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With softest arms receive thy load,
And gently bear our dying God.

Sweet are the nails, &c. from*.
On thee alone the Lamb was slain
That reconcild the world again;
And when on raging seas was tost
The shipwreck'd world and mankind lost,
Besprinkled with his sacred gore,
Thou safely brought them to the shore.

O faithful cross, &c. to*.
All glory to the sacred Threc,
One undivided Deity:
To Father Holy Ghost and Son,
De equal praise and homage done:
Let the whole universe proclaim
Of One and Three the glorious name. Amen.

Sweet are the nails, &c. fron*
Towards the end of the Veneration, &c. the Candles

on the Alar are lighted, and the Cross being 1.5 placed thereon, the Priest with his Attendants, go

to fetch the Presanctified Host from the place
where it was yesterday deposited. Whilst the Pro-
ccssion is returning the following hymn ir sung.
BEHOLD the royal ensigns fly,
Bearing the Cross's mystery ;
Where life itself did death endure,
And by that death did life procure.
A cruel spear let out a flood
Of water mix'd with saving blood,
Which gushing from the Saviour's side,
Drown'd our offences in the tide.
The mystery we now unfold,
Which David's faithful verse foretold,
Of our Lord's kingdom, whilst we see
God ruling nations from a tree.

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O lovely tree, whose branches wore
The royal purple of his gore !
How glorious does thy body shine,
Supporting members so divine !
The world's blest balance thou art made
On thee our ransom Christ is weighių;
Our sips, though great, his pains outie
And rescue hell's expected prey.
Hail, Holy Cross ! Hail mournful trec
Our hope with Christ is pail'd on thee
Grant to the just increase of grace,
And ev'ry sinner's crimes efface.
Blest Trinity, we praises sing
To thee, from whom all graces spring
Celestial crowns on those bestow,

Who conquer by the Cross below.
Having placed the Sacred Host on the

censes it on his knecs. and lays it on the in
and after receiving the Chalice with wines
ter from the Deacon, he censes both Ilost a
ice, saying :
MAY this incense which hath been bl
thee, O Lord, ascend to thee, and may !
descend upon us.

At the censing of the Altar.
LET my prayer, O Lord, ascend like i
thy sight; and let the listing up of
the evening sacrifice. Place, O Lord, a gi
my mouth, and a gate of prudence befon
that my heart may not wander after words
to scek excuses in sin.

On returning the Censer to the Deacon

MAY the Lord kindle in us the are o and the Name of everlasting charity. Then he washes his fingers without saying

afterwards he bous doron at the middlery and says:

my han

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ACCEPT us, O Lord, coming to thee in the spirit of humility, and with a contrite heart ; and grant that the sacrifice of this day may be so celebrated by us as to be well pleasing to thee, O Lord

Our God.

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Then turning about towards the people, he says :

Pr. BRETHREN, pray that this my sacrifice and yours may be acceptable to God the Father Almighty.

R. May the Lord receive this sacrifice from thy hands to the praise and glory of his own name, to our bepellit, and that of all his holy church.

Let us pray Pr. INSTRUCTED by thy saving precepts, and following thy divine directions, we presume to say: 1 Our Father, &c.

R. Deliver us from all evil. | Haring answered Amen in silence, he then says aloud :

Deliver us, we beseech thee, O Lord, &c. Hariny clevated the Sacred Host, and divided it into three parts, he puts one of them into the Chalice Beying:

Let not the participation of thy body, O Lord Jesus Christ, which I though unworthy, presume to receive, turn to my judgment and condemnation; but Int it, through thy mercy, become a safe-guard and ternedy both to soul and body: who with God the Father, in unity with the Holy Ghost, livest and reinnest one God, world without end. Amen. Taking up the Sacred Host on the Paten, he says :

I WILL receive the bread of heaven, and call on the name of the Lord.

Then he strikes his breast, repealing thrice : LORD, I am not worthy thou shouldst enter under my roof; speak therefore but the word, and my soul dall be healed.

When he receives the Sacred Host, he says: MAY the body of our Lord Jesus Christ preserve my soul to everlasting life. Amen.

Having received the Chalice, and taken the Ablu

bowing down, he says: GRANT, O Lord, that what we have taken our mouths, we may receive with a pure heart : as we now receive it in this mortal life, it may cure us that which is eternal.

HOLY SATURDAY. IN the Grst ages of the Church there was no celebrated either on this day or yesterday. faithful silently adored Jesus Christ in the sep till towards evening, when they assembled Church, and occupied themselves in praying, r lessons from the holy Scriptures, singing baptising and confirming catechumens, &c. & about midnight, when the Mass of the Resura began. Wherefore in order to perpetuate membrance of the fervent piety of her first ch the Church still retains the word night in the this day.

The BLESSING of the FIRE. The Lord be with you. R. And with thy

Let us pray. Deus, qui. O GOD, who by thy only Son, the chiei stone of thy Church, hast bestowed on the the fire of thy divine love: blessing this 1 produced from a flint for our use: and gr during this paschal solemnity, we may be so ed with heavenly desires, that with purity o we may come to those festivals, where we joy a light which will never end. Thro'. th R. Amen. Let us pray.

Domine, Deus. O LORD God, Almighty Father, neres light, who art the Creator of all the lights, this light, which hath been before blessed 2 tified by thee, who hast enlightened the whol that we may be inflamed by that same light,

lightened by the fire of thy brightness : and as thou didst enlighten Moses when he went out of Egypt, so enlighten our hearts and senses, that we may obtain that light and life which will have no end. Thro' Christ our Lord. R. Amen.

Let us pray. Domine sancte. O HOLY Lord, Almighty Father, Eternal God, vouchsafe to assist us, while we bless this fire in thy name, and in that of thy only Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and God, and the Holy Ghost: assist us against the fiery darts of the enemy, and enlighten us with thy heavenly grace. Who livest and reignest with the same, &c. R. A men.

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The BLESSING of the five Grains of INCENSE.

PLENTIFULLY pour forth, we beseech thee, O Almighty God, thenfiblessing on this incense ; and kindle, o invisible regenerator, the brightness of this night; that not only the sacrifice which is offer ed this night may shine by the sacred mixture of thy light; but also, that into whatever place any thing sanctified by these mystical prayers shall be carried, there by the power of thy majesty, all the malicions artifices of the devil may be defeated. Thro' Christ our Lord. R. Amen. After an Acolyte has put some of the blessed Fire inte the Censor, the Priest adds incense, saying “ May thou be blessedFuby him, in whose honour thou art to be burnt. Here he sprinkles with holy water, the Grains of Incense and the Fire thrice, saying " Sprinkle me," &c. Then having fumca them thrice with Incense, he takes 'the Cane with the three Candles to the entrance of the Church, where one is lighted by an Acolyte with a candle from the new fire, whilst the Deacon sings alone : * Behold the light of Christ.” to which, all kneeling, add : «R. Thanks be to God.” The same is repeated at lighting the second in the middle of the Church, and the third at the foot o"

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