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fignifie Tears, even in the Account of Things past, by the same Prophet, who imploys them in

that Sense in his Predictions of Things to come, Dan. as in the Two Thousand three Hundred Days, the VIII.14. One Thousand two Hundred and Ninety Days, and XII. 11. 12. . One Thousand three Hundred and thirty Five Lays,

and in effect, tho' in other words, when he menVII. 25. 1

7. tions Times, Time, and an Half, or Times, Time,

and the dividing of Time; and in a very particu1A. 24. lar manner in the Seventy Weeks, which no Ins

terpreter, not even Roman Catholick, has ever pretended to be other than Four Huudred and Ninety Tears; and their general Agreement in taking this Passage as the Protestants do, in their Arguments against the Jews, to prove the Coming of Christ to be according to the Prophecy, cuts off all their Pretences to refuse taking a Day for a Tear in other Passages of Daniel, when it is made use of against themselves.

But before I leave this Subject, I must nor omit an Example in the Gospel, where our Sa

viour himself uses a Day for a Tear, when Luke Xin zii ----" There came certain of the Pharisees,

$ saying



6 faying unto Him, Get thee out, and depart 5 hence, for Herod will kill thee.

6 And he said unto them, Go ye and tell that “ Fox, Behold, I cast out Devils, and I do “ Cures to Day and to Morrow, and the Third Day I shall be Perfected.

“Nevertheless, I muft Walk to Day and to Morrow, and the Day following ---· In this place it cannot be our Saviour's meaning that he had but Three days to live; but that He was by His Father appointed to carry on His Ministry Three full Tears; And this was the full Number of Tears which he was to Perfect or Compleat, besides a few Months, which not making up so much as half a Tear, are not mentioned in this short and occasional Reply.

Thus it appears, that by a Day, among the Fews, it was usual, in the Figurative Stile, to mean a Tear; and so this Period of Time, Times and an Half, or Forty two Months, or One thousand two hundred and fixty Days, may justly be allowed to signifie One thousand two hundred and fixty Tears. And here fome Eminent Chronologists

have endeavoured to shew, that since every one of these Years did consist but of three hundred end fixty days among the Chaldeans, that in the adding up of the Sum, no more natural Days should be counted than 1260 times 360, which would shorten the Term by more than five days in every year. But it must be considered, that neither the Chaldeans, nor indeed any other Nation, did at the end of a considerable number of common or Solar Years, count any more than we now do, but that they either suffered five days to pass over without counting them at the end of every year, or when in a few years they perceived the Seasons to go contrary to their Kalender, they threw in a Month extraordinary, to bring them right; and whatever way they varied this, still we find, in effect; that they counted no more years, at the long run, than the Sun actually. performed; and therefore we must follow their Method through-out, and according to their Kalender allow no more than 360 days to a year, in computing the number of the Figurative Days which fignifie Tears. But when we consider


how many of these Years are past and gone, we must not only Observe the Kalender, but also make the fame Allowances that the Antients did, from time to time, and then we are sure to agree with them in every part of our Calculation.


The Method of the following Enquiry.

A ND now that I have shewn what is meant

Dan. 11 by Time, Times and a Half, Igo on to con- XII. 7! sider what is meant by the words that follow,

And when He shall have accomplished to scatter the Power of the holy. People, all these things shall be finished.

The Expression is very short, but fufficient to Remind Daniel, that it should certainly cone to pass, as he had been informed already in the Vision of the Four Beasts, That “ He shall speak ch. “great Words against the most High, and shall VII. 25: E2



as wear out the Saints of the most Highi, and “think to change Times and Laws; and they “shall be given into his hands until a Time, and Times, and the dividing of Time.

The Sameness of the Period fħews plainly, that the [He is the same in both these Places ;

and the Description of Wearing out the Saints of Chap. Xil: 7. the most High, is very agreeable to that of Scatter

ing the Power of the holy People; And their beVII. 25.;

Se ing given into his hand until Time, Times, &c.

has the fame Force with, When he shall have. Xil 7. accomplished to scatter the Power of the holy

People, all these shall be finished, that is, 'All these Time, Times, &c. for the word [things]. is not in the Original.

All that is wanting to understand these two Places, is to know who is meant by this [He] and that is to be learn’t more particularly from the preceeding Verse in the VII Chapter.

----Ten Kings that. shall arise, and another Wii. 24. “shall rise after them, and He shall be diverse

" from the first, and He shall subdue Three Kings. And then follows,


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