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nipotens Deus, et dimis- God be merciful to thee, sis peccatis tuis, perdu- and forgiving thee thy cat te ad vitam æter- sins, bring thee to ever

lasting life. P. Amen.

P. Amen, R. Confiteor Deo om- R. I confess to Alnipotenti, beatæ Mariæ mighty God, to blessed semper Virgini, beato Mary, ever a Virgin, Michaeli Archangelo, to blessed Michael the beato, Joanni Baptistæ, Archangel, to blessed sanctis Apostolis Petro John Baptist, to the holy et Paulo, omnibus sanc- Aposties Peter andPaul, tis, et tibi Pater, quia to all the saints, and to peccavi nimis cogita- you, Father, that I have tione, verbo et opere, sinned exceedingly in mea culpa, mea culpa, thought, word and deed, mea maxima culpa. 1. through my fault, deo precor beatam Ma- through my fault, riam semper Virginem, through my most griev

Michaelem ous fault. Therefore I Archangelum, beatum beseech the blessed Ma

Baptistam, ry, ever a Virgin, blesssauctos, Apostolos Pe- ed Michael the Archantrum et Paulum, omnes gel, blessed John Bapsanctos, et te Pater, ora- tist, the holy Apostles re pro me ad Dominum Peter and Paul, and all

the saints, and you, O Father, to pray to the

Lord our God for me. P. Misereatur vestri

P. May Almighty God onnipotens Deus, et di- be merciful unto you, missis peccatis vestris, and, forgiving you your perducat vos ad vitam sias, bring you to life æternam. R. Amen.

everlasting. R. Amen. P. Indulgentiam, ab

P. May the Almigli

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Deum nostrum.

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solutionem, et remissio- ty and merciful L nem peccatorum nostro- grant us pardon, ab= rum, tribuat nobis om- tion, and remissio nipotens et misericors our sins. R. Ame Dominus. R. Amen. P. Deus tu conversus

P. Thou, O GOE vivificabis nos.

ing turned toward

wilt enliven us. R. Et plebs tua læta- R. And thy I bitur in te.

will rejoice in the P. Ostende nobis,

P. Shew us,

0 Domine, misericordiam thy mercy. tuam. R. Et Salutare tuum

R. And grant da nobis.

salvation. P. Domine, exaudi P. O Lord he orationem meam,

prayer. R. Et clamor meus

R. And let ad te veniat. P. Dominus vobis

P. The Lord cum.

you. R. Et cum spiritu tuo.

R. And with th The Priest going up to the Altar, says, Aufer a nobis quæsu

Take away mus Domine, iniquita- our iniquities, tes nostras : ut ad Sanc- seech thee, O LO ta Sanctorum, puris mereamur mentibus introi- enter with pure

Per Christum Do- into the Holy of minum nostrum. Amen. Thro'.

Anen When come up to the Altar, bowing down, hOramus te Domine

We beseech per merita sanctorum Lord, by the tuorum, quorum reli- thy saints, who

come unto thee

we may be wo


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273 goiæ hic sunt, et omni- are here, and of all the um sanctorum : ut indul- saints: that thou wouldst

gere digneris omnia pec- vouchsafe to forgive me ad cata mea. Amen. all my sins. Amen.

Here, at solemn Masses, the Priest (after having Na blessed the incense with the following words :

Mayest thou be blessed by Him, in whose

honour thou shalt be burnt, and fumed the alWitar, turns to the book, and reads the INTROIT;

which, being every day different, must be sought for in its proper place. After which, Kyrie eleison and Christe eleison are alter

nately sung in the choir. P. Kyrie eleison, R. Kyrie eleison, P. Kyrie eleison. Lord, have mercy upon us.

R. Christe eleison, P. Christe eleison, R. Christe eleison. Christ, have mercy upon us,

,!. Kyrie eleison, R. Kyrie eleison, P. Kyrie * eleison. Lord, have mercy upon us.

GLORIA in excelsis

GLORY be to God
Deo, et in terra pax ho-

on high, and on earth, minibus bonæ volunta- peace to men of good 35 tis. Laudamus te; be- will. We praise thee; Dedicimus te; adoramus

we bless thee; we adore te; glorificamus te. Gra- thee; we glorify thee.

tias agimus tibi propter We give thee thanks for magnam gloriam tuam, thy great glory, O Lord Domine Deus, Rex coe- God, heavenly King, lestis, Deus pater omni- God the Father Alpotens: Domine Fili mighty. O Lord Jesus unigenite Jesu Christe. Christ, the only begotDomine Deus, Agnus ten Son. O Lord God, Dei, Filius Patris, qui Lamb of God, Son

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on us. Who take

tollis peccata mundi, mi- of the Father-
serere nobis. Qui tollis takest away the
peccata muodi, suscipe the world have
deprecationem nostram.
Qui sedes ad dexteram the sins of the w
Patris, miserere nobis. ceive our prayer
Quoniam tu solus sanc- sittest at the rig
tus. Tu solus Dominus, of the Father, ha
Tu solus altissimus, Je- cy on us. For il
su Christe, cum Sancto art holy. Thou
Spiritu. in gloria Dei the Lord. Thou
Patris. Ameu.

Jesus Christ,
with the Holy
most high in the

God the Fathe
Turning lowards the people, the Priest sal

P. Dominus vobis-

P. The Lor

you. R. Et cum spiritu tuo.

R. And with

I Afterwards the Collect is said,

be found in its proper place.
After the Collect or Collects, the Episti

At the end whereof the Assistants ar
gratias; then follows the Grad
Tract, all which may be seen in the
The Prayer, Munda cor meum, before th

CLFANSE my heart and my lips, o
God, who didst cleanse the lips of 11
Isaiah with a burning coal: and vouchsa

thy gracious mercy, so to purify me,
Worthily attend to thy holy Gospel

Christ our Lord. Amen.



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May the Lord be in my heart, and on my lips, that I may worthily, and in a becoming manner, aunovace his holy Gospel. Amen. In solemn Masses, the Deacon after having said the prayer Cleanse,” &c. goes to the Cele

right hand, and kneeling, says, "Pray, father, give me your blessing.” The Celebrant making the sign of the cross over him, and then placing his hand on the book which the Deacon holds, says,

May the Lord be in thy heart and on ihy Tips, that in a worthy and becoining manner thou mightest announce his Gospel :

: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen." After which, the Deacon kisses the Celebrant's hund, und proceeds to sing the Gospel, which may be found in its proper place. P. Dominus vobis- P. The Lord be with

you. R. Et cum spiritu

R. Aud with thy tuo.

spirit. P. Sequentia (vel in- P. The continuation itium sancti Evangelii (or the beginning) of secundum, &c.

the holy Gospel accor

ding to, fc.
R. Gloria tibi Dom- R. Glory be to thee,

O Lord.
The Gospel follows, at the end of which the Assistants
R. Laus tibi, Christe. R. Praise be to thee,

O Christ.
When the Celebrant kisses the book, they say with him in a

low voice,
May our sins be blotted ont by the words of the



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