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slll. 24.


Den. II.

· The Chaff of the Summer Threshing Floor, has an evidunt Allusion to the Time when ouer

Saviour was to come with a Fan in his Hand, Math.

that he may throughly Purge bis Floor, and gather

the Wheat into his Garner, and burn up the Choff 30.36 with unquenchable Fire. And to the Parable of

Burning the Tares of the Field, and to the Harvest. Rev. xiv. 14. of the Earth, that was Ripe, in St. John's Reve15. 16 lation.

Which Instances may serve at present for a Specimen of the Harmony and exact Conformity of the Figures used in Scripture in different places.

But as it is impracticable to discover all the Comparisons that may be made of this Vision of the Image, with other Passages, till the principal Vision which is Paralell to it, of the Four Becsts is explained, I shall proceed to give as particular an Explanation of that Vision, as I have of the Other, and then what has been already mewn in a fransient View, will be better Understood, and set in a much stronger Light.


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N the first Year of Belshazzar King of

Babylon, Daniel had a Dream and Visions Dan. vii. “ of his Head upon his Bed, then he wrote the “ Dream, and told the Sum of the Matters.

Daniel spake and said, I saw in my Vision " by Night, and behold the Four Winds of the € Heaven strove upon


“ And Four great Beasts came up from the

3. Sea diverse one from another.

This is the first Vision, which we have an Account, was originally communicated to Daniel,

The four Winds of Heaven represent the Powers verf, 2. of the World, as in Jeremiah. “ Upon Elam will I bring the four Winds

Jer? “ from the four Quarters of Heaven, and I will

xlix. 36. « scatter them towards all these Winds, and there « shall be no Nation, whither the Out-casts of « Elam thall not come.



The great Sea being the place where the natural Winds have their full play, it is a proper Metaphor, for that Extent of Country which is the Scene of these Winds in the Figurative Sence, which are the contending Nations of the World.

And in this sence Isaiah says: The Wicked are Ifa.Lvii.

“ like the troubled Sea, when it cannot rest, “whose Waters cast up Mire and Dirt.”

The word Beasts is afterwards explained. Dan, vii

“ These great Beasts which are four, are four “ Kings, which shall arise out of the Earth.”

And this being all the Interpretation, given in this Chapter, of the three first Beasts, I shall Interpret every one singly, and, as I go along, consider what light other Chapters of Daniel afford to explain them.

The meaning then of this general abstract of the Vision is, that the great Contentions

among the Nations of the World should produce Four great Empires different from one another, and successive,as appears by what immediately follows.

« The first was like a Lion, and had Eagles


vii. 4

“Wings :



<« Wings: and I beheld till the Wings thereof

were pluck't, and it was lifted up from the « Earth, and made stand upon the Feet as a Man, ir and a Vans Heart was given to it.

Jeremiah explains the Lions coming out of his Jer. IV. Thicket, by The Destroyer of the Gentiles being on his way. And as the Lion was always reckoned the King of Beasts, so it was a natural Figure to represent the first Monarch, whom Daniel called a King of Kings: The rest of the descrip- Dan. II. tion is taken from a Passage in a Vision which belongs to Nebuchadnezzar alone, which is thus expressed,

« The fame Hour was the thing fulfilled upon « Nebuchadn.zzar, and he was driven from Men, tc and did eat Grass as Oxen, and his Body was

wet with the Dew of Heaven, till his Hairs le were grown like Eagles Feathers and his Nails « like Birds Claws.

“ And at the end of the Days, I Nebuchad"nezzar lift up mine Eyes unto Heaven, & mine • Understanding returned unto me, and I blessed * the Mojt High, and I Praised and Honoured

IV. 336




« him that liveth For Ever, whose Dominion is "an Everlasting Dominion, and his Kingdom is' “ from Generation to Generation.

This is an exact Commentary upon the Expressions in the description of the first Beast, and it must not be wondered at, that Nebuchada nezzar alone is described, and not his Successors, because in him fell the Glory of that first Monar, chy, tho' it was not Destroyed till Belshazzar's Time, and we Aall find that Daniel mentions no more Particulars, of the other Beasts, than their first and most bright Transactions, as shall be fhown in all the rest, as they come in order, and indeed it would be impossible to do more in

fo short a Compass as the bounds of a Chapter. Dan,

« And behold another Bealt, a second like to VII. s. « a Bear, and it raised up itfelf, on one side, and

“ it had three Ribs in the Mouth of it, betweco « che Teeth of it, and they faid thus unto it, “ Arise devour much Flesh.

Solomon explains this Figure of a Bear, *

that of a Lion, when he fays, Pror.

As a roaring Lion and a ranging Bear, fo is a XVIll. 15. Wicked Ruker over the Poor People


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