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Its raising it self on one side, is more fully
explained in another Vision of Daniel, under a
different Figure, where this Medo-Persian Empire
is more particularly Described and Interpreted.

• In thethird Year of the Reign of King Bel-
« shazzar, a Vision appeared unto me, even vill. ,
« unto me Daniel, after that which appeared
« unto me at the first.

« And I saw in a Vision, and it came to pass
« when I saw, that I was at Shusban, in the

Palace, which is in the Province of Elam, and « I saw in a Vision, and I was by the River of « Ulai.

• Then I lifted up mine Eyes, and saw, and te behold, there stood before the River a Ram e which had two Horns, and the two Horns

were high, but one was higher than the other, “ and the higher came up last.

Which higher is plainly Persia, and the fame
with the Side on which the Bear raised it felf,
for in the Interpretation the Angel say's;

« The Ram which thou fawest having two
• Horns, are the Kings of Media and Perfia.
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The Figure of the three Ribs in the Mouth of VII. 5. it, which said unto it, Arise devout much Flesh

is explained in the Vision of the third of Cyrus, XI. 1.

Also, I in the first Year of T. arius, the, Mede, “even I stood to confirm and to strengthen him.

" And now will I few theethe Truth, Behold, “ there shall stand up yet Three Kings in Persia, “ and the Fourth shall be far Richer than they

all, and by his Strength, thro’ his Riches, he " shall stir

up all against the Realm of Grecia: These Three Kings were Cyrus, Cambyses, and Darius Hiftafpes, who stood up after Cyaxares,

here called Darius the Mede, and were great VII. Conquerors, and are therefore called Three Ribs,

which probably mean Jaw-Bones with rows of Teeth, as it is said Crocodiles have, one within another; and these are very proper to devour much Flesh.

The reason why the Fourth is not reckoned among them, is, because the first three only

advanced or aggrandized the Monarchy. But XI 2. Xerxes, tho Stronger and Richer than they, yet by, provoking Greece, laid a Fountation for


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the Ruin of what the others had Built up; and
as, in fact, he was intirely. Unsuccessful and
Unfortunate in that Attempt, from him may

dated the Decline of the Persian Monerchy; and
in his. Time expired that Remarkable Character
of the Ram, which had been maintained during
their three first Kings, which is thus expressed,
“I saw the Ram pushing Westward, and

“ Northward; and Southward, so that no Beasts Vill. 4.
might stand before him, neither was there

“ that could deliver out of his Hand, but he
“ did according to his Will, and became great.

Now when Xerxes pushed Westward he was
smartly Repulsed, and forced to give it over
after, many Losses.
“ After this, I beheld, and lo, another like a

VII. 6, “ Leopard, which had upon the back of it Four

Wings of a Fowl; the Beast' had also Four
« Heads, and Dominion was given to it.

A Leopard. is the swiftest of all the Beasts of
Prey, and is by Jeremiah applied to a Powerful
A Leopard. shall watch over their Cities.

Jer. V,


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A Fowl is likewise a Figure of a Deftroying
Power, which is employed by Jeremiah, among

others, of the same Force. Jer.

....." And I will appoint over them Four Kinds, XV. 3.," saith the Lord, the Sword to Slay, and the

Dogs to Tear, and the Fowls of Heaven, and " the Beafts of the Earth, to devour and destroj.

« And I will cause them to be removed into *all Kingdoms of the Earth, because of Manafseb, &c.

And Wings are used, as the Image naturally imports, for the Extensiveness of a Country or

Dominion, as it is imployed by Isaiah, 1a. XI. : And gather together the Dispersed of Judah

from the Four Corners (the Original is Wings) of the Earth. :

So that what is meant so far, is that the Grecian : Power should begin with a Rapid Conquest, and then be divided into Four Parts, which

should extend towards all the Corners of the i Earth.

But here follows another Figure, which ought not to be confounded with what

goes before.



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Dan. The Beaft had alfo Four Heads..

Vil. This Character of Heads, is explained by St. Fohn in the Discription of the Fourth Beast.

« The Seven Heads, are Seven Mountains. , Rev.

“ And there are Seven Kings, Five are faln, XVI. 9, « One is, and Another is not yet come.

" Which Aould be rendred, Andere Seven Kings, for(there)

not in the Greek.

Now since St. John is fe exact an Interpreter of Daniel in the sequel of this Vision, it ought to be allowed, that where-ever Daniel is not particular enough to explain his own Terms, St. John is always to be admitted to explain them..

Aal therefore as the Seven Heads are generally allowed by the beft Interpret:rs to mean Seven Forms of Government, which the Fourth Beast camo onder successively, so the Four Heads may well be supposed to mean the same thing of the Third Beast.

But this will seem still more likely, when we consider, how this Vision agrees with the Defcription of the same Empreunder the Figure of a He-Goat.

« And

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