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The Golden Fleece Found at first appears to be a resurrection of Carl Sagan's books, with a key upgrade: it is written in a type of three-dimensional format. By introducing some amazing codes from both Solomon's Temple and the Hebrew texts of the Torah, the writer is able to provide missing pieces of lost or questionable historical data. A master print or meta code is introduced from which prophetic blueprints are revealed. Recorded history can then be matched against prophetic graphs and the codes fill in the rest. Unlike other code-breakers, this one challenges you, like Jason to pursue your "Fleece" whether it be a picture of your perfect relationship, or, as the writer puts it: "your pursued philosophy." Your energy footprints can then be plotted against your own graft and one can do an interesting self-analysis.
The family of Abraham is selected as a case study and from it, we get a deeper understanding as to what causes religious and perennial racial bickering--- especially among Jews and Arabs. By using energy graphs, the causes of religious conflicts are not only identified, but we are shown in precise details how such conflicts follow a script, right out of Rebekah's womb.
The amazing revelation for me (chief among at least 400) is that DNA, recorded history and Torah prophecies link Jews, Jordanians, Africans, Indians, Pakistanis and Caribbean Peoples. Amos 9:7, Esther 1:1-2.
Evanna Lendel

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