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Or, Several


(Visible Church-membership,
The Nature of Schism;

And the Usefulnes of
National Constitutions

For the furtherance of
R E L I G I O N.

By Wi A. 17:20

Printed by M. C. for Walter Kettilby,
at the Bishops head in St. Pauls

Church-yard. 1683.

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The initial Faith

stands in such a lower degree of assent of the mind unto the Truth of the Gospel concerning Cbrist his being tbe Son of God or Saviour of Sinners, as has not yet thorow its power over the Will, renewed the whole man fo as to become Regenerate or a

But the Faith confummate or complete lies in such a firm afsent of the mind unto the Truth of the Gospel, as by which through frequent confideration of the things aßented to, the Will is changed and renewed in its inclinations, motions and affestions, in reference both to Sin

new creature.

Land Duty.

This difference between Faith and Faith is fairly set out in the Scriptures. St. James, chap. 2.


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