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P. COMM. Præsta nobis. Of Martyrs not Bishops. Grant, we beseech thee, O Lord, by the intercession of thy Holy Martyrs N. and N. that what we have taken with our mouths, we may receive with a pure soul. Thro'.


CHAL TIME. INTROIT. Ps. Ixxviii. Intret in, &c. LET the sighing, O Lord, of the prisoners come in before thee; render to our neighbours sevenfold in their bosom ; revenge the blood of thy saints which hath been shed.

Ps. O God, the heathens are come into thy inheritance; they have defiled thy holy temple; they hare made Jerusalem as a place to keep fruit.

V. Glory

COLLECT, Beatorum. We beseech thee, O Lord, that the solemnity of thy blessed Martyrs and Bishops N. and N. may be a protection to us, and their venerable prayers recommend us to thy mercy. Thro'.

LESSON. Wisd. iii. 8. The souls of the just are in the hand of God, and the torment of death shall not touch them, in the sight of the unwise they seemed to die; and their departure was taken for misery; and their going away from us, for utter de. struction ; but they are in peace. And though in the sight of men they suffered torments, their hope is full of immortality. Alicted in few things, in many they shall be well rewarded ; because God hath tried them, and found them worthy of himself. As gold in the furnace he hath proved them, and as a victim of a holocaust he hath received them, and in time there shall be respect had to them. The just shall shine, and run to and fro, like sparks among the reeds. They shall judge nations, and rule over people, and their Lord shall reign for ever.

GRAD. Exod. xv. God is glorious in his saints,

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• dr niets band bath slain the per Lielas sulas. 1. Cropers mendorum in par sonun samt: somnis rerna vitend in generatie te bely eru. 46.912. 5. The bodies of the leasin suo are buried in peace: and their names shall ise árese za cier. Lileine.

tag. Enked A Beluia and V. is mil. TNAT. Pk II. prominend in lacrymus, alte miri. Thers who see in tears shall PT. S. Gregther reat and sept, and east og 2 eed T. Ber coming they shall come with

2 Czes thet sheares. GOSTEL Lv. It. 9. 19. At that time : Jeru SE: Et izpis: Woea you shall bear of wan 2 Les te nat terribed: tbese things must Este tot te end is not ret presentir. To be sure to thes: Vabon shall rise against nate Engioo zainst kungdom. And there she grea: earitakes in divers places, and peso Eks is: fines and terrors from heaven, stat bere shall be great sigas. But before all these things srlar their heads ca toe: and perxecate gee, denge up to the synagogues and into priSan Sains toe before kings and governors for e acel sake. And it shall happen unto you for a testuneet. Lar it up therefore in your hearts, not to nedostate beire bom you shall answet. Fur I

give you a sveth and wisdom, which all your rasanes stall not be able to resist and gain-sar, And see shall be betrayed by your parents, and brethisen, sad linsea, and friends and some of you they get to deathAnd you shall be lated by

for my mmessake: but a lair of your head seall not peris. In your patience you sinil pessee Foers ਹੈ

OFFERT. Ps. lari. God is wonderful in his saints: the God of Israel is he, who will give power and strength to his people; blessed be God. Ald.



COLL SECRET. Attend, O Lord, to our earnest prayers, which we put up in memory of thy saints; and since we trust not in our own righteousness, may we be helped by the merits of those, who were wellpleasing to thee. Thro!.


COMM. Wisd. ii. And though in the sight of men they suffered torments. God hath tried them: as gold in the furnace he hath proved them, and like an holocaust he accepted them.

P. COMM. Quæsumus. Being filled with thy saving mysteries, we beseech thee, O Lord, that we may be helped by their intercession, whose festivals we celebrate. Thro'.

MASS IX. Sapientiam, of the same. INTROIT. Eccles. xliv. Sapientiam sanctorum, &c.

Let nations relate the wisdom of the saints; and the Church publish their praises. Their names shall live for ever.

Ps. Rejoice in the Lord, ye just : praise becometh the righteous.

V. Glory,

COLLECT. Deus, qui nos. O God, by whose favour we celebrate the festival of thy holy Martyrs N. and N. grant that we may enjoy their fellowship in eternal bliss. Thro'.

LESSON. Wisd. y. 16, 20. The just shall live for evermore, and their reward is with the Lord, and the care of them with the Most High. Therefore shall they receive a kingdom of glory, and a crown of beauty at the hand of the Lord : for with his right hand he will cover them, and with his holy arm will he defend them. And his zeal will take its armour and he will arm the creature for the revenge of his enemies. He will put on justice as a breast-plate and will take true judgment instead of a helmet: He will take equity for an invincible shield.

GRAD. Ps. cxxiii. Our soul hath been deliver


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ed, as a sparrow out of the share of the fowlers,
V. The snare is broken, and we are delivered, our
help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven
and earth. Alleluia, Alleluia. Let the just feast
and rejoice before God; and be detighted with glad.
ness. Alleluia.
After Septuag. instead of Alleluia and V. is sezid

TRACT, Qui seminant, p. xvi. GOSPEL. Luke vi. 17, 23. At that time: Jesus descending from the mountain, stood in a plain place, and the company of his disciples, and a very great multitude of people from all Judea and Jerusalem, and the sea coast both of Tyre and Sidon, who were come to hear him, and to be healed of their diseases. And they that were troubled with unclean spirits, were cured. And all the multitude sought to touch him, for virtue went out from hira, and healed all. And he, lifting up his eyes on his disciples, said ; Blessed are the poor; for yours is the kingdom of God. Blessed are ye that hunger now: for you shall be filled. Blessed are ye that weep now; for you shall laugh. Blessed shall you be when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate from you, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of Man's sake. Be glad in that day, and rejoice: for behold, your reward is great in heaven.

OFFERT. Ps. cxlvii. The saints shall rejoice in glory: they shall be joyful in their beds: the high praises of God shall be in their mouth. Alleluill.

SECRET. We bring thee, O Lord, the offerings of our devotion; and may they be acceptable to thee in honour of thy saints, and, by thy mercy,

available to our salvation. Thro'. COMM. Luke. xii. But I say to you my

friends fear not those who persecute you.

P. COMM. Præsta. Grant, we beseech thee, O Lord, by the intercession of thy holy Martyrs N.

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and N. that what we have taken with our mouths we may receive with a pure soul. Thro'.

MASS X. Salus autem, of the same.

INTROIT. Ps. xxxvi. salus autem, THE salvation of the just is from the Lord : and he is their protector in the time of trouble.

Ps. Be not emulous of evil doers : nor envy them that work iniquity.

V. Glory.

COLLECT. Deus, qui. O God, who, by the yearly solemnity of thy holy Martyrs N. and N. comfortest us thy people; mercifully grant, that, as we rejoice at their merits, we may likewise be encouraged by their examples. Thro'.

EPISTLE. Heb. x. 32, 38. Brethren: Call to mind the former days, wherein, being illuminated, you endured a great fight of afflictions. And on the one hand indeed, by reproaches and tribulations were made a gazing-stock ; and on the other, become companions of them that were used in such

For you both had compassion on them that were in bands, and took with joy the being stripped of your own goods, knowing that you have a better and a lasting substance. Do not therefore lose your confidence, which hath a great reward. For patience is necessary for you: that, doing the will of God, you may receive the promise. For yet a little and a very little while, and he that is to come, will come and will not delay. But my just man liveth by faith.

GRAD. Ps. xxxii. The just cried and the Lord heard them, and delivered them out of all their troubles. V. The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a contrite heart : and he will save the humble of heart. Allel. Allel. V. The white-robed army of Martyrs praise thee, O Lord. Alleluia.


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