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"The History of the Destruction of Jerusalem As Connected with the Scripture Prophecies" by George Wilkins is the most thorough examination yet written on how the tragic destruction of the Jewish nation during Christ's generation fulfilled key predictions of the Bible. This very entertaining work presents the Roman conquest of Jerusalem in A.D.70 as a fulfillment of "end time" teachings found throughout the Bible -- particularly those given by Jesus Christ Himself. Accordingly, his is one of the most important books ever written on the subject of Bible prophecy. In this extremely readable volume, Wilkins -- an English pastor from the early 1800s -- presents a partial preterist method of interpretation. This ancient Christian view, still wildly popular in all corners of the globe, associates "last days" prophecies found in both the Old and New Testaments.with events of the first century -- particularly those of the First Jewish Revolt in 66-73. Most impressive is Wilkins' delightful ability to mix keen scholarship with an accessable style that is extremely exciting. Wilkins also anticipates the advent of higher criticism by approaching biblical texts with utmost caution and precision. His fundamental reliance upon Scripture, seasoned with a presentation of historical sources, will be of considerable benefit to all readers. It is one of the finest and most valuable books ever written on the subject of Bible prophecy, and will certainly remain a work of primary importance for centuries to come.  

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