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"A LIST of the most prominent, unforeseen, and most

extraordinary Events' which have come to pass in the Course of the Providence of God, within the laft twenty Years, and for the most Part are referred to in the preceding Commentaries.

1780.-THIRTEEN colonies

, planted, foftered, and defended by one of the greatest nations in Europe, and enjoying every blessing that reason could wish for, or heart ought to desire, ungratefully and wantonly revolting into open rebellion againft the PARENT STATE, that had given them birih, and often faved them from

destruction. 1781:-A great, powerful, and traitorous faction

rising up in the supreme councils of a great nation, from motives of ambition, and a thirst for riches and power, avowedly inciting those colonies into open rebellion, supporting them throughout the contest, and at length compelling the parent state to grant them independence, at the moment they were at her feet.

1783.-A great independent empire of 4,000,000 of

people springing out of those colonies in the new world, through the treason of that faction.


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1784.-The new empire, for her pride, ambition,

and wanton discontent, her injustice to her mother-country, and her abuse of the late bleffings of God, was afflicted with his heavy visitations, first by a non-descript infect, never before known*, travelling in swarms from eaft to west, "overfpreading its fields, and destroying its ungathered wheat, that staff of life, until the principal wheat countries were obliged to be planted wiih rye, and other grain, for subsistence. And, secondly, it was visited by a peftilence, sore indeed, unknown before in that hemisphere ; for although the colonies for the most part had been settled an

hundred and fifty years, yet they had ever been Luis remarkably healthy, and had never experienced Biany thing of the kind : a pestilence with rapid

destruction in its train, ravaging in a remarkTable manner the capital cities, and the feats of in government (thofe fources of diffipation and

wickedness), from ea&t to west, destroying thoufands of the inhabitants, and compelling the reft to flee every year from their abodes, to avoid the dreadful judgment, during the course of several fucceffive years.

Paffing from America to Europe, we have seen its kings, princes, with their people, and their councils, thrown into the utmoit confufivp, terror, and dismay, under the judgments

of a long-forbearing and offended God. 1789.-For instance, France, through the conspi.

racy and wicked doctrines of three men prin. cipally, found her people consisting of twenty

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* The Helian fly, as it was called, from a false notioa that the Heffians brought it into the country.


lix millions, perverted of a sudden from faith in God and Jesus Christ, into the blackest blasphemy and atheism, and with them millions of the people in other parts of Europe; not excepting many of the kings and princes, and

other great men. 1792.-That ancient monarchy of France, which

had stood the test of fourteen ages, and not more than five years before in the height of its glory, was now tumbled into ruin, and became, as it were, the baseless fabric of a vision; and a revolutionary republic was established in its stead.

1793.-The king of that country, one of the most

powerful of monarchs, lately beloved and adored by his people, was suddenly forsaken, deserted, and betrayed by those he esteemed his friends, and obliged to flee for safety to his enemies ; next tried by those that had no right to arraign him, and murdered by those who had given him an asylum, and sworn allegiance to him.

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1794.-France next became a scene of events fo

extraordinary, so numerous, so complicated, that no language can give any thing more than a faint idea of it. It was one great theatre of action and reaction, without law, justice, or religion. It was the field of bloody factions, agitated by uncontrolled passions with as much violence as that of the four winds when they contend on the stormy ocean for victory. It was the empire of deception, fraud, and conspiracies, and of the most dreadful uproar and convulsions. It was a land of maffacre and murder, where the innocent and


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honest were cut off without notice, and the adepts in villainy only triumphed; insomuch that its rivers were loaded with human carcasses, and its water turned into blood; or, according to the historians of the time, it was the land of “ terror and death, forming ONE VAST TOMB.”

1795.--The Stadtholder of the United Provinces

was obliged to seek refuge in Great Britain, and a revolution took place in Holland.

1798.-The Helvetic union was destroyed, and the

Swiss cantons formed into a republic by France,

The arms of the Republic passed the Alps, ravaged and conquered a great part of Italy, and put an end to the power of the Pope ; which had ruled the consciences, and dictated law to the kings and princes of the greater part of Europe, more than twelve hundred years.

1799.--The arms of France passed from Italy into

the heart of Germany, when the Monarch of that great empire, trembling for the safety of his capital, accepted of an ignominious peace from the Republic of France.

1801.-All the powers in Europe became hostile to

Great Britain, left alone now without an ally ; and the most formidable of them, as Ruflia, Sweden, Denmark, Pruffia, France, and Spain, entered into a league to ruin her ; but inspired, as it would seem, by a miraculous fortitude, she stood firm and undismayed amidst the roaring billows. She put her trust in THE KING OF KINGS and THE GOD OF 'HEAVEN. She doubled her diligence, and prepared to meet her innumerable foes both by land and

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