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Elders to be respected.


Duty of believing servants. 19 Against an elder receive not an accusation, manner the good works of some are inanifest 20 but before two or three witnesses. Those beforehand; and those that are otherwise !

that sin rebuke before all, that others also cannot be hidden. 21 may fear. I charge thee before God, and the

CHAPTER VI. Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that thou observe these things without preferring A. D. 65. The duties of servants; we must not regard teachers of ten one before another, doing nothing by partiality.

doctrines ; godliness yreat gain, and the evil of covetousness ; exhortations

to Timothy. 22 Put thy hands hastily on no man; and partake not in the sins of others : keep thy- Let as many servants as are under the 1

Drink no longer water, but use yoke, count their own masters worthy of all a little wine, on account of thy stomach and honour; that the name

honour; that the name God and his doc24 thy frequent infirmities. The sins of some trine, be not evil-spoken of. And let not 2

men are manifest, going before to judgment; those that have believing masters, despise 25 but those of others follow after. In like them, because they

In like them, because they are brethren;. but let

23 self pure.

ReflectiONS 'UPON CHAPTER V. I. How important is the let them be hospitable and charitable; and then may they expect, advice here given to the various classes of the religious community !

the religious community! should their lives be protracted to old age, that they will receive the Ministers are taught how they ought to administer reproos. Not with kind attentions of others, while by their knowledge and christian exanger should they rebuke any ; but to state the fault with impartiality,perience they may afford to younger females the best advice and and exhort the offender lo repent and reform, with mildness, pity and instruction. Let such as are early left widows guard against the vices love. Respect should be had to age, to the sex and condition of in- the apostle condemns. Let them not give the reins to their passions, dividuals. Children are admonished to love and support, when in their and make shipwreck of their faith ; much less should they become the power, their needy aged parents. And if we have a due sense of our pests of society, by going about from house to house, retailing news obligations to them, for supporting us in infancy, for instructing us in and scandal. Such conduct in either sex is reproachsul, and dischildhood, and counselling and guiding us in youth, we shall most honourable to the christian name. readily and gratefully do all we can, to comfort and sooth them amidst 3. The duty of a people and of individuals, to such as preside the growing infirmities of their declining years. Churches are taught over them, and admonish them, as labour among them in the word, what is their duty to those members who are left in a destitute condition. and in teaching, is so reasonable in itself, that if it were not enjoined They should afford them suitable relief, and thus show to the world, by divine authority, the discharge of it would be obligatory. If men that they love one another, not in word only, but in deed and in truth. devote their time and talents for the advantage of others, they may Parents are reminded that the gospel requires the assiduous discharge | justly claim from thein, an honourable maintenance and support ; and of their relative duties; and to neglect providing for their children by wherever the gospel influences the heart, a man will freely contribute honest industry, would be to act in direct opposition to the doctrines of to support that ministry by which his own edification and comfort are Christ, and even to the feelings of nature.

so greatly promoted. And assuredly such will be cautious in believing 2. The female sex are taught how they should conduct themselves any report injurious to the character of a pastor, as this would excite as believers in Christ. It is right for them to marry; but they should prejudices and obstruct the success of the gospel preached. While marry in the Lord; and if they have children, it is their duty to teach hearers are called to discharge their duty, preachers are to maintain them and bring them up in the nurture and doctrine of the Lord. the purity of the church, by boldly rebuking profligate sinners; yet Let them remember, that the lessons taught and the impressions made taking care to do nothing by partiality, but keeping themselves pure, on their minds in early life, are generally the most lasting, and exert as being under the eye of, God their Father, and of the Lord Jesus an infuence over them in malurer years. And if it be in their power,

their Saviour, before whose-judgment-seat they and all men must stand.


such would deserve and receive sufficient support. - Against an elder, &c. Timothy, as an evangelist, was above these elders, bishops, or pastors; but he was to treat them with respect, and not to listen to idle reports against them.

20. Those that sin, &c. Whether elders or others, on the testimony of sufficient witnesses, rebuke before all, &c.

21. Elect angels. Those holy angels who kept their first estate, and who minister to the heirs of salvation.

22. Put thy hands, &c. In appointing him to the office of deacon or pastor, lest by so doing thou should be a partaker in his sins, &c.- -Keep thyself pure. 2 Tim. ii. 22.

23. Drink no longer, &c. Paul knew Timothy's great abstinence and mortification; and gives him this bint lest his bealth should be injured..

24, 25. The sins of some, &c. Are open and known to men; bat otber men sin so secretly that their sins will not be known to men before the final judgment Those that are, &C. Those good works which are carefully concealed cannot be hidden, that is, in the last day:

CHAP. VI. 1, 2. Servants as, 8. Such as were servants or slates to upbelievers, show all fidelity and bonour to their masters, and not imagine that they are free from civil obligations, and thus oceasion the name of God and the gospel to be reproached. And let such as have believing masters, serve them willingly on this account, and not despise them, as if their being disciples of Christ, destroyed their civil pre-eminence and right. No; let them serve them more cheerfully, as they may expect from such masters kiader treatment.

The sinful love of money.

Good confession of Christ. them serve the more willingly, because they But do thou, Oman of God, flee these 1]

who enjoy the benefit are believers and be things; and follow after righteousness, god3 loved. These things teach and exhort. If liness, faith, love, patience, meekness. Fight 12 any man teach otherwise, and consent not to the good fight

the good fight of faith ; lay hold on everthe sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ, lasting life, to which o thou hast been called, and to the doctrine which is according to god- and hast confessed a good confession before 4 liness; But who is puffed up with pride, many witnesses. I charge thee in the sight 13

knowing nothing, but doting about questions of God, who giveth life to all, and in the and strifes of words, whence cometh envy, sight of Christ Jesus, who before Pontius

contention, evil-speakings, wicked surmisings, Pilate witnessed a good confession, That 14 3 Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, thou keep this command so as to be without

and destitute of the truth, supposing that spot, unrebukeable, until the appearance of

gain is godliness; from such withdraw thy- our Lord Jesus Christ : Which in its proper 15 6 self. But godliness with contentment is great time he will show, who is the blessed and 7 gain. For we brought nothing into this only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord

world; and it is certain that we can carry of lords; Who only hath immortality, dwel- 16 8 nothing out. And having food and raiment, ling in that light to which no man can ap9 with these let us be content. But they that proach ; whom no man hath seen, nor

will be rich fall into temptation and a see: to whom be everlasting honour and snare, and into many foolish and hurtful dominion. Amen.

desires, which drown men in destruction and Charge those that are rich in this world, 17 10 perdition. For the love of money is the not to be high-minded, nor trust in uncertain

root of all evil ; which while some have riches, but in the living God, who giveth us coveted, they have erred from the faith, and richly all things to enjoy; To do good, to 18 pierced themselves through with many sorrows. be rich in good works, ready to distribute,



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3—5. Sound words, &c. According to the will of Christ now revealed, doctrine and practice; and if they have at last seen their errors, and repented and to the doctrine of the gospel in general.-Who is puffed up, $c. The of their sins, they have been pierced through with many sorrows. Riches are apostle seems to have his eye on the Jewish teachers, who introduced disputes called uncertain, because they may be taken from their possessors by violence, about the law and customs of their fathers. Titus i. 10. While zealous to or lost by unforeseen events and misfortunes; and at best must, in a little time, make proselytes, they were mercenary ; seeking gain, as their godliness. be left to others. How proper then is the advice, not to trust in them; and Such persons are really ignorant of the nature of gospel-truth, mere doters or still equally so for both rich and poor to trust in the living God, who is the allsick-brained, supposing that their low and foolish opinions are of the greatest | sufficient, and never-failing source of happiness. importance; whereas they only pervert aud occasion unnecessary, and often 11. Man of God. The prophets were so called, and here and 2 Tim. iii:acrimonious and uncharitable strifes and contentions. Even good men have 17, it is applied to Timothy and other teachers, as ministers of the gospel. but too frequently fallen into the evil here mentioned; and, when agreed as They are to show themselves such by following righteousness, godliness, faith, to the main points of truth, have eagerly contended about the words, in which love, and patience; and by holding fast what they bave attained, against all they should be expressed, to the reproach of the sacred cause. And from these

opposition. strifes about words, have not evil-speakings, wicked surmisings, and many 12. Fight the good, &c. Maintain the faith or doctrines of the gospel other evils resulted? Let christians rather cultivate kindness, meekness, and courageously against all opposers; and not fight as wrestlers do, but run as love, than speud their time, and employ their talents in so unprofitable a those engaged in a race and lay hold of everlasting life, as the glorious prize.

-Many witnesses. When you were set apart to the ministry. 6.. But godliness, &c. There is a sense in which this opinion is true; as 13–16. Before Pontius Pilate. He confessed himself Messiah king of godliness now enriches its possessor with many spiritual blessings, and with the Jews, (John xviii. 37,) as he had done before to Caiaphas. Matt. xxvi. 63, the hope of future happiness, so it inspires with submission to providence. 64.—This cominand. Of confessing the good confession to the end of life,

7-10. We brought nothing, &c. Whatever we attain and possess here and contribute to maintain it in the world until the coming of Christ. He we must assuredly leave; and having food, &c. But they that will, &c. will shor, 8c. Some refer what follows to the Father, but Doddridge and Who are wholly bent on riches, and avail themselves of all methods of acquiring others to our Lord. Rev. xix 16. them, naturally fall into temptations and snares; and in the enjoyment of 17—19. Charye them, &c. This is kind toward them, as they are in danthem into many foolish desires, which drown, &c. - Love of money, $c. The ger of pride, and of trusting to their riches; but to be liberal and rich in works passion for wealth leads to many evils; and some christians have found it so, of charity, is to lay up a good foundation, something better to confide in, as as by this they bare erred from the faith, from the purity both of christian an evidence of faith, in a dying hour, that they may lay hold of eternal life.


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Best use of riches is charity.


We must keep the faith. 19 willing to bestow; Treasuring up for them- || falsely so called ; Which some professing, 21

selves a good foundation against the time to have erred concerning the faith. Grace be

come, that they may lay hold on 'eternal" life. with thee. Amen. 20 - 0 Timothy, keep that dootrine which is The first to Timothy was written from

committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and Laodicea, which is the chief city of vain babblings, and oppositions of knowledge Phrygia Pacatiana..

the true. Griesb. REFLECTIONS UPON CHAPTER VI. 1. The christian pastor 2. How servent and carnest was the apostle in his exhortations ought to regard all under his care, however low they may be in the both to pastors and to people. Let the former remember their characranks of society. He is not to forget servants, or even slaves; but tó ter and calling. As men of God, employed by him, and elevated to give to them proper directions for their conduct in life, that so the name his service, let them fee from the vices and follies of the world, and of God and the doctrine of the gospel may not be evil spoken of. pyrsue and cultivate righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, Pastors are both to receive and teach the sound words of our Lord meekness. Called to the hope of the gospel, and having made a conJesus Christ; and these will be found to comprise that pure doctrine fession of Christ being the Messiah and Saviour, maintain this faith to the of grace, which inculcates practical godliness. What is there so ad- end of life, and amidst all difficulties; and so lay hold of the everlasting vantageous to man' as this ? United with a humble and contented life promised. Let every one engaged in the ministry be animaced by the temper it is true gain, a spiritual treasure which faileth not. When | good confession which Christ made before Pilate; and keep this truthwithdeath strips us of all our worldly possessions, and we leave this state as out spot, unrebukeable, until the appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ. naked as we came into it; possessed of godliness, we are rich. Let us And let all rest firmly assured, that he will come again and be glorified moderate our desires after the world, and having food and raiment, by the saints, and admired by them that believe ; and that this event is learn therewith to be content ; for consider how fatal to the peace and secured by the promise of God the Father, and of Christ the blessed and faith of the gospel, the inordinate love of money has been to many. only Potentate, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords ; of him who pos. Let all diligently study and practice the duties of piety; and then vain sesses such essential glories, that mortal eyes cannot behold him. Let questions, and strifes of words, and perverse disputings, will cease. the rich do good with their property, distributing to the necessitous ; And let every christian withdraw from men of corrupt minds, who, and by such good works show the reality of their faith and love. And while they talk and dispute about the subjects of religion, are strangers whatever is committed to our trust, let us faithfully keep; that so we to its holy, sanctifying power and influence.



may be preserved from erring concerning the faith.

20, 21. Keep that doctrine, &c. Never swerve from what thou hast been taught; and do not regard the vain babblings and oppositions to the gospel,

founded on mistakea views of the writings of Moses and the prophets, and which some falsely name knowledge, &c,

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With Macknight, Paley, and other learned men, I consider this as the last epistle that Paul wrote ; and that it was written not long before he suffered death at Rome. This we learn from the epistle itself; and from the persons and circumstances mentioned, we also learn that this was a second imprisonment at Rome which he was then enduring. For the proof of this, see Macknight. The design of the epistle was to encourage Timothy to constancy and perseverance in preaching the gospel, and in instructing others for the ministry. He presses on his attention a diligent obseryance of all his duties; and particularly to keep in mind his example, sufferings, and labours, and to do the work of an evangelist.


mother Lois, and thy mother Eunice; and I A. D.'66., 'Paul's love to Timothy and Timothy's unfeigned faith; he giveth am persuaded that it dwelleth in thee also.

hin various and important exhortations ; notices that some had forsaken Wherefore I remind thee that thou stir up 6 him, &c.

the free gift of God, which is in thee by the 1 Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will putting on of my hands. For God hath not 7.

of God, as to the promise of life which is by given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and 2. Christ Jesus, To Timothy, my beloved son: of love, and of prudence. Be not thou there. 8

Grace, mercy, and peace, from God the Fa-fore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, ther, and Christ Jesus our Lord.

nor of me his prisoner; but' suffer with others I thank God, whom I serve, after the for the gospel, according to the power of God; manner of my forefathers,, with a pure con- Who hath saved us, and called us with a 9 science, that I have reasons for unfailing holy calling, not according to our works, but

remembrance of thee in my prayers 'night according to his own purpose and grace, which and day: Remembering thy tears, I earnestly was bestowed on us in Christ Jesus before the

desire to see thee, that I may be filled with world began; But hath now been made manifest 10 5 joy; As I bear in mind the unfeigned faith. | by the appearance of our Saviour Jesus Christ,

that is in thee, which dwelt first in thy grand-who hath abolished death, and clearly dis


CHAP. I. 1, 2. As to the promise of life,&c. Made to men, in the promise of a Saviour, and secured in the covenant nade with Abraham. He was an apostle for the purpose of publishing this promise of life and salvation to the world.

3-5. After the manner, &c. See note, Rom. ix. 3. As they served God in sincerity, following his revealed will, so do I in preaching Christ; and I am thankful that I have sucb just reasons, to make mention of thee in my prayers; earnestly longing to see thee, being mindful of thy tears, shed when in providence we were separated; and sure I am I should be filled with joy on seeing thee. This desire is increased, wheu I remember the unfeigned faith, &c.

6. The free gift, 8c. The spiritual gifts imparted at thy ordination to be an evangelist. Paul conferred these gifts, whatever they were, though the elders joined in laying on of hands. See 1 Tim. iv. 14, and note. To confer any spiritual gift was the prerogative of the apostles.

7. Spirit of fear. Amidst our persecutors; " but of power" in working miracles, and in the exercise of other gifts; “and of love" to the souls of men, seeking their salvation ; "and of prudence” in the discharge of our arduous duties.

8. Suffer will others for, 8c. That is, come, and if uecessary, suffer with me for this blessed cause; and do this encouraged by “the power of God". exerted so remarkably ou our account.

9. Before the world began. Whitby, Macknight, and others, object to this version. Lock would render, “before secular times,"? that is, before the Jewish jubilee began, which Newcome gives in his margin; but in his text, “ ancient dispensations.”. Macknight, “times of the ages,” which he explains, “ long before the times of the Mosaic dispensation.” He refers it to the promise of the seed of the woman. But it may be said that promise was made according to God's purpose, which had been formed before he made the world. Eph. i.4, and 1 Peter i. 20. So that I conceive our translators grace

Gospel must be kept pure.


Men able to teach others. covered life and immortality by the gospel : || find mercy of the Lord in that great day. 11 Of which I have been appointed a preacher, And in how many things he ministered to me

and an apostle, and a teacher of the Gentiles. at Ephesus, thou knowest very well. 12 For which cause I suffer also these things: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for ( know

CHAPTER II. in whom I have believed, and am persuaded A. D. 86. He eshorts Timothy to constancy and perseverance, rightly dis that he is able to keep what I have committed viding the word of truth; cautions him against Hymeneus and Philetu,

and points out what he should follow, &c. to him against that great day. 13 Hold fast the form of sound words, which Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the 1

thou hast heard from me, with the faith and grace which is through Christ Jesus. And 2 14 love which are in Christ Jesus. That good the things which thou hast heard from me

doctrine which was committed to thee, keep | among many witnesses, these commit to faith

by the Holy Spirit which dwelleth in us. ful men, who shall be able to teach others 15 Thou knowest this, that all those who are also. Wherefore endure thou hardships as a 3

in Asia have turned from me; of whom are good soldier of Jesus Christ. No man that 4 16 Phygellus and Hermogenes. The Lord show warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of

mercy to the household of Onesiphorus; for this life, but is free from them that he may

he often refreshed me, and was not ashamed please him who hath chosen him to be a sol17 of my chain: But, when he was at Rome, dier. And if a man contend also in the

games, he sought me out very diligently, and found he is not crowned, unless he contend lawfully. 18 me.

The Lord grant unto him that he may The husbandman must first labour, and then 6

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REFLECTIONS UPON CHAPTER 4. 1. The blessed gospel is 2. While we should be sound as to doctrine, we ought to exercise deserving of our highest regard, as it reveals so fully and clearly the the faith and love which Christ requires. However sound and excelfuture state of happiness and glory. Let no professor then be ashamed lent may be the form of words we profess, if unaccompanied with faith of it, or afraid to bear testimony to it, whatever sufferings may be the and love, they will avail nothing. The doctrine of the gospel is indeed consequence. Let every believer consider the source of all his privi. good in itself; but to be the instrument of saving the soul, it must be releges and blessings, which is God's eternal purpose and grade in Christ ceived by faith. How lamentable is it, when any who profess to be Jesus. Agreeably to this he has been called with a holy calling, and long to Christ, turn aside, because of trials and persecutions. Such is now saved from guilt and misery; and he has received a new spirit conduct shows the weakness of their faith, and the strength of their of power, love, and prudence. Let us ever remember such as are par. fears. But if some shrink in the day of trial, like Phygellus and Her. takers of this heavenly calling, and who show their faith by their works ; || magenes ; there are others, who like Onesiphorus, are bold and couraand let our prayers for their welfare be unremitted. What is so valu- || geous, and on no consideration will be induced to forsake the Saviour able to us as our soul and its salvation ? And to whom can we commit or his suffering servants. How affectionately does the apostle remember it, with all its eternal concerns, with perfect confidence, unless to our Onesiphorus! And may his request for him be granted to my reader Lord and Saviour? What a privilege to know in whom we have be- and myself, that we may find mercy of the Lord in the great day; in lieved, and that he is able to keep what we commit to him.

the day of the final judgment of all men.

have given the sense. Were we to render, “ before the ancient times," it preached the doctrines of the gospel, with the exercise of that faith and lore amounts to the same thing. Luther and others render as ours have done. which are in Christ Jesus.Good doctrine. The doctrine of

before 10. Abolished death. By his own death and resurrection, he has abolished called “the form of sound words.” The word literally signifies, “good deit as to himself, and will do so as to others.Clearly, &c. Doddridge, | posite," which the preceding verse, as well as the subject in general, limits to “thrown light on." As I am satisfied that both eternal life and a resurrection of the sense given. the body were revealed, though but obscurely, in the writings of Moses and 15. They of Asia. Those who were at Rome from Asia, being afraid, the prophets, this sense of the verb seems necessary. Luke xx. 37. Life left Paul and fled in this season of persecution. and immortality. Some consider the words a Hebraism for “an immortal life.” 16-18. Onesiphorus, $c. Paul prays for his family, and assigns the But if the latter be properly rendered, (see Parkhurst,) they refer to a future reason of it, next for him who was then probably absent from his family. life, and to the resurrectiou of the body. Comp. 1 Cor. xv. 52-54.

CHAP. II. 1. In the grace, fsc. Maintain strenuously, by preacbing 11, 12. Of the Gentiles. See Acts ix. 15. Rom. i. 5.---Able to keep, &c. the grace of God made known by Christ in the gospel, against all opposers. Though I suffer for preaching to the Gentiles, I am confident that Jesus, in 2. The things which, &c. The leading facts respecting our Lord, and whom I have believed is able to keep, and to realize my future hopes and hap- the design of his coming into the world, life, death, resurrection, &c. These piuess.

facts were established by the testimony of many witnesses, and heard in the 13, 14. Form of sound words. Which thou hast heard, when I have course of Paul's ministry.Commit to faithful, &c. Instruct such that there

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