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* COMM. Once have I sworn by my holy name; his posterity shall remain for ever, and his throne as the sun before me, and as the moon, perfect for ever, and as the faithful witness in heaven.

P. COMM. May the sacrifice we have partaken of, O Lord, on the solemnity of thy holy Bishop Nicholas, continually protect us.


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VII. St. AMBROSE, b. c. and D,

All as in Mass XIII. p. xxiv. escept GRAD. Eccles. xliv. Behold, a great prelule, who in his days pleased God. y. There was none found like him in keeping the law of the Most High Alleluia, Alleluia. V. The Lord hath sworn, anul will not repent it: Thou art a priest for ever alcording to the order of Melchisedech. Alleluia,

OFFERT. My truth, &c. as abore.

SECRET. O Almighty and eternal God, grant
by the intercession of B. Ambrose, thy Confessor and
Bishop, that the gifts we have offered to thy divine
Majesty may procure for us eternal salvation. Thro.

* COMM. As above, Once liave I sworn, &c.

P. COMM. Sacramenta. Grant, we beseech thee, O Almighty God, that having received the sacrament of our salvation, we may ever be assisted by the prayers of blessed Ambrose, thy Confessor and Bisks op, on whose festival we have offered this sacrifice to thy divine Majesty. Thro'.

VIII. CONCEPTION of the B. V. MARY. {By changing the word Conception into Nativity,

and including a Commen. of St. Adrian, m. by the Collect, &c. Presta, from Mass VI. p. this Mass also serves for the 8th September.]

INTROIT. Salve, Mass XXVI. p. xlv. seech thee, to thy servants the gifts of thy heaven!

COLLECT. Famulis. Grant, O Lord, we be

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grace : that as our redemption began in the delivery of the blessed Virgin, so in this solemnity of her Conception, (Nativity] we may have an increase of peace. Thro.

LESSON. Prov. viii. 22, 25. The Lord pos. sessed me in the beginning of his ways, before he inade any thing, from the beginning. I was set up from eternity, and of old before the earth was made. The depths were not as yet, and I was already conceived, neither had the fountains of waters as yet sprung out: the mountains with their huge bulk had not as yet been established: before the hills I was brought forth: he had not yet made the earth, nor the rivers, nor the poles of the world. When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when with a certain law and compass he enclosed the depths : when he established the sky above, and poised the fountains of waters: when he compassed the sea with its bounds, and set a law to the waters, that they should not pass their limits: when he balanced the foundations of the earth. I was with him forming all things, and was delighted every day, playing before bim at all times, playing in the world ; and my delight is to be with the children of men. Now, therefore, ye children, hear me: blessed are they that keep my ways. Ilear instruction and be wise, and refuse it not. Blessed is the man that heareth me, and that watcheth daily at my gates, and waiteth at the posts of my doors. He that shall find me shall find life, and shall have salvation from


GRAD. Thou art blessed, and worthy xxxiv. respects, O Mary, the Virgin, who withoutied inidice to thy virginity, didst become the moí anointed Saviour. Alleluia, Alleluia. V. Happ: Alleluia, O holy Virgin Mary, and worthy of all f therefore cause from thee arose the Son of righ Christ our God Alleluit

mm. as in VI didst bear the Creator of all things. Thou (By chhtest forth him who made thee; and remainest

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GOSPEL. Matl. i. 1, 16. The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. Abraham begot Isaac. And Isaac begot Jacob. And Jacob begot Judas and his brethren. And Judas begot Phares and Zara of Thamar. And Phares begot Esron. And Eston begot Aram. And Aram begot Aminidab. And Aminidab begot Naason. And Naason begot sal

And Salmon begot Booz of Rahab. And Booz begot Obed of Ruth.

And Obed begot Jesse. And Jesse begot David the king. And David the king begot Solomon, of her who had been the wife of Urias. And Solomon begot Roboam. And Roboam begot Abia. And Abia begot Asa And Asa begot Josaphat.

And Josaphat begat Jo ram. And Joram begot Ozias. And Ozias begunt Joatham. And Joatham begot Achaz. And Achaz begot Ezechias. And Ezechias begot Manasses

. And Manasses begot Amon. And Amon begot Josias. And Josias begot Jechonias and his brethren in the transmigration of Babylon. And after the transmigration of Babylon, Jechonias begot Salathiel. And Salathiel begot Zorobabel. And Zore

, babel begot Abiud. And Abiud begot Eliacim. And Eliacim begot Azor. And Azor begot Sadoc. And Sadoc begot Achim. And Achim begot Eliud. And Eliud begot Eleazar. And Eleazar begot Matham. And Matham begot Jacob. And Jacob beget do seph, the husband of Mary, of whom was boru Je$, who is called Christ.

FERT. Blessed art thou, O Mary the Virgin,

the Cout. May the humanity of thy holy be INTR'a Virgin, diminished not, but consecrated COLLiity) may free us, who celebrate the festivai

and incor ever.


seech thee,

of her Conception [Nativity) from our sins: and render our oblation acceptable to thee. Who.

Comm. and P. Comm. as in the Votive Mass.


Collect, Secret, and Post Communion, as in Mass II.

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xxii. except

XI. St. DAMASUS, p. c.
All as in Mass XII.

COLLECT. Esawi. Give ear, O Lord, to our
prayers, and by the intercession of blessed Damasus,
thy Confessor and Bishop, mercifully grant us pardon
and peace. Thro'.

p. xxi. SECRET, as in Mass XXI. p. xxxvi.

COMM. Matt. xxv. Lord, thou didst deliver to me five talents: behold I have gained other five over and above. Well done good and faithful servant: beCause thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will place thee over many things, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.

P. COMM. Da qucsumus. Grant, we beseech thee, O Lord, that thy faithful may always celebrate with joy the festivals of thy saints, and ever be protected by their prayers.


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XIII. St. LUCY, v. m.
Introit, Col. and Epistle as in Mass XIX. p. xxxiv.

GRAD. Thou hast loved justice and hated ini-
quity. V. Therefore God, thy God, hath anointed
thee with the oil of gladness. Alleluia, Alleluia.
V. Grace is poured abroad in thy lips: therefore
hath God blessed thee. Alleluia.
GOSPEL. Offertory, Secret, and P. Comm. as in

Mass XXI. p. xxxvi.

COMM. Princes have persecuted me without cause, and my heart bath trembled at thy words: but I will rejoice in thy commandments, like one who hath found rich spoils.


XVI. ST. EUSEBIUS, bp. m. as in Mass III. p. so


INTROIT. Isaias xiv.
Rorate, &c. DROP down dew, ye heavens, fram
above, and let the clouds rain the just : let the earth
be opened, and bud forth a Saviour. Ps. 18. The
heavens shew forth the glory of God, and the fira-
ment declareth the work of his hands. Glory, &c.

COLLECT. Deus qui.

EPISTLE. Isaias vii. v. 10 to 16. As in the II,
Lesson of Wednesday of Ember Week in Advent.

GRAD. Ps. xxiji. Lift up your gates, o re
princes, and be ye lifted up, 0 eternal gates: and
the King of Glory shall enter in. V. Who shall as.
cend into the mountain of the Lord: or who shall
stand in his holy place? The innocent in hands,
and the clean in heart: Alleluia, Alleluia. V. Be-
hold a virgin shall conceive and bring forth Jesus
Christ. Alleluia.

GOSPEL. Luke i. y. 26 to 38. As in the Wednes. day of Ember Week Advent. The Creed.

OFFERT. Lukei. Hail Mary, full of grace; Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst wa men, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.

SECRET. As in the B. V.M.

COMM. Behold a virgin shall conceire, and bring forth a son, and his name shall be called Emmanuel.

P. COMM. As of the B. V. M.

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