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6 Holy City Forty and Two Months: ” and “That Rev. * the Mouth Speaking great things, shall have XIII. s. “ Power given him to continue Forty and Two " Months.

It is very plain from all these Passages compared, that, Time, Times, and a half, One Thousand Two Hundred and Sixty Days, and Forty Two Months; mean all the same thing, and consequently, that the Word Time signifies a Year; Times, two Years; and half a Time, half a Year; since three Years and a half, consisting of Three Hundred and Sixty Days each, make just One Thousand Two Hundred and Sixty Days, or Forty Two Months; and it is well known, that the most ancient Year among the Chaldeans, was divided in their Kalendar into Twelve Months of just Thirty Days each, which makes just Three Hundred and Sixty Days.

The only thing that has any Difficulty in these places which I have quoted, is, to know what is here meant by a Day. It will be very obvious by considering the many things that are to be done in the time of One Thousand Two Hundred

XXV. 4. of Tears, wh

and Sixty Days, that they cannot poslibly be done in the space of three natural Years and a half; but it comes then to be inquired, by what it can be certainly known, what they mean; and in this the Books of Moses and the Prophet Ezekiel, have given all the light that can be

desired. Lev. First, In the Institution of the Sabbath, where XXIII.3.

it is plain that the Sabbath of Days, which every Chap. Person was to keep, represented another Sabbath

of Tears, which the Land was to keep.

Secondly, When Mofes denounces Gods Judgments on the Jews for Murmuring at the Report

which the Spys brought back of the Land of Numb.

Canaan, he tells them “ After the Number of “ the Days in which ye searched the Land, even “Forty Days (each Day for a Year) shall

ye “ bear your iniquity's, even Forty Years.----"

Thirdly, In Ezekiel's Vision concerning the Siege Ezek. of Jervsalem: He is commanded to

“his left Side, and lay the iniquity of the House “of Israel upon it, according to the Number of " the Days that thou shalt lie upon it, thou “ Shalt bear their iniquity.


XIV. 34.

Lie on

IV. 4


« For I have laid upon thee the Years of their “ iniquity, acording to the Number of the Days, “ Three Hundred and Ninety Days, foshalt

thou bear the iniquity of the House of Israel.

« And when thou hast accomplished them, “ lie again on thy right Side, and thou shalt “ bear the iniquity of the House of Judah Forty “ Days, I have appointed thee each Day for a “ Year.”

These passages seem to be fo full and clear a Proof, that it was a Figure well understood among

the Jews, to use a Day to signifie a Tear, chat I would not add any thing further on the Subject, if Daniel himself did not furnish an instance of his using it, which may be easily cleared up by History, but is very difficult to be apprehended in any


of Interpretation.

When a Hand touched Daniel, and it was faid Dan. X. to him, Unto thee am I now sent. Gabriel goes on to inform him, that “The Prince of the Kingdom of Persia withstood him One and Twenty “Days; and adds; But lo, Michael, one of the





6C Chief Princes came to help me, and I remained there with the King's of Persia.

Now it is known from History, that Cyrus had been One and Twenty Tears chosen Prince or General of the Persians, who were then a distinct Nation from the Medes, before the destruction of Babylon, in which Cyrus joyned his Uncle Cyaxa ares, called in Scripture Darius the Mede and so it was One and Twenty Years before that Prince was ready to execute the design of Providence in that great Expedition which brought about the Deliverance of the Jews out of the Captivity, whose Prince was Michael; and ac, cordingly it was this Michael, who is likewise,

The Lord that stirred upon the Spirit of Cyrus XXXVI, 22. 23. King of Persia, ( in the first year

of his Reign Ezra, I. 1.2. 3.4

in Babylon) “that he made a Proclamation thro's “out all his Kingdom, and put it also in writing, “saying,

“ Thus faith Cyrus, King of Persia, The “ Lord God of Heaven hath given me all the “Kingdoms of the Earth, and he hath charged

me to build him an House an Jerusalem, which “is in Judab.

* Who

2 Chron.

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“ Who is there among you of all his People

Ezra. I. 6. His God be with him, and let him go up to Je- 3. rusalem, which is in Judah, and build the

House of the Lord God of Israel, he is the "God which is in Jerusalem.

“ And whosoever remaineth in any place where “he sojourneth, let the Men of his Place help “him with Silver, and with Gold, and with & Goods, and with Beasts, besides the Free-will “ Offering for the House of God that is in Je

This may be compared with Isaiah, where we

Ira. find, That the Lord “ faith of Cyrus, He is my XLIV.

28, sr Shepherd, and shall perform all my Pleasure,

even saying to Jerusalem, Thou shalt be built, "and to the Temple, Thy Foundation shall be 66 laid. " Thus faith the Lord to his Anointed, to

XLV. I. Cyrus, whose Right Hand I have holden, to « Subdue Nations before him.

All this seems a natural Explanation of that Dan. X. Verse in Daniel, and Confirms the Observation, 13 That Days were used in the Figurative Stile to


2 3. 4

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