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The figures preceding colon denote the volume, the figures following colon the page on which the poem or song appears.

A' for thy bonnie sel'; by H. A. Dewar
A' his lane; by A. Anderson
A'thing looks dowie; by T. P. Johnston
A'thing's changed thegither; by T. Knox
A' things o' life, the; by W. B. Smith
Abbey church bells, the; by A. Stewart
Abbey of Aberbrothock, the; by J. F. Bain
Abide in me; by J. Proctor

Abide with me; by G. A. H. Douglas

Abide with me; by H. F. Lyte

Abide with us; by Mary Pyper -
Abide with us; by J. Walker
Abu Klea by J. Whitelaw
Across the sea; by M. J. Murchie
Across the sea; by W. Black
Ad poetam; by H. Dryerre
Adam Glen; by A. Laing
Adam o' Fintry; by W. Black

Address; by J. L. Bain

10: 72




11: 96

6: 334 13:318

2: 82

9: 117

Address to a bat, an; by D. Young

Address to a fiddle; by A. Farquharson

Address to a flea, an; by J. M'Intosh
Address to a thrush; by A. Steel

Address to Dundonald Castle; by R. Gemmell
Address to my bed; by A. Morris

Address to the comet of 1882; by M. Macphail
Address to the mosquitoes; by J. Kennedy
Address to the muse; by J. Airth
Address to the rainbow, an; by A. Hamilton
Address to the river Garnock; by T. M'Queen

2: 78 8:290

10: 109 11:260 9: 268 10: 20 5:275 2:279 10: 25

10:158 15:282 13: 280 5:210 3: 77 2: 59 12:404 13: 6:221


6: 67 7:243


Address to the Viking ship; by T. B. Johnstone

Adieu, an; by C. Mackay

8: 151 13: 22

Adown the glen the pibroch sounds; by D. Kippen 15: 144

Aff the fang; by A. Reid

Advice to a young minister; by P. Macmorland

Affection's gift; by T. Watts

After life's fitful fever; by J. H. Simpson

After death; by J. C. Simpson

After many years; by W. L. Thomson

After singing-time; by Elizabeth Craigmyle

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After the battle of Alina; by P. P. Alexander -
Afterthoughts; by H. B. Mackenzie
Aftertime, the; by H. Johnston -
Again; by W. C. Howden -

Aged believer at the gate of heaven, the ; by W.
L. Alexander

Aged man, the; by J. Gow

Aged saint entering heaven, the; by W. L.

Aged widow to her wedding ring, the; by J.


Agnes; by J Tatlow

Aichteen; by D. Macfadyen

6: 93

9: 155

3: 73



6: 323

13: 176 10: 239 9:273

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12: 190 4:356

10: 227 8:278

10: 227

6: 368 6:208

Ailsa Craig; by J. T. Levens

Alane; by I. Dalgity

Albion's sons; by A. Wilson

Albuni verses; by R. S. Inglis

Alice Lee; by G. A. H. Douglas

Aline; by G. Stronach

Allacardoch's braes; by L. Robertson

All glitter is not gold; by J. Young

All thine; by A. S. Swan

All things praise Thee; by M. W. Wood

All things shall cease to be; by D. G. Braidwood

Alma, the; by W. Laing

Alone; by A. G. Scott

Alone in London; by H. B. Baildon

Alone with nature; by A. C. Alexander

Along the bay; by A. S. Irving

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Along the shore; by J. M'Taggart

Amang the heather; by W. Cross

American critic, our; by W. Dougall

Amid the highland glens; by H. Ă. Thomson

Amid the hills; by F. A. Mackay

Among my books; by Earl of Rosslyn

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Among the hills; by J. Kelly

Ane o' ilk hunder; by C. Millar

Ane's ain fire en'; by L. Robertson
Ane's ain hane; by R. Lawson
Angel bird, the; by D. Grant

Angel in the cloud, the; by W. C. Cameron
Angel of death, the: by J. T. Contts

Angler's trysting-tree, the; by T. T. Stoddart

Angel of hope, the; by J. G. Ingram

Angels, the; by M. W. Fairbairn

Angler's song, the; by A. N. Simpson

Angler's song, the; by J. Ballantyne

Angling in story and song; by J. Dougall

Anither day is past; by H. A. Dewar

Annie; by A. Murray

Angling song; by Nellie J. Agnew

10: 91

15: 401

4: 52 9:222

9: 180 3:275 8: 352 3: 82 10:253 11: 312

11: 116


13: 214

13: 108

10: 69


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Annie; by J. M. Macculloch

Annie; by W. S. Ridpath

Annie was my dearie, ()); by C. Sievwright

15:442 2:244

1 : 88 5: 193 2:216

Another baby; by B Howatson

11: 264

Anticipation; by W. D. White

13: 340

Anxious mither, the; by R. H. Calder

5: 176

April; by A. Falconer

13: 309

April; by J. Denham

6: 58

April; by J. G. Mackenzie


April mood, an; by A. Brown

Aqua vite; by A. Murray

Arab maid, the; by D. S. Murray

1: 153 9:216 9: 357 2:275

Archie Allan; by A. Laing

Archie an' Eppie; by C. Sievwright
Ardrossan, a retrospect; by H. Clark
Are oor folk in? by Jessie K. Lawson
Aristocratic Descent; by T. Whitehead
Arran for me; by A. J. Symington
Artist, the; by Jeannie Dodds
Artist's studio, an; by G. Boyd

1: 89

6: 361

13: 240

11: 317

5: 87

13: 54

12: 131

Artless Jean; by R. Hetrick

As a flower of the glen; by T. Murray

4: 371 8:272

As I gaed doun Glenmoriston; by H. Boulton

11: 35

As I sat restin' alane; by W. S. M'Intosh
Asleep in Jesus; by M. Mackay

9: 70

12: 408

Aspirations of a young poet; by W. Lamberton
As we talked together; by W. B. Smith

10: 377

11: 98

At a soldier's grave; by F. Ferguson

At evening time it shall be light; by A. W. Gardiner
At evening time there shall be light; by B. Parker
Athanasius contra mundum; by G. Wilson
At her feet; by Charlotte Jobling

5: 94 9:256 10: 53 15: 17 8:29810: 81 3:419

At it again; by J. D. Reid

At Kyle Rhea; by A. Nicolson

At midnight with the book; by W. Cowper

1: 185

At the window; by R. W. Hay

7: 114

At twilight; by S. Reid

10: 115

At your ain fireside; by W. J. Currie

11: 231

August Idyl, an; by W. A. Sim

7: 245

10: 59

Auld Ailie Brown; by M Inglis
Auld ash tree, the; by R. Dinnie
Auld ash tree, the; by T. Davidson
Auld Bessie's Lament; by G. Turner
Auld Betty MacCloot; by J. L. Hercus -
Auld birchen tree, the; by A Robertson
Auld blasted tree, the; by A. Farquharson
Auld bleachin' green, the; by J. Bridie
Auld brig, the; by J. Bridie

Auld brig's welcome, the; by W. Bruce
Auld care; by T. Newbigging
Auld collie; by R. Gairus

Auld corbie well, the; by J. D. Walker
Auld creepie steel, the; by G. A. G. Gibb
Auld daddy darkness: by J. Ferguson
Auld draw-well, the; by D. B. Mackie -
Auld Duncan; by D. Grant

Auld emigrant, the; by R. S. Bowie

Auld Eppie Brown; by J. Stewart

Auld fail dyke, the; by J. A. Sidey

Auld farm hoose, the; by C. F. Honeyman

Auld fiddle, the; by J. Niven

Auld fireside, the; by D. W. Purdie

Auld folk, the; by D. Cuthbertson

Auld folk, the; by W. J. Currie

Auld folks, the; by J. Stewart

Auld grannie; by P. M'Neill

Auld grannie's taen awa'; by R. Fisher

Auld granny Mucklejohn's view of the times; by

Charles Stewart

Auld gudewife o' the Drum, the; by J. M'Kimm,
Auld Hemal hoose, the; by T. Watts

Auld hoose, the; by W. Allan


2: 88 5: 263 12: 33 2:326

13: 279

15: 339

15: 340

14: 351



14: 251

9: 352

1: 150

7: 194

9: 179

6: 225

1: 212


14: 342

10: 372

11: 300


11: 228



6: 327



3: 74


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Auld Johnny Graham; by W. Wilson

13: 227

Auld kirk knock, the; by Agnes C. M'Clintock

13: 338

Auld kirkyaird, the; by T. Morton

12: 108

Auld kirkyaird, the; by J. M. Macculloch

15: 443

Auld kirkyaird, the; by W. B. Smith

11: 97

Auld kirkyard, the; by J. G. Paterson

15: 287

Auld kirkyard, the; by A. Hamilton
Auld kirkyard, the; by M. P. Aird
Auld kirkyard, the; by C. Dawson
Auld laird's deid, the; by W. Aitken
Auld langsyne; by R. Hetrick

Auld Lewie Law: by J. Ogg

Auld Liz; by W. T. M'Grigor

Auld Maggie's elegy; by Thomas Murray

Auld man, the; by James Westwood
Auld man, the; by W L. Low

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Auld man, the; by Walter Towers
Auld man, the; by F. Barnard

Auld man creeps ower ane an' a',

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Auld man's fareweel, the; by W. Garden
Auld man's last sang, an; by J. Singer -
Auld man's memories, an; by J Coghill

Auld man's sang, an; by J. Norval

14: 39

2: 24

12: 118

14: 176

6: 198

[blocks in formation]

Auld plough, the; by F. Harper
Auld road en', the; by J. P. Reid
Auld Sandy Malt; by Margaret T. Bell -
Auld schule, the; by W. Blair
Auld schule, the; by R. Lawson
Auld schule-bell, the; by J. Browne

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