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THE following Commentaries were written at different times, and in detached pieces, during the last seven years,

without any preconceived plan ; and, at first, without an intention to publish them. And when, at the earnest solicitations of some friends, who had perused a part of them, the author changed his mind, he resolved to arrange them in a more satisfactory order, enlarge, and fully correct them; but, as he found this would procrastinate, for various reasons, the publication far beyond the time judged either prudent or useful, he has been prevailed upon to send these his first thoughts, from the first draught, to the press, in a manner he esteems uncorrected : trusting that the candid seeker after truth will be more attentive to the matter they contain, than the manner in which it is delivered. To this apology, he is sorry to have occasion to add, that, owing to his residence in the country, and confiding the correction of the press to others, the reader will find more typographical errors than there ought to be; and yet, he trusts, not more than may readily be corrected with the pen, by the following list of them.


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Page 31, after Chap. X. fupply, " of the Revelation."

89, line 10, for curses, read, excommunications.
125, -27, for as soon, read, before. I

33, for has, read, had."
5, for has, read, had..

14;)liis 156,

17, for church, read, map.
161, 2, a comma after church, instead of a full ftopis
162, 10, for ver. 2, read, ver. 11.
166, :6, dele also the.

10, for its, read, their.
214, 27; for brings, read, bring...,
219, -11, dele of.

21, for was, read, is.' isiis j' 239,

Do 257,

dele and constantly. 258,

37, dele the. 274,

- 10, dele when.

16, after world, read, and their enemies. "cilint

4, dele and.
329, 3, after all the, read, godly part of the.

6, dele for.
355, 27, 28, for no longer, 'read; altogether.
356, 'sina: 6, for person, read, power.
359, 16, for these, read, those.
365, 5, dele in it.

370, 20, for knew, read, know,
372, 23, dele equality

in na 427, 245 for has, read, have,



314, . 1319,

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