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IV. ST. FRANCIS of Assisium, c. INTROIT. Gal. vi. But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified to me, and I to the world. Ps. I cried to the Lord with my voice: with my voice I made supplication to the Lord. V. Glory.

COLLECT. Deus, qui. O God, who by the exemplary virtues of blessed Francis, didst enlarge thy church by a new offspring : grant we may follow him in despising the things of this world, and be blessed in the perpetual enjoyment of thy heavenly grace. Thro'.

EPISTLE. Gal. vi. 14, 18. Brethren, God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ: by whom the world is crucified to me, and I to the world. For in Christ Jesus neither circuincision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature. And whosoever shall follow this rule, peace on them, and mercy, and upon the Israel of God. From henceforth let no man be troublesome to me. For I bear the marks of the Lord Jesus in my body. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, brethren. Amen.

GRAD. Ps. xxxvi. as in p xxv. to

V. Francis, poor and humble, goeth rich into beaven, and is honoured with celestial hymns. Allel.

GOSPEL. Matt. xi. as on the 15th Jan.

OFFERT. Ps. Ixxxviii. My truth and my mercy are with him, and in my name shall his horn be exalted.

SECRET. Sanctify the gifts dedicated to thee, O Lord; and by the intercession of blessed Francis, purify us from every stain of sin. Thro'.

COMM, Luke xii. This is the faithful and wise servant, whom the Lord hath placed over his family, to give them their measure of wheat in due season.

P. COMM. Ecclesiam. We beseech thee, O | Lord, that thy heavenly grace may increase thy

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church, which thou hast vouchsafed to enlighten bis II the glorious merits and exaraple of blessed Francis tby confessor. Thro'.

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V. SS. PLACIDUS AND COMPANIONS. mm. All as in Mass X. p. xix. ercept the Collect, Secret

, and P. Comm. which are taken from Mass IX., sem all: xvii.


VI. ST. BRUNO, c. All as in Mass XIV. p. xxvi. except COLLECT. Sancli Brunonis. Grant o Loni we may be assisted by the holy prayers of blessed Bruno, thy confessor, that we who have grievously offended thy divine Majesty, may, through his merits and intercession, obtain pardon of all our sins. Thro'.

P. COMM. (Quæsumus.) as in p. xxix.


All as in Mass XII.


xxii. except COLLECT. Ecaudi. Hear, O Lord, our prase ers, and by the intercession of blessed Mark, thy Confessor and Bishop, mercifully grant us pardon and peace. Thro'.

Of SS. Sergius, Bacchus, &c. (Sanctorum) We heseech thee, O Lord, that the eminent virtues of thy holy martyrs, Sergius, Bacchus, Marcellus, ami Appuleius, may be a benefit to our souls, and encourage us to be always fervent in thy love.

SECRET. May the offerings, &c. as in p. XXIV.

Of SS. Sergius, &c. We beseech thee, O Lord, that this host, which is to be offered to thee, may render thy divine Majesty appeased by the worthy intercession of thy saints.

P. COMM. Da, qursumus. Grant, O Lord, we beseech thee, that thy faithful people may sleeps

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joyfully honour thy saints, and ever be protected by their prayers. Thro?

of ss. Sergius, &c. (Sacramentis.) Strengthen us, O Lord, by thy mysteries which we have received, and by the intercession of thy boly martyrs, Sergius, Bacchus, Marcellus, and Appuleius, grant os spiritual arms, whereby we may be defended from all assaults of the devil.

VIII. ST. BIRGIT. w. All as in Mass XXII. p. xxxix. except! COLLECT. O Lord our God, who through thy only begotten Son hast revealed heavenly secrets to blessed Birgit; grant, through her pious intercession, that we thy servants may rejoice for ever in the communication of thy everlasting glory. Thro'.

EPISTLE. 1 Tim. as on 4th of May,
GOSPEL. Matt. xii. as in p. xxxvii.

IX. SS. DIONYSIUS, &c. mm.

All as in Mass IX. p. xvii. ercept COLLECT. Deus, qui. O God, who didst this day support blessed Dionysius, thy martyr and bio shop, with the gift of constancy in his sufferings; and didst join to him Rusticus and Eleutherius, to spread thy name among the Gentiles; grant, we beseech thee, that, after their example, we may despise the pleasing things of this world, and fear none of its terrors. Thro'.

LESSON. Acts xvii. 22. In those days; Paul standing in the midst of Areopagus, said: Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things you are too superstitious. For passing by and seeing your idols, I found an altar also on which was written; To the unknown God. What therefore you worship with


out knowing it, that I preach to you. God who made the world and all things therein, He being there Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in terraples hace rece made with hands, neither is he served with men's hands, as though he needed any thing, sceing it is be who giveth to all, life, and breath, and all things; and hath made of one, all mankind, to dwell upon the whole face of the earth, determining appointed COLE times, and the limits of their habitation, that they all are should seek God, if happily they may feel after him this or find him; although he be pot far from every one of us; for in him we live and move, and be: a some also of your own poets said: For we are daten his offspring Being therefore the offspring of God

. We we must not suppose the Divinity to be like units gold, or silver, or stone, the graving of art and de Cura vice of man. And God indeed having winked at the times of this ignorance, now declareth to men, that all should every where do penance, because he hath appointed a day wherein he will judge the world in equity, by the man whom he hath appointed, giving faith to by raising bin up from the dead. And when they had heard of the resurrection of the desi. some indeed mocked; but others said: We will hear thee again concerning this matter. So Paul went out from among them. But certain men adhered to him, and believed; among whom was also Dionysius the Areopagite, and a woman named Da. maris, and others with them.

GOSPEL. Luke xii. als on the 26th June.

SECRET. Favourably, O Lord, receive the gifts which thy people offer thee in honour of thy színts ; and by their intercession, we beseech thee to sadetify us. Thro!

P. COMM. Sumptis. Grant, we beseech thee, O Lord, by the intercession of th boly martyrs, Dionysius, Rusticus, and Eleutherius, that we may advance more and more in the way of our eternal

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redemption, by virtue of the sacraments which we have received. Thro'.


All as in Mass XIV. p. xxvi, except COLLECT. Domine Jesu. Lord Jesus Christ, who art both the model and the reward of true humility, we beseech thee, that as by thy grace blessed Francis became a glorious follower of thee in the contempt of earthly grandeur; so we also, by the like imitation of thee, may attain to the same glory. Who livest.

GRAD. Ps. xx. Lord, thou hast prevented,
GOSPEL, Matt. xix. and OFFERT, Ps. xx. ibid.

XIII. St. EDWARD, King, c.

All as in Mass XIV. p. xxvi, except COLLECT. Deus qui. O God, who hast crowned the blessed King Edward, thy consessor, with a dia. dem of glory; grant that we may honour him in such a manner on earth, as to hereafter reigo with him in heaven. Thro!.

XIV. St. CALISTUS, p. m.

All as in Mass III. p. v, except COLLECT. Deus qui. O God, who seest that we faint under our own infirmities; mercifully grant, that the examples of the saints may raise us up to the sincere love of thee. Thro'.

EPISTLE. Heb. v. p. 35, closes at these words, as Aaron was. GRAD. Ps. lxxxviji. I have found, &c.

p. iii. V. The Lord loved him, and adorned him, and cloathed him with a robe of glory. Alleluia.

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