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Dead, yet the Living Princes of the World had
generally the same Honours paid them.

The Address which the Wise Men made to
Nebuchadnezzar of, O King, live for ever! was

Dan. 11.
wishing him that Everlasting Dominion which IV. 34.
himself afterwards confesses, belonged only to
the Most High.

The Petition of the Princes to Darius, to VI. 6. whom they also said, King Darius, live for ever, was to make a firm Decree, That whosoever shall ask a Petition of any God or Man for Thirty Days, fave of thee, O King, shall be cast into the Den of Lyons.

Which placed him in the stead of the Gods for that Time, and shews, that it was the Practice of the Persians to treat their Princes as Gods, while they were alive. In like manner, Alexander made himself be Worshipped as the Son of Jupiter Ammon, and the Roman Emperours, Auguftus and Domitian, while alive, were called Divi or Gods; And it grew a Custom after the Antonines, to adore the Emperours Pictures, which were fixed on the Standards of H


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the Army. So that the Idolizing of Princes in their Life Times, was practised under all the four Monarchies.

And thus it appears, that the Great Idol in L'aniel, was very properly used as a Reprefentation of the Grand Imposture under living Princes, who were Worshipped as Gods, which was to continue to deceive the whole World from Daniel's Time forward; and which St. John Expresses in another Figure, Representing only

what was to come after his Time, by Rev

A. Red 7 ragen having Seven Heads and Ten Xi1. 3. Horns: of which he afterwards says, And the

great Dragon was cast out, that Old Serpent, called, the Devil and Satan, which deceiveth the whole World

By which it appears, that the like Delufion

had commenced long before the Period, of the aral as

that at the Instigation of the Serpent, that is,

the Spirit of Ambition, and the love of Absolute Gen. III. Power, Man would be as Gods, knowing good S. and evil: When he withdrew himself from his


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Obedience to God who had created him for
good only: And by Cain's paying his Brother IV. 8,
Abel, we may observe, how early a Man affumed
that Right over anothers Life, which belongs to
God only, and which is the first Eminent instance
of Arbitrary and Cruel Power.

The like Crime is Recorded of Lamech.
And soon after, the Earth was filled with vi. 14.
Violence, for which Reason it appeared Corraspt
before God, who sent a Deluge to Destroy all,
except Noah and his Family.

It was not long after the Deluge, when among the Descendants of Ham, there arose Nimrod, who began to be a Mighty One in the Earth, and X. 8.10. whose Kingdom was at Babel (which is the same word in the Original that is elsewhere rendred Babylon) where they

attempted to Build a City xl. 4. and a Tower, whose Top might reach to Heaven, and to make them a Name, left they should be Scattered abroad over the Face of the whole Earth. And this design was directly in Opposition to Gods Command: Replenish the Earth: But that they set aside; and would have nothing Refirind 21.6


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I 28.

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H 2

from them, which they had imagined to do.

And we find the fame Ambitious Arbitrary Power afterwards Remarkably exercised by the Pharaohs; and in process of Time, sometimes Egypt, and sometimes Asyria had the greatest part of the World under them, till the Kingdom of Babylon was set up, which made the Golden Head in the great Image. And thus by a short

View of Ancient History, we fee what had Rev. X1.9.

been all along the Idolatry that had deceived the Dan. Il. whole World: Which Daniel and St. John allude

to in the great Image, and the Old Serpent.


II. 34

II. It must be observed in the Second place, That the Image is fupposed to remain entire in all its parts,

« Till that a Stone was cut out “ without Hands, which smote the Image upon « his Feet, that were of Iron and Clay, and “ brake them to Pieces.

“ Then was the Iron, the Clay, the Brass, « the Silver and the Gold broken to pieces

together, and became like the Chaff of the « Summer Threshing Floors, and the Wind

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« carried chem away, that no place was found
« for them.”

The design of this is plainly to thew, that the
distinguishing Characters of the several Monar-
chies should Continue during the whole Period;
and in this, it agrees with the description of the

Rev. Beaft in St. John, That rises upout of the Sea: which

will be found to be the Fourth Beast or Empire
in its last Period, but it is described, Like unto
a Leopard, with Feet like a Bear, and a Mouth
like a Lyon.

Which will appear to be the Beasts that
Represented the Three First Monarchies in the
same manner as the Brass, Silver and Gold of the
Image had done.

Now this shews, how properly there ought
to have been, (as there really has) a Babylon in
the last Period of the great Image, which should
notoriously assume the divine Honours formerly
paid to Heathen Princes, and which the Christian
Emperours were too Religious and Modeft to
accept: But the Man of Sin in his Babylon, 11. 3. 4.

2 Theil. fitteth in the Temple of God, as God, without being alhamed.


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