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« And He shall speak great Words against the

15. “most High, and shall wear out the Saints, &c.

But as this is the latter end of a Vision, that
consists of several parts, which by the Descrip-
tion are Explained to be Successive to one another,
it is not possible to apprehend the full Evidence
of what is meant by these last Words, without
observing their Connection and Consistency with
what goes before, and with other Visions on
the fame Matter; and then it will, I believe, be
past dispute, to what they relate, and to what
Period of Time alone they can be applyed.

They are part of the first Vision which Daniel
himself had Originally, as I observed before,
which was in the first of Belshazzar, and this
Vision contains a general Abridgment of the Hi-
story of what was to happen from his own Time
downwards, in a distinct Method, which he
himself expresses thus, in short,
« These great Beasts which are Four, are

Dan. VII
Four Kings, which shall arise out of the Earth.
“ But the Saints of the most High shall take

18, " the Kingdom, and possess the Kingdom forSever, even for ever and ever,




The fame Series of History had been expressed as methodically, but not so particularly in the Vision which Nebuchadnezzar faw, and which

Daniel interpreted to him, and ended with telling Dan. Il. him, that “ The Great God had made known to

“the King what should come to pass hereafter.

The Vision of the third of Belshazzar, and VIII. X. XI. that of the third of Cyrus, ferve in most partiXII,

culars, to illustrate and explain that of the first Dan. VII of Belshazzar, and all these considered together,

are sufficient to clear up History, till the latter Period of the fourth Beast, and to make that more evident, what is in Daniel must be compared with the descriptions given by St. John in his

Revelations of The great Red Cragon, and of Rev.XII.

The Beast which rose up out of the Sea; and of Xll. 1

The other Beast which came up out of the Earth: XVII. 7. And of the Woman and the Beast that carrieth


Now that all these things may be considered in their proper place and order, there does not seem to be a more natural and eafy Method, than first to go through Nebuchadnezzar's Vision


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of the great Image, with Daniel's interpretation of it, and then to resume the fame Subject as it is represented to Daniel himself under the figure of four Beasts, and there to take in the concurring places of Scripture which generally allude to that figure, and but seldom to Nebuchadnezzar's great Inage.

This last therefore as it is a compleat abridgment of it self, will give the moft familiar and easy notion of the main Scope of Daniel and St. John's Prophecies, and when that is well apprchended, it may be attempted with better Success to range in order the particular branches of them, and the circumstances which have attended the great turns and most remarkable changes which have happened in the World.

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Dan, II.


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N the second Year of the Reign of Nebu..

chadnezzar, Nebuchadnezzar dreamed
“ Dreams, wherewith his Spirit was troubled,
“ and his Sleep brake from him.

“ Then the King commanded to call the
Magicians and the Astrologers, and the Sorcerers,
and the Chaldeans, for to shew the King his

Dreams, so they came and stood before the
1," And the King said unto them, I have dreamed
“a Dream, and my Spirit was troubled to know
" the Dream

“ Then spake the Chaldeans to the King in
Syriack, O King, live forever! Tell thy Ser-
vants the Dream, and we will shew the
“The King answered and said to th: Chaldeans,

" The

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« the thing is gone
gone from me, if


will not make
“ known unto me the Dream, with the Inter-
“pretation thereof, ye shall be cut in Pieces and

Houses shall be made a Dunghill.
“But if ye shew the dream and the Inter-

Chap. II,
« pretation thereof, ye shall receive of me Gifts
$and Rewards, and great Honour, therefore
" Thew me the Dream and the Interpretation

ós thereof.

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They answered again, and said, let the King “ tell his Servants the Dream, and we will shew “ the Interpretation of it.

“ The King answered and said, I know of “ certainty, that ye would gain the Time, because “ye see the thing is gone from me.

“But if ye will not make known unto me the “ Dream, there is but one decree for

ye have prepared Lying and Corrupt Words “ to speak before me, till the Time be changed, , “therefore tell me the Dream, and I shall know “ that ye can shew me the Interpretation thereof.

“ The Chaldeans answered before the King, " and said, there is not a Man upon the Earth


« that

you, for

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