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Feremiah did not here mean Old Babylon, but the same New Babylon of St. John, since

“In those Days, and at that Time, faith the Jor. L' “ Lord, the Iniquity of Israel shall be fought “ for, and there shall be none;and the Sins of « Judah, and they shall not be found, for I will * Pardon them whom I will Reserve.”

How can this be said with any Propriety of the old Jews, who after their Return from their first Captivity in Old Babylon, Rejected the

The logicin,,, Messiah, and were again destroyed and disperfed for their Sins ? Nor is their second Dispersion over to this Day; so that the destruction of Babylon, meant here by Jeremiah, can be no other than the Destruction of the same Babylon, which St. John Prophecies of, and which is yet to be expected.

I have now explained the first Characters of the little Horn, in the VII of Daniel, that he hould rise after the Ten Kings, and be divers Dan. VII from the first Ten, and should subdue three Kings: 24. And shewn what other Passages may serve to . Illustrate and Confirm these first Characters.




Of the First Period..
I Go on now to the other parts of his Defcrip-
I tion, which ferve to fix the Time of his

Dan. « And he sh all speak great Words against the
VII.25. « Moft High, and fall wear cut the Saints of

“ the Most High, and think to change Times
« and Laws, and they fhill be given into his:
“ Hand, untill a Time, Times and the Dividing
6 of Time."

The Continuation of the Defcription which
I have not yet mentioned in the next Chapters

where Gabriel interprets, is to the fame effect; VIII. 24.

“And his Power Ahall be mighty, but not by « his own Power, and he shall di ftroy Wonder-“fully, and shall prosper and practise, and shall ::: “distroy the Mighty and the Holy People. 25. " And through his Policy also, he shall cause « Craft to prosper in his Hand, and he fhall.

. “magnify

** magnify himself in his Heart, and by Peace * (or Prosperity) shall destroy many."

And to this agrees the short Expression in the XII Chapter, which I have made my Principal Business to explain in this Essay,

----" It shall be for a Time, Times and an Dan " Half, and wh n he th ill have accomplished to XII. 7. « scatter the Power of the Holy People, all " these things th:ll be finished.”

St. John speaks in the same strain " and there *c was given unto him, ” (that is, to the Beaft rison out of the Sea,,) “a Mouth speaking great Rev:

XIII. $. “ Things, and Blasphemy's, and Power was “given unto hi.n, to continue Forty and Two 6 Months. • « And he opened his Mouth in Blasphemy 6. ** against God, to blafpheme his Name, and his

“ Tabernacle, and them that dwell in Heaven. . And it was given unto him to make Wara “ with the Saints, and to Overcome them, and “ Power was given him over all Kindreds, and * Tongues, and Nations. :* And all that dwell upon the Earth shall 8. N2


Worship him, whose Names are not written « in the Book of Life of the Lamb Slain from 6. the Foundation of the World.”.

And afterwards, where the fame Power is Rev. xiii represented, as coming out of the Earth with two 13. Horns like a Lamb, but speaking as a Dragon.

It is thus continued,

«s. And he exercised all the Power of the firft e Beast before him, and caufed the Earth, and "them which dwell therein, to Worship the «.firit Beast, whofe deadly Wound was Healed..

« And he doth great Wonders, fo that he " maketh Fire come down from Heaven, on the « Earth, in tħe fight of Men.

« And deceiveth them that dwell on the Earth, 6 by the means of those Miracles, which he “ had Power to do in the sight of the Beast, W faying to them that dwell on the Earth, That * they should make an Image to the Beast which

« had the Wound by a Sword, and did live. ás « And he had Power to give Life unto the

« Image of the Beaft, that the Image of the « Beast should both speak, and cause that, as


a many as would not Worship the Image of the « Beast, should be killed.

" And he caufetħ all, both fmall and great, Rev. xiij « Rich and Poor, Free and Bond, to receive a 10% « Mark in their Right Hand, or in their Fore. .6 Heads. : 6 And that no Man might buy or fell, fave 12 « he that had the Mark or Name of the Beast, * or the Number of his Name.

“Here is Wisdom, let him that hath Under- 18:. as standing, count the Number of the Beast, for « it is the Number of a Man, and his Number " is Six Hundred Three Score and Six. ”

All these Passages compared with one another, give so full and plain an Account of the Popes of Rome, from first to laff, that a very moderate Knowledge of History serves to satisfie us, that they are meant of them, and cannot be applyed to any other.

His (a) Speaking great Words against the Moje a Dani High, and (6) Blasphemies, and (a) Wearing vii 29. out the Saints of the Most High, and, () through ° Xilis.

b Rer. Policy caufing Craft to prosper in his Hand, and Dan."



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