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new creature.

Ibe initial Faith stands in such a lower degree of assent of the mind anto the Truth of the Gospel concerning Cbrist bis being tbe Son of God or Saviour of Sinners, as has not yet thorow its power over the Will, renewed the whole man so as to become Regenerate or d

But the Faith confummate or complete lies in such 4 firm afsent of the mind unto thé Truth of the Gospel, as by which through frequent consideration of the things asented to, the Will is changed and renewed ini its inclinations, motions and affeétions, in reference both to Siri

This difference between Faith and Faith is fairly set out in the Scriptures. St. James, chap. 2.

and Duty.



treats of a Faith that will no avail to Justification and Sal: vation, and of that also which will. The one is the Faith which is alone or by it felf, verse 15which has not yet purified the beart from earthly affections, and fleply Iufts, nor brought forth the fruit of the Spirit, but is dead, and remains barren. But the other Faith which will avail to Justifix cation, is operative and vigorous, producing internal and external acts of Christian Obedience, by which its made perfect, ver.22. that is, it is thereby made to ată

its end in the Justification of the person that hath it. This Faith worketh by Lövė, and is thereby confummate or made perfet. Gal. 5. For the Greek word







NE would think any thing

fbould be acceptable to dissenting Brethren, which has a trne tendency to deliver them from those mistaken notions of things which do expose them to much trouble from Men, and from the Laws themselves; and by means of which they are an occasion of trouble and danger to the Nation. And it is but reasonable to expect


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that things of this nature should be consider'd by them now at such a time as this, tho' neglected during the time in which those Opinions put them to no trouble. The hope of which and the forrow to fee Christian Brethren to suffer great inconveniencies to themselves needlesly, has been a motive to me to make these sheets publick at this time; as not doubting but that if judiciously and impartially weighed, they with other writings of like nature, may be of good use to discover to them their mistakes.

Their Separation from parochial Comminion which does expose them to trouble, does proceed principally from their mistakes ( as I conceive them to be ) either about


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