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Having received the Chalice, and taken the Ablu

bowing down, he says: GRANT, O Lord, that what we have taken our mouths, we may receive with a pure heart: as we now receive it in this mortal life, it may cure us that which is eternal.

HOLY SATURDAY. IN the first ages of the Church there was no celebrated either on this day or yesterday, faithful silently adored Jesus Christ in the sep till towards evening, when they assembled Church, and occupied themselves in praying, rlessons from the holy Scriptures, singing baptising and confirming catechumens, &c. & about midnight, when the Mass of the Resurt began. Wherefore in order to perpetuate membrance of the fervent piety of her first ch the Church still retains the word night in the ! this day.

The BLESSING of the FIRE. The Lord be with you. R. And with thy

Let us pray. Deus, qui. O GOD, who by thy only Son, the chief stone of thy Church, hast bestowed on the the fire of thy divine love: bless this nproduced from a flint for our use: and gra during this paschal solemnity, we may be su ed with heavenly desires, that with purity o we may come to those festivals, where we i joy a light which will never end. Thro'. th R. Amen.

Let us pray. Domine, Deus, O LORD God, Almighty Father, never light, who art the Creator of all the lights, this light, which hath been before blessed a tified by thee, who hast enlightened the whole that we may be inflamed by that same light,


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lightened by the fire of thy brightness: and as thou didst enlighten Moses when he went out of Egypt, so enlighten our hearts and senses, that we may obtain that light and life which will have no end. Thro' Christ our Lord. R. Amen.

Let us pray. Domine sancte. O HOLY Lord, Almighty Father, Eternal God, vouchsafe to assist us, while we bless this fire in thy name, and in that of thy only Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and God, and the Holy Ghost: assist us against the fiery darts of the enemy, and enlighten us with thy heavenly grace. Who livest and reignest with the same, &c. R. A men. The BLESSING of the five Grains of INCENSE. PLENTIFULLY pour forth, we beseech thee, O Almighty God, the blessing on this incense ; and kindle

, o invisible regenerator, the brightness of this night; that not only the sacrifice which is offered thy light; but also, that into whatever place any thing sanctified by these mystical prayers shall be carried, there by the power of thy majesty, all the malicions artifices of the devil may be defeated. Thro' Christ our Lord. R. Amen. After an Acolyte has put some of the blessed Fire

into the Censor, the Priest adds incense, saying “ May thou be blessed faby him, in whose honsur thou art to be burnt.

Here he sprinkles with holy water, the Grains of Incense and the Fire thrice, saying “ Sprinkle me," &c. Then having fumed them thrice with Incense, he takes 'the Cane with the three Candles to the entrance of the Church, where one is lighted by an Acolyte

with a candle from the new fire, whilst the Deacon sings alone : Behold the light of Christ.” to which, all kneeling, add : “R. Thanks be to God." The same is repeated at lighting

the second in the middle of the Church, and the third at the foot of

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the altar; after which the Deacon says: "Pray Sir, give me your blessing." To which the Priest replics : “ May the Lord be in your heart and lips, that you may worthily and fitly proclaim hiz Paschal praise; in the name of the Father, and of the Son X,” &c. R. Amen. During the BLESSING of the PASCHAL CAN

DLE, all stand up. LET now the heavenly troop of angels rejoice; let these divine mysteries be joyfully celebrated; and let the heavenly trumpet publish the victory of our great King, and let the earth also triumph, be ing beautified with such resplendent beams; and let it see the darkness which overspread the whole world chaced away by the splendor of our eternal King Let our Mother the Church also rejoice, being adorned by the rays of so great a light; and let thu temple echo with the joyful acclamations of all the people. And therefore I beseech you, dear bretores who behold the wonderful brightness of this bols light, to join with me in invoking the mercy of A" mighty God ; that he who hath been pleased, with out any merit on my side, to admit me into the nur ber of his Levites, may by the effusion of light upon me, enable me to go through with the encomiu ( this taper. Through our Lord Jesus Christ his So who with him and the Holy Ghost liveth and reign eth one God world without end. R. Amen.

V. The Lord be with you. R. And with the spirit. V. Raise up your hearts on high. R. W have them raised up to the Lord. V. Let us go thanks to the Lord our God. R. It is meet and jus

IT is truly meet and just to proclaim with all affection of heart and soul, and sound of voice, 1. invisible God, the Father Alrighty, and his com Son our Lord Jesus Christ; who paid for us tn !? eternal Father the debt of Adam ; and, by his sacra blood, cancelled the guilt of the original offers For this is the Paschal solemnity, in which the t?

Lamb was slain, by whose blood the doors of the faithful are consecrated. This is the night, in which thou formerly didst bring forth our forefathers, the children of Israel, out of Egypt, leading them dryloot through the Red-Sea. This also is that night which dissipated the darkness of sin by the light of a pillar of fire. This is the night, which, withdrawing all those who, through the whole world, believe in Christ, from the vices of the world, and the darkness of sin, restores them to grace, and gives them a fellowship with the saints. This is the night in which Christ broke the chains

of death, and ascended victorious from the grave. For it would have availed us nothing to have been born, unless we had also the advantage of being redeemed. O the wonders of

thy mercy towards us ! O the inestiinable excess of eli thy lore. Thou didst deliver thy Son to redeem a

slave! O truly necessary sin of Adam, which hath becn blotted out by the death of Christ. O happy fault

, which deserved such and so great a Redeemer! O truly blessed night, which alone was privileged to know the hour and moment when Christ rose again from the dead! This is the night of which it is written: " And the night shall be as light as day; and the night shineth upon me in my pleasures. The sacredness therefore of this night puts crimes to fight, washes away sin, and restores innocence to the fallen, and joy to those in sorrow.

It banishes Bloc elimities, produces concord, and makes potentates

Here the Deacon fices the five Grains of incense in the Candle in the

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form of a Cross, and then goes RECEIVE, therefore, O Holy Father, on this sacred night, the evening sacrifice of this incense, which thy holy Church, by the hands of her ministers, presents to thee in the solemn oblation of this vax candle, made out of the labour of bees. But now we know the meaning of the encomiums of this

on :


taper lighted from this sparkling fire to the honou God. (Here he lights the Paschal Candle.) W fire, though now divided, suffers no loss from communication of its light, whilst it feeds on the ed wax produced by the bee to make this ta (Here the lamps are lighted.). O truly blessed ni which plundered the Egyptians, and enriched Hebrews! O night, in which heaven is unite earth, and God to man! We beseech thee, there O Lord, that this taper, consecrated to the ho of thy name, may continue burning to dissipate darkness of this night; and being accepted by as a sweet odour, it may be joined to the big breaven. Let the morning star find it burning morning star, I mean, which never sets; whe turning from the grave, darted forth bis benig upon mankind.

We beseech thee, therefo Lord, to grant us peace during this Paschal nity, and with thine uninterrupted protecti rule, govern and preserve us thy servants, the clergy and devout laity; together with a father Pope N. and our Bishop N. Thro Panen. Then are read the Lessons called Prophecies

Instruction of the Catechumens, 1. PROPHECY. Gen. i. ii. In the be's God created heaven and earth. And the eai void and empty, and darkness was upon the the deep; and the Spirit of God moved o

And God said : be light made. A was made,

And God saw the light that good; and he divided the light from the d. And he called the light day, and the darknes and there was evening and morning one day God said: Let there be a firmament made the waters: and let it divide the waters i waters. And God made a firmament, and the waters that were under the firinament in that were above the firmament. And it


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