th of June, the committee respoctfully solicit the friends of the Institution to remit to him, or pay over to the Collectors, the amount of their Subscriptions or Donations before that day.. The Committee are anxious to receive from the Missionary Ministers, every particular respecting the result of their labours; and from the Societies, Reports of the state of their respective Societies, in order that the Subscribers may see the importance of continuing their support to the Institution. Subscriptions or Don ations are requested to be paid to the Treasurer, Mr. W. LOCKETT, St. Mary's Gate, Manchester ; who uniformly gives an acknowledgment for all monies received by him, on account of the Missionary Institution. The Committee meet in the Vestry of the New Jerusalem Church, Peter Street, on the first Tuesday of the month, at half past Seven in the Evening, and the Sub-Committee meet every Tuesday Evening, at Eight o'clock.

LONDON PRINTING SOCIETY. The Annual Meeting of the Society for printing and publishing the writings of the Hon. E. Swedenborg, will be held on Monday, the 19th, at three o'Clock in the afternoon, at the Free Masons' Tavern, Great Queen Street, Lincolns Inn Fields, where the Members and friends of the Institution will afterwards dine together.

BRIGHTLINGSEA AND St. Osyta. The Anniversary to celebrate the introduction of the heavenly doctrines of the New Jerusalem into the villages of Brightlingsea and St. Osyth, will be held at the former place on Monday, the 26th. The attendance of visitors is most earnestly requested.




come to within a distance of 7,700 It has lately been stated in the geograpbical miles ; the consequence Newspapers, that Mr. Campbell, the of which will be (if its attraction be missionary traveller, and another, equal to that of the earth) the elevabad penetrated the country 300 miles tion of the waters of the ocean 13,000 north-east of Latakoo, and passed feet; that is to say, above the tops two tribes of natives called Maroot- of all the European mountains except ses, speaking the language of Latta- Mont-Blanc. The inhabitants of the koo, and amounting in numbers to Andes and of the Kimlaya mountains 16,000. They are represented as alone will escape this second deluge ; living in a mountainous district, but they will not benefit by their with walls round their houses, and good fortune more than 216,000,000 enclosures for their cattle; they melt years, for it is probable that, at the iron and copper from the ores. The expiration of that time, our globe, rivers run towards the east.

standing right in the way of the

comet, will receive a shock severe The myrtle that grows among net- enough to insure its utter destructitles is still a myrtle.

on.This is really very alarming! It is not as thy mother says of thee, but as thy neighbours say:

In the neighbourhood of Rome an Do not fling dirt into the well out ancient tomb has recently been disof which thou hast drunk.

covered, with a Greek inscription in If a word be worth one sixpencé such tolerable preservation as to alsilence is worth two.

· low of the following fragments of Thy secret is thy prisoner; let it translation :-"My country is the escape thee, and thou wilt be the pri- immortal Rome ; my father is its emsoner of thy secret.

peror and king." –"My name is As the garden, so is the gardener. Allicilla, the beloved name of my mo

When you marry descend the lad- ther.”-“Destined for my husband der; when you choose a friend, from infancy, I leave him, in dying, ascend.

four sons approaching to manhood. Do not look at the goblet, but its “It is by their pious hands that I contents.

have been placed, still young, in this A lie bas no feet.

tomb." COMETS. It is now certain that the same

LITERARY NOVELTIES. comet has appeared in our planetary The Rey. Fred. Nolan is printing system in the years 1786, 1795, 1801, at his private press Harmonical 1805, 1818, and 1825. It appears Grammars of the Principal Ancient that in its course it never passes the and Modern Languages, viz. the orbit of Jupiter. The period of its Greek, Hebrew, Chaldee, Syriac, and revolution (which is the shortest Samaritan, the Italian, Spanish, Porknown) very little exceeds three tuguese, German, and Modern Greek. years and a quarter ; and its mean 8vo. distance from the sun is not more Occasional Tracts, in Vindication than twice that of the earth. It of the truth, Integrity, and Higher seems to be especially connected Doctrines of the Sacred Writings, in with the system in which our globe is Refutation of the Cavils of Infidels placed, and crosses our orbit more and Objectors. 8vo. Also, than sixty times in a century. M. The Expectations formed by the Olbers, the celebrated astronomer of Persians, that a Great Deliverer Bremen, who bas bestowed much at- would appear about the Time of our tention on this comet, has been lately Lord's Advent, Demonstrated. occupied in calculating the possibility The Expectations formed by the of its influence on the destinies of Romans, on the same Subject, will our globe. He finds that in 83,000 follow in continuation ; and it is the years this comet will approach the Author's intention to extend his inearth as nearly as the moon; and quiry to the Greeks, Egyptians, and that in 4,000,000 of years it will other great nations.





In thee, O Lord, is consolation,

Let my ev'ry fear subside,
Draw my soul from desolation ;-

May I in thy power confide.
When distress of mind besets me,

And the pow'rs of hell are near ;
May I ne'er, O Lord, forget thee,

But to thee address my prayer.
O thou holy blessed Jesus,

Who on earth our nature bore,
From our foes do thou relieve us,

Till our earthly journey's o'er.
Then, in thine eternal kingdom,

May I in thy presence stand;
T'aste the sweets of heav'nly freedom,

In that true celestial land.

J. P. A.


In the Lord is all our trust.”

Our Father who in Heaven art,

All hallow'd be thy name,
Thy kingdom come; thy will be done

Throughout this earthly frame.
As cheerfully as 'tis by those,

Who dwell with thee on high ;
Lord, let thy bounty day by day,

Our daily bread supply.
As we forgive our enemies,

Thy pardon, Lord, we crave;
Into temptation lead us not,

But us from evil save.

For kingdom, power, and glory all,

Belong, O Lord, to thee;
Thine from etemity they were,

And thine shall ever be.




Theological Inspector.

JULY, 1826.

WAR WITH AMALEK. It is written in the book of Exodus xvii. 16, “that the Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation,” and it is my intention, through the medium of your excellent miscellany, to lay before your readers some few thoughts respecting the nature of this perpetual war. In proceeding to enquire into this subject, it will be necessary to advance with slow and cautious step, and to prove, as much as possible, both from reason and Scripture, the truth of every proposition that may be made.

Before we enter upon the investigation of this subject, we shall make a few observations upon the nature of war, and endeavour to show what are its effects upon the human race, after which we shall decide whether war, according to the general acceptation of the term, be, or be not, a system that ought to be encouraged and promoted by a christian nation. If we trace war to its origin, we shall find that it springs from a wretched and impure fountain, the water of which is bitterness, and its outgoings death! The love of self, and the love of the world and dominion form in man this impure fountain, from whence issue in every direction, all the sorrows, calamities, and distresses, which depopulate nations, and make enemies of men, who were designed to be brethren. The nature of self-love is such, that it desires to reduce all to subjection to itself, and is ready and willing to sacrifice at the shrine of iniquity all the noble and charitable feelings of humanity, in order to axalt itself and to secure the beloved object of its pursuit. Detestable as this principle of self-love must for ever be to the mind of the sincere Christian, yet, we find that it is the motive by which the many are actuated, and when this is the motive of the many, the few who abhor it must suffer by its reign. War is

Vol. 1-No. 7.


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