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," Hash Sworn] is in the Original: [The Hand 2:post Mat. v. the Throne of the Lord] which Throne of God is 345 Heaven. From whence it is plain, that Lifting

up the Hands unto Heaven, was a Posture used in the most Solemn Oaths, and accordingly described in Daniel, where these words follow, And Sware by kim that Liveth For Ever. This Oath is the same with that in St. John's Revelations, and (as I have already shewn)

taken by the fame Person, where “ The Angel Rev. x,

“which stood upon the Sea, and upon the Earth, “Lifted up His Hand to Heaven,

“And Sware by him that liveth forever and “ever, who Created Heaven, and the Things '“ that therein are; and the Earth, and the Things " that therein are; and the Sel, and the Things “which are therein,---

It has been already shewn, who that Angel was, and as the Substance of the Oath which follows, is a Prophecy, so it was the Character of the High-Priest in Office to Prophecy; which is observed by St. John, upon the Advice that Caiphas gave the Jews, viz.


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.'"That it was expedient that one Man Dye joh, xis 6 for the People. :

« And this spake he not of himself, but being in “High-Priest that year, he Prophesied that “ Jéfus should dye for that Nation;

“And not for that Nation only, but that also ... " he should gather together the Children of God' 543 " that were feattered abroad:"" : It was therefore in the Exercise of the Priestly Office, that the Man Cloathed in Linnen in Daniel, and the Mighty Angel in St. John; are Represfented as declaring the Will of God. - .

SE C.T. II. of the Number of Tears meant by Time, Times,,

and an Half THIS leads me to the subject matter of this 1 Solemn Oath, which is in Daniel thus ex,


" That it shall be for a Time, Times, and an half, Dan. xii

fand 779

66 and when he Mall have accomplished to scatter " the Power of the Holy People, all these things * fhall be finished.”

And in St. John the same is intended by the

following words, Rev. X. « ....That there should be Time no longer. .

“But in the Days of the Voice of the Seventh “ Angel, when he shill begin to Sound, the Mye 6 stery of God should be finished, as he has de ." clared by his Servants the Prophets.

Daniel's Expression, That it shall be for a Time, Dan. 7. Times, and an half, refers to the Question in the

fore-going Verse, s i “How long shall it be to the End of these

* Wonders ?

And that Question obliges the Reader to observe, That it is at the End of a long Series of Prophecy, which began at Chap. X. and is

there introduced in this manner, Dan. x... « Now I am come to make thee understand 14," what shall befall thy People in the Latter Days,

ies for yet the Vision is for many Days.”. And again,

" Bet

* But I will shew thee that which is noted in a “the Scripture of Truth.”

The same Introduction is to be found in the VIII Chapter, where Gabriel is sent to make him understand the Vision. Who, upon that tells Dani Daniel, “Understand, O Son of Man, for at the VIII. 16. Time of the End shall be the Vision.” And it afterwards,

" ---- Behold, I will make thee kuow whatra

shall be in the Last End of the Indignation, for " at the Time appointed, the End shall be.” And concludes,

" ---- It shall be for many Days.”

And to the same effect Daniel informs Nebuchadnezzar ; That “there is a God in Heaven

Dan. 11. “ that revealeth Secrets, and maketh known to 28.". “ King Nebuchadnezzar what shall be in the “ Latter Days.”

And in the Vision of the first of Belshazzar, The Period, “ Until a Time, Times, and the Dan. VII “ dividing of Time,” is applyed to a Power, 25. 26. es whose Dominion was to be taken away, to confume and destroy it unto the End. ”

By :

- 26.


By comparing of all which Characters of the Time, as I did before of the Persons represented in the Visions, it is evident, that the II. VII. VIII. and XII. Chapters of Daniel relate to one and the fame Subject, and are to be made use of to Explain and Illustrate one another ; and if that is not sufficient to give light to the Prophecy, we will find an entire satisfaction by observing where St. John treats of the fame

Period, both in the words of Daniel, when he Rex yu fays, that “the Woman is Nourished in the 14. « Wilderness for a Time, Times and half a Time”

i and in other words, which mean the same thing, Verf, 6, and in one place, relate to the same “Woman

« in the Wilderness that they should feed her " there a Thousand Two Hundred and Three « Score Days.” And upon another Occasion

relate to the Witnesses, “who shall Prophecy Chap. iP« during a Thousand Two Hundred and Three

. ,
“Score Days, Cloathed in Sack-Cloath.”

The fame Period is again mentioned under

another Measure of the fame Time, when it is Rev. XI. faid, that “the Gentiles shall tread under the

“ Holy

XI. 3.

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