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“ time" of that period, the very time pointed out for his coming. And if we consult the apostolic divifion, we find that we are now in “ the last days," in “ the last time” of the Chriftian dispensation, even far advanced in the time of reformation, during which only the * Gospel of Christ is to be preached, and his merciful design of saving a fallen world to cease. And thus both of them unite in discovering this truth, that this is the season and time appointed for Antichrist to come.

And here the correspondency of the prophecies in respect to the time of this great event is highly worthy of our notice. Daniel predicted that the The

Little Horn should come at the latter end of the time of the fourth beast, or the Roman empire ; St. Paul'declared that the Man of Sin fhould“ be " revealed” when the apoftacy * " should be taken « out of the way ;" St. John, that the beast of the bottomless pit should " afcend” when $“ the " (wo witnesses," or the church of Chrift, should ko have nearly finished iheir testimony in fackcloth ;" and here again he tells us, that Antichrist shall come in the last time," or within the period of the Reformation. Now, all the events, thus referred to by the different prophets to point out the time of the coming of Antichrift, are, in a manner, before

We have seen the last remains of the Roman empire, which has continued under differ. ent forms two thousand five hundred years, perish only the other day; and that the apoftacy has been "taken out of the way" by a variety of means, besides the secession and revolt of millions of its devotees. We have seen the tivo wilnesses, or the church of Chritt, prophesying - in fackcloth,” nearly the

our eyes.

* Rev. xiv. 6. Rev. xi. 3.7

* Dan, vii. 8, 9, 10, 11.'

2 Theff. ii. 7.



allotted period of a thousand two hundred and fixty years, lately delivered, not only from the papal depression, but from the all-devouring jaws of French atheism and blasphemy, by the powerful arm of (next to the God of heaven) the angel of the waters; and defender of her faith, and ready to put off her mourning; and we have seen the Reformation not only come, but so well established as to open the bofom of humanity and Christian love to all who *“ fear God and give him the glory.Surely such a striking coincidence of teftimony, taken from the sacred records of divine truth, must .convince the most incredulous, if he is capable of serious reflection, that the present time is the pemod foretold, in which “ Antichrift is to come.


To ascertain whether this formidable enemy to Christianity is come or not, we must confider the signs by which he is described; for having pointed out the time of his coming, 'the apostle has given; in a brief manner (because no doubt he and others had before more particularly delineated his character), certain marks by which he should be known ; and his arts and delusions guarded against, wlien he snould come. To put out of the question the name “. Antichrift,which plainly imports’a great power at perfect enmity with Christ, the marks are so decisively clear and unequivocal, that it seems impossible for a mind, unprejudiced, to read and mistake their meaning; and the more especially as they are not figurative, but literal. He tells us, “ whosoever denielh the Son, hath not THE “FATHER" (evidently meaning, that he hath not God with him, but is left to "the love of the world, and the firong delusion of his all-destructive lufts); but that “ he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father aljo ;”. hath “the love of God," and the * Rev, xiv. 76


merciful protection of both the Father and Son. Again, “ Hereby ye know the spirit of God; every “ spirit that confeffeth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God; and every fpirit that con

fefleth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh “ is not of God; and this is that spirit of Antichrist whereof ye have heard that it should come:" Again, “ For many deceivers are entered into the

world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an Antichrift."

• Who is a liar," meaning the greatest of all liars, “but he that denieth that Jesus is the Chrift? He is Antichrist that denieth the FATHER or and the Son."

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And again,

Now, where is the difficulty of understanding this plain description of “ Antichrift?” The obvious sense of it is, that he should be a power that should “ deny both the FATHER and the Son;"

the Father as the true and only God, the creator of heaven and earth; and Jefus the Christ, as come in the flesh to reveal the divine will, and to atone for the sins of mankind; or, in other words, that he should deny not only the existence and the per culiar doctrines of CHRIST, but even that fundamental principle, “THAT THERE IS A God.” But in what age of it, should we search the annals of the world, Ihall we find a Power fo monftrous and confummately wicked ? Not among the Powers profeffing paganism, for they, in the midst of their polytheism, have ever believed in one supreme, invisible Spirit, the creator of all things, and had some 'notions of a future state of rewards and punishments ; nor among the apostate Powers, for the Mohamedan Powers have ever professed faith in God, as the creator of the universe, and the dispenser of rewards and punishments in a future life; and the Pope has

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ever believed that “ Jesus Christ is come in the fieft;" that " Jesus is the Christ," or Saviour of the world, and confeffed both the Father and " the Son;" nor in the Christian world, for that has also confessed all the divine truths revealed by Christ refpecting the Father and himself. These are all the Powers of which history gives any account, as : having come, from the time of the food down to

the present day. We must then look for “ Anti“ christ” in the present times, and if we do not find him here, confess that he is not come. But can it be possible for any serious mind to take a view of the immoral and impious principles and the hostile conduct of the revolutionary republic of France, against all that has had the least appearance of Chriftianity, and not to fee“ Antichrift” here dedcribed, standing in the most glaring light before him? It seems impossible; for the has avowedly, and in the most public and authoritative manner, in her legislative capacity, declared, that Jesus Christ was an impoftor! that the fallible and corrupt reason of fallen man is the only true and Supreme God; and in direct hostility to all the truths of the revealed word of God, through Christ, she has established a syftem of impiety, blafphemy, and atheism, in their stead. In short, whether we consider the political principles of her conftitution, or her doctrine and instruction, we find them directly denying the creation of the world by the true God, and of the redemption of it by his blessed Son; or' of Jesus being “ the Christ come in the * fefh ;” and in short, both the FATHER and the " Son."

Thus, this great event, foretold by Daniel, more than twenty-three centuries ago, and by St. Paul and St. John not less than seventeen hundred

years, years, with all the particular circumstances which have attended it; an event, exclusively of all other events that have happened in the world, fo extraordinary and so improbable and unexpected, that no person would have thought it within the confines of poffibility, had it been announced at the very eve of the time before it took place, has been accurately and completely fulfilled. Is not this a clear and full demonstration of the miraculous truth of prophecy of the existence of its Divine Author, and his holy word revealed through his immaculate Son? A DEMONSTRATION IRRESISTI E, BECAUSE AS EVIDENT TO HUMAN PERCEPTION, AS THAT OP THERE BEING A SUN IN THE FIRMAMENT, OR AN EARTH IN WHICH WE LIVE,

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