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“ evil," and promising, that in such cafe " they “ should be as gods * ;" that is, should live in a ftate of equality with him, and possess the same un. controlled liberty of action, and independence. By means imitative of, and exactly similar to this Sata. nical fraud, the revolutionary demagogues have « deceived the people of France, by persuading them to believe, that if they would throw off their allegiance and subordination to their lawful king, they should be as kings, should be “ above all hu“ man laws,” themselves poffefling the “ sovereign

power.” But the subtilty and horror of the fraud do not end here: they have surpassed the cunning and wickedness of Satan himself. They have perluaded the people to believe, that if they would deny the existence of the God of heaven, and abjure Jcfus Christ, they should be above all law, divine as well as human, be subject to no rule of action, but that of their own wills, nor to any fear of punishment, here or hereafter. And that they might formally, as well as in spirit, imitate the infernal delusion of Satan, they have invented and substituted the tree of liberty for the tree of knowledge," and prevailed on the people to “ cat of its fruit," by accepting the firf constitution of the revolutionary republic.

To convince the reader that this is not an exaggerated picture, I entreat him to attend me in a brief recapitulation of the principles, upon which this confiitution of the republic was founded. It begins with holding out to the people the following specious falsehoods, as fundamental truths : that “ the cause “ of all their misfortunes is their ignorance of their "own rights,” thus excluding from the caufes of human misfortunes the probationary fiate, and fallibility of man, and the providence of God over him: that “men are before (prior to and above) the “ law;” meaning, before or above the law of: God. or man; a state which exalts them above their Creator, and annuls their obedience to him : that “all

* Gen. ii. iii.

men are equal by nature," a position utterly false, and absolutely destructive of the subordination, rational order, and peace of the world ordained by God: that " fovereignty resides in the people," which is to say, that the right of governing resides in the people governed; the greatest of all impracticable absurdities, and the monstrous parent of anarchy : and that “ liberty (meaning the liberty of man) is a right or power of doing every thing that does not “ hurt the rights of others :” thus teaching, but deceiving the people, that they possess, independently, a right to commit any crimes, however finful, against their God, or themselves, in which the rights of other men are not concerned; such as blasphemy against their God, and all manner of intemperance and pollution, fodomy, bestiality, and that most énormous and frightful of all crimes (blafphemy, excepted), suicide. Such were the exalted privileges, the specious falsehoods, and abominable lies held out in their Bill of Rights, to seduce and cheat the people to ac

cept it.

How strong the analogy between this fraud and that imposed by the terpent on our first parents! In both instances the deception was fubtilely contrived to work upon, and captivate the pride and ambition of man; paflions the most unlimited in their extent, and the most liable to be perverted. In both instances the objects of deception were the destruction of all subordination and order, the introduction of anarchy and uproar, an universal rebellion of mankind against their God, and the utter ruin of the human race! In the first, mankind were to be" as gods ;” in the second, the people were to be as


forereigos, fubject to no Providence, and God: in both they were alto te enjoy abfolute liberty, equality, and independence, unreiirained by any rule of action, except the ir own “ free fuffrages.”

Enchanted by the magic of fuch exalted rights, the people of France " ate of the free of liberty, and approved and accepted of the fraudulent and montiroas confiitution, to their ruin. For thofe des mons of deception, the Convention, had no fooner prevailed on the people, thus to truft them with fovereign power for one year, than by a decree they made it perpetual, and thus, by one bold manæuvre, deprived the people of their atheittical liberty and equality, and of their chimerical sovereignty, and, at the fame time, of all the promised security of their lives and properties.

Thus become guardians of the flock, like the wolf in the fable, they destroyed every barrier of its safety, and lived, as it were, upon the carcases of the people, whom they had deceived. Instead of suffering them to enjoy the promised liberty, equality, and sovereignty, they reduced them, by a diversity of decrees, to a state more abject than any Asiatic or African flavery. Infiead of liberty, they deprived them of the right of following any rule of action, either moral or religious, unlefs it promoted the execrable designs of the tyrants. Instead of the promised fecurity of property, after having unjustly feized upon the property of tens of thousands, they paffed à decree, declaring, that “all property belonged to the nation,” meaning themselves; and accordingly they seized upon and disposed at their pleature, of all they wanted, to fupport their avarice, ambition, and despotism. Inftcad of the promised security of the persons and lives of the people, they have dragged, against their wills and the dictates of their consciences, multitudes of


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men to the field of battle, to enforce their atheistical anarchy upon mankind: and to prevent all opposition to their cruel and savage measures within the republic, they exercised all the artifice of invention, in devising the means of murdering the greatest numbers in the shortest time ; or, as they themselves termed it, “ en masse."

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But the text is yet more explicit and pointed, in describing the very means by which this national deception should be accomplithed, the foundation of its revolutionary power laid, and also by which it. should be established. And these means are certain « miracles which he" (the beast of the earth, which I have before shown, is the type of the republic) “ had power to do in the sight of the beast," or in the fight of the Pope. But what were the “ miracles," or wonders by which this great deception was to be effected, and the foundation of the revolutionary republic laid? The first and greatest wonder, out of which the others arose, was the sudden conversion of a great majority of the people of France, enthusiastically devoted to the Papal church, from that superftition to French atheism, to French liberty and equality. The second, the infatuated and abject condescension of the first nobility and clergy, in mixing with, and putting themselves upon a perfect level with the lowest rabble of France, of which the Convention chiefly consisted ; and thus, by an implicit surrender of their ancient rights and dignities, adding firength to the popular notions of national equality. The others were, the destruction of the Ballile; the bribing and corrupting the military force of the kingdom; the imprisonment of the monarch.; his dethronement; the intimidation, among the Conven. tion, of the friends to monarchy, to order and peace, by the lowest and most ungovernable and abusive of the female sex; the actual abolition of the ancient rights of the nobility and clergy, &c.; all which wonderful events took place as it were in the sight of the Pope, and before the “ Bill of the Rights of Man" was proposed to the nation; and each of which had a natural tendency to facilitate its acceptance. When the delusive influence of the whole is considered, it is impossible not to perceive the very means, the very miracles or wonders, referred to in the text, by which the Convention had prepared the mind of the nation to accept the Bill of Rights, and to swallow all the impious, atheistical, and abominable frauds contained in it. It is equally obvious, that, had not those wonderful events been previously concerted, and brought to pass by the revolutionists, the nation could not have been so cheated out of their social privileges, nor the fraudulent Bill of Rights ever have been proposed, and much less accepted.

The nation thus deceived, it was farther necessary, not only to continue the public mind under the delufion, but to excite in it an enthusiastic attachment to the constitution, left the people should discover its frauds, and overthrow it. For these purposes the requisite measure remained to be adopted, and the Convention immediately pursued it; a measure which the prophet describes fo plainly and expressly, that it is impossible for an unbiased mind, to entertain a doubt respecting its being the event foretold. For, after having referred to the wonders which should lead to the acceptance of the constitution in the former part of the verse, he tells us, in the latter, that " the beast of the earth," or the Convention now representing the French nation, typified by the word earth, shall

Ver. 14.-"Say unto them that dwell on " the earth (the people of France), that they “ should make an image unto the beast (or


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