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GIVE GLORY TO HIM; for the hour of his judg-
ment is come; and WORSHIP HIM THAT MADE

Thus seeming to foretel, that “ before Satan, and his mighty con

federacy, shall make their last effort to crush" and extirpate the word of God froin the earth, with design to prevent the coming of Christ to reign upon it, that word shall again be preached in all parts of the world; again “go forth conquering and to conquer;" that, as it had been cxalted to the greatest of all temporal crowns in the fourth century, so it may hereafter be exalted to the first of all spirtual crowns in the kingdom of Chrift; but to a much greater degree of purity, holiness, and perfection, and far above the reach of the seductions and pollutions either of Mohamedan and Papal apoftaly, or French atheisin; and even, above all of them, united in their GRAND CONFEDERACY. For it is to be 5o EVERLASTING GOSPEL,” which shall prevail in the hearts of all those that “ fear God and give glory “ to him,” for ever and ever,


From the tenour of the prophecies, the commencement of this blessed event, most hopeful and encouraging to all real Christians, does not seem to be at a great difiance. Were we alone to look at the present dark and depraved state of the world, we should be led to entertain a different opinion, But what is it which is impoffible with God, that " made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of water?" How long did he suffer his holy word (lent to give a fallen and disobedient world an opportunity of recovering the undefiled and happy ftate in which he had benevolently created it) to wade through the immense mass of pagan darkness

# Rev. xiv. 7.

and filth, under the most discouraging depression? From the time of its revelation, in the first century, he permitted it to struggle with, and often languith under, the mosi dreadful perfecutions, as it were, in perpetual succession, even to the last, the moft general, the longest continued, and the most bloody, under Dioclefian, in the latter end of the third century: and yet, how suddenly! how unexpectedly! how miraculously! did Christ, in less than half a century, snatch his church from this desponding state, and place it upon the throne of the greatest Power on the earth? and how soon after did he, in the course of his Almighty Providence, spread his holy word, from the eastern coast of Asia to the western shores of Europe. Seeing, then, that his omnipotence and mercies are not lessened, and that he has been pleased to lead his church to reject and fight against Papal and Mohamedan apoftasy ever since the reformation to this day*, a period, a few years only, short of that which he allowed it in the beginning to contend with pagan idolatry; may we not thence humbly hope, that, if we have not already, we fhall soon see this angel “fiying through the midst of heaven, having the everlasting Gospel to preach unto " them that dwellon the carth, and to every nation, and “kindred, and tongue, and people, saying, with a loud

voice, (that is, with good effect) Fear God, and give

glory to him ?” For have we not seen, ever since the dawn of the reformation, Mohamedan apostasy daily sinking under the load of its own impurity, down to a lethargic stupor and inability to defend itself, and seek ing protection even from the ANGEL OF THE WATERS,

* It is worthy of remark, that from the time Christ disputed with the doctors in the temple (anno 12) to the conversion of Constantine, and the exaltation of the church, in the year 312, is three hundred years; so from the time Luther began to preach publicly against Popery, in 1517, from which commentators date the reformation to this day, is two hundred and ninety-two years.


the temporal head of the church of Chrisi ? and farther, have we not seen Papal apotiasy at length in a manner destroyed, by the offspring of her own loins? while the blessed word of the ever-living God has, in a remarkable manner, been rising out of these links of corruption and fin, until its fundamental truths are spread over Europe, and a great part of America ? And, besides, what mean those exertions of piors men, afsociating for the fole purpose of spreading the knowledge of the true God, and the Gospel of his blessed Son, among the heathen, even to the ends of the carth; sparing neither labour nor expenie? O may they not relax in their pious defign; but, encouraged by this prophctic verse, double their diligence a hundred fold!

But to return from this introductory digreffion, to the following verses of this chapter. The prophet, having foretold many instances of the watchful care and tender mercies of Christ, proceeds to the last token of it, before his second coming. He here represents the Son of God, after having announced the decree for the utter deftruction of BABYLON THE GREAT, or the grand confederacy of the ungodly, as warning, at that last and moli critical period, bis beloved church, with all the tenderness of an affectionate parent, to fiparate bericli irom it: "* Come

ont of her, my people," come out of her all ye, who, according to my Gospel, preached orto you, have learned to fear God arid give glory to him" (and it you have swallowed the least particle of the poisonous principles of Mohamedan and papal apostały or atheism, cast it away, and fiee from it as je would from certain perdition, before this vial of the wrath of God be poured out upon the ungodly), That ye be not partakers of her fins, and that ge receive not of her plagues: for her fins have reached unto

heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities.”

* Verle 4.


The remainder of this chapter contains an anticipated view of the extreme depravity and fins of the confederacy, and of the dreadful effects of this vial of the wrath of God, when it shall be poured out, and the decree executed upon it, for rejecting the “ everlasting Gospel,” when preached to it, and for its audacious presumption in preparing to destroy it. The prophet seems to labour in describing the awful scene; and perhaps the horrors of it seemn too great to be fully conceived by the finite intellect of man. However, for the fake of brevity, I shall take the liberty of referring the reader to an humble and ftudious perusal of it, presuming that he cannot fail in finding it not a limited, but AN EVERLASTING



The second coming of CHRIST to destroy the ungodly

Confederacy, preparatory to his taking podelion of his kingdom upon the Earth.

'THE decree being proclaimed, and the vial ready to be poured out on the ungodly confederacy, the prophet now represents the church of Christ as praising the GOD OF HEAVEN. “After these things," says he, “I heard a great voice of much people “'in heaven (in the church of Christ), saying, Alle“ luiah *; falvation, ard glory, and honour, and “ power, unto THE LORD OUR GOD. For true and “ righteous are bis judgments; for he hath judged “ THE GREAT WHORE, which did corrupt the earth “ with her fornication (her wickedness), and hath “ avenged the blood of his fervants at her hand.-“ And again they said, ALLELUIA. And yf her " smoke rose up for ever and ever. And the four

* Chap. xix. 1.

* Isaiah, xxxiv. 10.

" and-twenty elders, and the four beasts, fell down “ and worshipped God that sat on the throne, say“ ing, Alleluia *.” Here this awful and folemn scene of joy, thaiiksgiving, and praise, is to begin in the church in HÈAVEN, and to be acted by the same holy elders, the heads of the church, who were before the throne of God, when " THE LAMB was found worthy " to open the book sealed with seven seals," and to reveal his FATHER's will to the prophet f. For the prophet proceeds immediately after to open a like scene of joy and praise upon this great occasion in the church, as yet militant upon earth; but not before it is authorized to take a part in it: “ For," says the prophet, a great voice came out of the

THRONE, taying, Praise our God all ye his fervants, " and ye that fear him, small and great *"; that is, as I humbly apprehend, whether with Christ in heaven, or in earth. It is now, under this divine permission and command, that the church upon earth joins the heavenly concert, which, when thus united, the prophet describes in the following words :“ And I heard, as it were, the voice of a great mul

titude, and as the voice of many waters (nations " and tongues), and as the voice of mighty thun“ derings, saying ALLELUIA; FOR THE Lord God

Let us be glad and " rejoice, and give honour unto him, for the mar

riage of the LAMB is come, and his wife hath

made herself ready ;” that is, the time of the union of Christ with his church is come, “and his " wife," the two churches, the one in heaven, the other on earth, by their union, have now made themselves ready to receive and obey him. And to her was “ granted that the should be arrayed in linen, " clean and white; for the fine linen is the righte


Ver. 1, 2, 3, 4 throughout.

+ See Rev, v. 8. and the Chapter Ver. 5.

66 ousness


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