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monarchs of France, but which now, like the walls of Jericho, fell before her, without affault: to which are to be added her rapid flights over those immense mountains the Pyrenees into Spain, and over the Alps into the heart of Italy, dictating laws, dethroning princes, overthrowing states, and carrying rapine, havoc, and destruction in her train, wherever the winged her desolating way.

But to descend from these general marks to a more particular meaning of the text : the beast is faid to

speak as a dragon," to denote that the laws and deorees of the power foretold, would be such, as we might fuppofe would be decreed and carried into execution, by that most fierce, cruel, powerful, and destructive of all animals; or, in other words, that they would be laws and decrees more arbitrary and subversive of the just rights of mankind, than those of any fiate ever before known in the world. As the language of a man is known by his words, so the language of a state, or body politic, is only known by its laws, decrees, or public orders. By them alone it speaks, and proclaims its will to the people, and communicates its views respecting foreign nations. We are thus naturally led to look for the language of a “ dragon" in the laws and public orders of fome Civil Power; and if we cannot find it in the decrees and orders of the republic of France, we confess that any application of the text there must be erroneous. However, we have just before taken a summary view of a few of them, now well known to the world. By them we remember she has destroyed one of the greatest monarchies upon the earth; annihilated its ancient nobility, and robbed them of their rights; banished or massacred its numerous clergy, and seized upon their immense revenues ; and suppressed the national religion, and indeed all religion whatever, and establithed an


impious fysièm of atheism in its stead. By them fuch of her own people as would not appear in the field of battle, to compel the rest of mankind to embrace her blasphemous liberty, have been destroyed. All who would not, upon demand, give up their gold, silver, and any other profitable medium of their labour and industry, for paper of no value; all whom she thought proper to liigmatize with the name of Fanatics, or Moderates (meaning those who dared to differ in opinion from her either in religion or politics); and all who would not unite in compelling mankind to embrace the wild and iniquitous plan of atheistical liberty and equality, were the objects of her draconic decrees. Nor has the acted less dragon-like in the execution of them ; for incalculable nuinbers of innocent men, women, and even infants unborn, have been destroyed by her dreadful instruments of death, the guillotine, French baths, the cannon, and musket : and in short, that no doubt might exist of her being the true prototype of the “ dragon,” she has sworn eternal hatred to kings, and by a most favage and murderous decree, ordered her generals to give no quarter to the vanquished, though supplicating for mercy

*. Ver. 12.-" And he (the beast of the earth) “ exerciseth all the powers of the first heast (Papal Rome) before him, and causeth the earth, and them which dwell therein, to “ worship the first beast, whose deadly wound

was healed” (or pagan and imperial Rome). At the first view, this verse, like many other parts of the prophecies, before the events intended to fulfil and explain them came to pass, seems rather obscure, but fince the rise of the French re. public the obscurity is no more ; for the prophet evidently refers to three beasts or wicked powers. The first, by the pronoun he, the second word in this verse, the reference is to the “ beast of the “ earth, or the French republic ;" the next to the < beast of the sea," or the church of Rome; and laftly to the dragon," or pagan or imperial Rome. In making these references to the two lastmentioned powers, he calls them both the first beasts, when it is evident they could not both be first in respect to time ; and yet, upon a little confideration of the context, it appears that both are properly described by the expression. The * beast of “ the sea,” or papal Rome, is the beast first described, before the “ beast of the earth” in this chapter; and therefore properly referred to as the first beast mentioned in it; and the “ great red dragon," or imperial and pagan Rome, was the first great beast, or enemy of the church of Christ, and first before papal Rome in respect to date.

* This was written at the period of that decree.

This seeming obscurity removed, let us attend to the particular meaning of the text. It points out two fingular, yet obvious features, fo characteristic of the French republic, that they distinguish it from all other civil powers whatever. Of these I shall treat in the same order with the prophet: and

that is,

Ver. 12.--" He (the beast of the earth (or “ the republic) exerciseth all the power of “the first beast (before mentioned in this

chapter, the beast of the sea, or Papal Rome) before him.

то is to them principally that she is indi bted for her triumph and exaltation, over the nations of Europe.

4. In pursuance of this 4. In like manner it has policy, the church of Rome been the uniform policy of has sent Jefuits, monks, the republic to send forth and friars, to all parts of her converts throughout Euthe world, using all manner rope ; and even

to Afia, of craft and blasphemous Africa, the Indies, and North frauds, and holding out to and South America, ufing all mankind her idolatry as the the means of delusion and only means of salvation, and fraud; and where these deeven bribing the nations to, vices did not answer" her her fi:perstition.

purpose, had recourse bribery and corruption, to convert the nations to a belief in her atheistical liberty always representing it as the only means of faving them from the oppression of kings, and of ensuring human hap



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5. But although the church 5. The republic has of Rome principally relied on " exercised” the same kind the fraudulent propagation of of policy. She began with, 'her doctrines, as the most and has principally relied certain and effeétual means upon, the propagation of her of extending and securing atheistical frauds; yet The her authority and influence; has not rested upon them yet she has often had re- 'only, in fraternizing kings course to force, in convert- and nations; but has had ing and subjugating kings recourse to force and war. and nations to her will. To This measure the introduced facilitate the execution of by “swearing hatred and this measure, she has first vengeance against aļI excommunicated, cursed, and “kings;” thus curlingthem, denounced vengeance against and proclaiming the lawfulthem as heretics worthy of ness of their destruction. death'; and made it lawful She then incited the nations, for any person or power to under her influence, to make destroy them. She has then war upon the kings, and incited


incited the nations under her their people, who had refused influence, to make war upon to adopt her liberty and them, and by her emiffary equality; and, like that. prielts, Jesuits, and secret miscreant, the Duke of Oro Ipies, has stirred up their leans, to give up those elepeople into insurrections, vated ranks and duties, with feditions, and rebellions which they were intrufted against their lawful fove. for the benefit of their subreigns; and by this twofold jects; and to mingle with the policy she has seldom failed vileft rabble. She has in in extending her influence, cited Holland, Spain, and over the refractory princes éven Tippoo Saib of the Inand nations.

dies, to declare war against, and is at war herself with, Great Britain, and almost all the princes of Germany. She has by her secret spies and emissaries stirred up the

, , Turkey in Europe, Asia, and Africa, into fedition and rebellion against their lawful sovereigns : and thus, by the operation of this twofold policy, she has extended her power to a height, which fmites the surrounding nations of Europe, with fearful astonishment and dismay.

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4.6. While the church of 6. And while the republic Rome was thus extending has been rapidly extending her influence over the minds her atheistical influence and and consciences of, men authority over foreign naabroad, she was not negli- tions, she has been equally gent of its preservation at attentive to the security of it home. All persons who at home. For this purpose would not embrace it, who her two inquisitorialComo would not fall down and “ mittees of Safety," or, worship the host, were put more properly, her

two to death.. For this purpose, « committees of terror and fecret and terrific tribunals " of death" (as her own were contrived and establish- hifiorians call them), were

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