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het of the cross.

have mercy on us.

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That bears a weight,


thee en high; and thou hast hanged me on the gib

The whole Choir. My people, &c. and the ANTHEM. We adore thy cross, O Lord, and we praise and glorify thy holy resurrection, for by the wood of the cross the whole earth is filled with joy.

Ps. May God have mercy on us and bless us ; EUR: 3 his countenance shine upon us, and may he


. We adore thee, &c. to Ps.
Then is sung the Versiele, O faithful cross! with the

Hymn, in the following manner:
O faithful cross! O noblest tree!
In all our woods there's none like thee :
So earthly groves, no shady bow'rs
Produce such leaves, such fruit, such flow'rs.
*Sweet are the nails, and sweet the wood,

so sweet so good.

SING, O my tongue, devoutly sing
The glorious laurels of our King :
Sing the triumphant victory
Gaind on the cross erected high;
Where man's Redeemer yields his breath,
And, dying, conquers hell and death.
O faithful cross, &c. is repeated to*.

our Creator saw
His noblest work transgress his law,
When our first parents rashly ate
The fatal tree's forbidden meat;
He then resoly'd the cross's wood
Should make that tree's sad damage good.

Sweet are the nails, &c. from*.
By this wise method God design'd
From sin and death to save mankind;
Superior art with love combines,
And arts of Satan countermines ::.

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With pity

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And where the traitor gave the wound,
There healing remedies are found.

O faithful cross, &c. to*.
When the full time decreed above
Was come to shew this work of love,
Th’ Eternal Father sends his Son,
The world's Creator from his throne !
Who on our earth, this vale of tears,
Cloath'd with a virgin's flesh appears.

Sweet are the nails, &c. from*
Thus God made man, an infant lies,
And in the manger weeping cries
His sacred limbs by Mary bound,
The poorest tatter'd rags surround;
And God's incarnate feet and hands
Are closely bound with swathing bands.

O faithful cross, &c. 10*.
Full thirty years were fully spent
In this our mortal banishment;
And then the Son of Man decreed
For the lost sons of men to bleed;
And on the cross a victim laid,
The solemn expiation made.

Sweet are the nails, &c. from*
Gall was his drink; his flesh they lear
With thorns and nails; a cruel spear
Pierces his side, from whence a flood
Streams forth, of water mix'd with blood;
With what a tide are wasb'd again
The sinful earth, the stars the main!

O faithful cross, &c. to*. Bend tow'ring tree, thy branches bend, Thy native stubbornness suspend: Let not stiff nature use its force, To weaker saps have now recourse :

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With softest arms receive thy load,
And gently bear our dying God.

Sweet are the nails, &c. from*.
On thee alone the Lamb was slain
That reconcil'd the world again;
And when on raging seas was tost.
The shipwreck'd world and mankind lost,
Besprinkled with his sacred gore,
Thou safely brought them to the shore.

O faithful cross, &c. to*.
Al glory to the sacred Threc,
One undivided Deity :
To Father Holy Ghost and Son,
Be equal praise and homage done :
Let the whole universe proclaim
Of One and Three the glorious name. Amen.

Sweet are the nails, &c. fron*
Towards the end of the Veneration, &c. the Candles

on the Altar are lighted, and the Cross being
placed thereon, the Priest with his Attendants, go
to fetch the Presanctified Host from the place
there it was yesterday deposited. Whilst the Pro-
Cession is returning the following HYMN is sung".
BEHOLD the royal ensigns fly,
Bearing the Cross's mystery ;
Where life itself did death endure,
And by that death did life procure.
A cruel spear let out a flood
Of water mix'd with saving blood,
Which gushing from the Saviour's side,
Drownd our offences in the tide.
The mystery we now unfold,
Which David's faithful verse foretold,
Of our Lord's kingdom, whilst we see
God ruling nations from a tree.

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O lovely tree, whose branches wore
The royal purple of his gore !
How glorious does thy body shine,
Supporting members so divine !
The world's blest balance thou art made
On thee our ransom Christ is weighi'd ;
Our sins, though great, his pains outweig
And rescue hell's expected prey.
Hail, Holy Cross! Hail mournful tree!
Our hope with Christ is pail'd on thee;
Grant to the just increase of grace,
And ev'ry singer's crimes efface.
Blest Trinity, we praises sing
To thee, froin whom all graces spring:
Celestial crowns on those bestow,

Who conquer by the Cross below. Having placed the Sacred Host on the it

censes it on his knecs, and lays it on the co and after receiving the Chalice with wine ter from the Deacon, he censes both Host a ice, saying : MAY this incense which hath been bl thee, O Lord, ascend to thee, and may i descend upon us.

At the censing of the Altar. LET my prayer, O Lord, ascend like i thy sight; and let the lifting up of my han the evening sacrifice. Place, O Lord, a gu iny mouth, and a gate of prudence before that my heart may not wander after words to seek excuses in sin.

On returning the Censer to the Deacon

MAY the Lord kindle in us the fire o and the flame of everlasting charity. Then he washes his fingers without saying

afterwards he bows down at the middle of

and says:

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ACCEPT us, O Lord, coming to thee in the spirit of humility, and with a contrite heart; and grant that the sacrifice of this day may be so celebrated by us as to be well pleasing to thee, O Lord our God. Then turning about towards the people, he says :

Pr. BRETHREN, pray that this my sacrifice and yours may be acceptable to God the Father Almighty.

R. May the Lord receive this sacrifice from thy hands to the praise and glory of his own name, to our benefit, and that of all his holy church.

Let us pray
Pr. INSTRUCTED by thy saving precepts, and
following thy divine directions, we presume to say :
Our Father, &c.

R. Deliver us from all evil.
Huring answered Amen in silence, he then says

aloud : Deliver us, we beseech thee, O Lord, &c. Haring clevated the Sacred Host, and divided it into

diree parts, he puts one of them into the Chalice Let not the participation of thy body, O Lord Jesus Christ, which I though unworthy, presume to receive, turn to my judgment and condemnation; but let it

, through thy mercy, become a safe-guard and Ternedy both to soul and body: who with God the Father, in wity with the Holy Ghost, livest and Teignest one God, world without end. Amen. Taking up the Sacred Host on the Paten, he says : I WILL receive the bread of heaven, and call on the name of the Lord.

Then he strikes his breast, repeating thrice : LORD, I am not worthy thou shouldst enter under my roof; speak therefore but the word, and my soul

When he receives the Sacred Host, he says: MAY the body of our Lord Jesus Christ preserve my soul to everlasting life. Amen.

scing :

shall be healed.

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