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inspire us.

Who made thee flow from the fountain of paradise, and commanded thee to water the whole earth with thy four rivers. Who changing thy bitterness in the desert into sweetness, made thee fit to drink; and produced thee out of a rock to quench the thirst of the people. I bless thee also by our Lord Jesus Christ, his only Son; who, in Cana of Galilee, changed thee into wine, by a wonderful miracle of his power. Who walked upon the dry-foot, and was baptised in thee by John in the Jordan. Who made thec flow out of his side, together with his blood, and commanded his disciples that such as believed should be baptised in thee, saying : Go, teach all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Do thou, O Almighty God, mercifully assist us who observe this commandment: do thou graciously Here breathing thrice upon the Water in Form of a

Cross, he Do thou with thy mouth bless these clear waters; that besides their natural virtue of cleansing the body, they may also prove effectual for purifying the Then he sinks the Paschal Candle into the Water

three different times, saying each time : May the virtue of the Holy Ghost

says :


descend into all Then breathing thrice on the water, he goes on, And make the whole substance of this water fruitful, and capable of bringing to a new life. Here the Paschal Candle is taken out of the Water,

and the Priest goes on, Here may the stains of all sin be washed out: here may human nature, created to thy image, and reformed to the honour of its author, be cleansed from the filth of the old man ; that all who receive this sacrament of regeneration, may be born again new children of true innocence. Throwho is to come

the water of this font.


to judge the living and the dead, and the wou
fire. R. Amen.
Here the People are sprinkled with the bi

Water, and some is taken away by the Minist distribute to the people for use in their house terwards the Oil of the Catechumens is pour in the Form of a Cross, the Priest saying: May this font be sanctified and made fruitful oil of salvation for such as are to be born ane unto life everlasting. R. Amen.

Then he pours the Chrism into it, saying
May this infusion of the chrism of our Lor
Christ, and of the Holy Ghost the Comforter.
formed in the name of the Holy Trinity. R.
Lastly, he pours the Oil and Chrism into the

in the form of a Cross, saying:
May this mixture of the chrism of sancti
and of the oil of salvation, and of the water
tism, be performed in the name of the Fat
of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. R. Ama
After Blessing the Font, the Priest, with ha

ters, lie prostrate before the altar, and a
kneel whilst the Litany is sung by two Cha
the middle of the Choir, repeating the sui
after them, to Christe exaudi nos inclusir-
rie and Christie eleison being alternat
three times, the Priest with his Ministers
proper vestments, begin Mass saying the
ca, &c. but no Introit. At into
Gloria in excelsis the ringing of the bells i
and continued till it is finished.

LORD have mercy upon us.
Christ have mercy upon us.
Lord have mercy on us.
Christ hear us. Christ graciously hear us
God the Father of Heaven, have mercy on

God the Son, Redeemer of the World, have mercy

on us.

God the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us.
Holy Mary,
Holy Mother of God,
Holy Virgin of Virgins,
St. Michael,
St. Gabriel,
St. Raphael,
All ye holy Angels and Archangels,

ye holy Orders of blessed Spirits,

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St. John Baptist,
St. Joseph,

All ye holy Patriarchs and Prophets,

St. Peter,
St. Paul,
St. Andrero,
St. James,
St. John,
St. Thomas,
St. James,
St. Philip,
St. Bartholomeu,
St. Matthew,
St. Simon,
St. Thaddæus,
St. Matthias,
St. Barnaby,
St. Luke,
St. Mark,

Pray for us.

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All ye holy Apostles and Evangelists,
An ve holy Disciples of the Lord,
All ye holy Innocents,

St. Stephen,
St. Lavorence,
St. Vincent,

St. Fabian and St. Sebastian,
St. John and St. Paul,

ray for do*.

St. Cosmas and St. Damian,
St. Gervaise and St. Protese,
All ye holy Martyrs,
St. Sylvester,
St. Gregory,
St. Ambrose,
St. Augustin,
St. Jerom,
St. Martin,
St. Nicholas,
St. Patrick,
All ye holy Bishops and Confessors,
All ye holy Doctors,
St. Anthony and St. Bennet,
St. Bernard,
St. Dominick,
St. Francis,

ye holy Priests and Levites,
All ye holy Monks and Herinits,
St. Mary Magdalen,
St. Agatha,
St. Lucy,
St. Agnes,
St. Cecily,
St. Catherine,
St. Anastatia,
St. Bridget,
All ye holy Virgins and Widows,

cession for us,
Be merciful unto use Spare us, O Lord,
Be merciful unto us. Graciously hear us,
From all evil,
From all sin,
From thy wrath,
From a sudden and unprovided death,
From the Deceits of the Devil,
From Anger, Hatred, and all Ill-will,
From the Spirit of Fornication,

All ye Men and Women Saints of God, make up, O Lord deliver us.

o Lo

From Lightning and Tempests,
From everlasting Death,
Through the Mystery of thy holy Incarnation,
Through thy Coming,
Through thy Nativity,
Through thy Baptism and Holy Fasting,
Through thy Cross and Passion,
Through thy Death and Burial,
Through thy Holy Resurrection,
Through thy admirable Ascension,
Through the coming of the Holy Ghost the

In the day of Judgment. O Lord deliver us.
We sinners, do beseech thee hear us,
That thou spare us, We beseech thee hear us,
That thou pardon us, We beseech thee hear us,
That thou vouchsafe to govern and preserve thy

holy Church,
That thou vouchsafe to preserve our Apostolic

Prelate, and all Ecclesiastical Orders in

thy holy Religion. That thou vouchsafe to humble the Enemies of

thy holy Church, That thou vouchsafe to grant peace and unity to

all Christian people,
That thou vouchsafe to confirm and preserve us

in thy holy service,
That thou lift up our minds to heavenly desires,
That thou render eternal good things to all our
That thou deliver our souls, and those of our

We bescech thee hear us.

brethren, kinsfolk and benefactors, from

eternal Damnation, That thou vouchsafe to give and preserve the

fruits of the Earth, That thou vouchsafe to give eternal rest to all

the Faithful departed, That thou vouchsafe graciously to hear us, Son



of God,

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