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Now there is No Vision at the beginning, in this discourse, but only a Prayer, and all the Vifion comes after: By which it may be underftood, that Daniel means, That Gabriel was the Person of whom he says in the Vision of the firft of Belshazzár, “I came near unto one of

Dan. vice * them that stood by, and ask'd him the Truth * of all this ; fo he told me, and made me know * the Interpretation of the Things. '

And this is the first Vision, or the Vision at the beginning, in order of Time, which Daniel is faid to have had peculiarly to himself, tho' he interpreted the Visions of others before; and accordingly, it is faid, In the third Tear of the Reign of King Belshazzar, a Vision appeared unto me, even unto me Daniel, after that which appeared unto me at the first. Which must be that in the seventh Chapter.

In the fame manner it is, that St. John in the close of the Revelations speaks of Gabriel and Michael, tho in other Words, when he says, The Lord God of the Holy Prophets fent his

Per.xxii Angel to shew unto his Servants. the Ihings which



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mujt shortly be done, And afterwards, 1 Jefuss Vol.16, have sent mine Angel. to: teftifie unto you there

Things in the Churches:

And indeed, as the Lamb alone was worthy chap. v.

to Open the Book and to loose. the Seals thereof. 2, 5, 9.

He alone; was that Michael : the great Prince, Dan. xii,

who standeth up for the Children of the People, to whom Daniel belonged, and alone could answer

that Question, that is proposed to him, by the char. 8.

other Saint, who asked that certain Saint, How long should be the Vision : concerning the daily Sacrifice? &c. Where it-presently after appears, that this Saint who asked the Question, was

Gabriel; and he that answered it, was in all Ver[,16.

probability, the Man Cloathed in Linnen.

A Question to the same effect is asked him, and; in all likelihood, by the fame Person, when

it is Represented, Thet:“Behold, there stood Dan, xii

" other Two, the One on this side of the Bank “of the River, and the Other on that side. of " the Bank of the River.

6 And One faid to the Man floathed in Linnen, 6s which was upon the Waters of the River,

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*How long fhill it be to the End of these 1.6 V Vonders?

Where it must be Observed, That the word Translated Other, in Verse:5. may signifie likewise the Last, and is here to be taken in that sence, meaning Michael, (who was mentioned chap.12. just before) and Gabriel, who had been speaking to Daniel all the while, from the end of the X Chapter till the very preceeding Verse. And when he had done speaking, Danièl is Represented as coming out of a profound Attention, which the Angel's Silence put an end to; Then, , as was natural, he Looked up, and behold, there

chap.raine stood these last Two, &c. And in the next Verse

S. the Words Tranfiated, Upon the Waters of the River, may be rendred, Highest up the stream of the River, which is exactly conformable to the Original. And according to this Interpretation, the Man Cloathed in Linnen, may be One of the Iwo in the former Verse; and the Other is He that speaks in the beginning of the fixth Verse, where the word [One] is put in to compleat the Senfe, but is not in the Original, and really alters



thie Meaning. All which is perfoctly conform able to the Description in the vüi Chapter at the 13 and 16 Verses.

All these Descriptions perfectly agree with :

Our Saviour's Office of High-Priest, Of good
II, Things to come, by a greater and more perfect

Tabernacle, not made with Hands ; for which
Reason He is entred into Heaven it self now to-

appear in the Presence of God for us. And theresDeut.

fore he is the only Person who can consult the xxxiii

8, Spiritual Urim and Thummim, and give answer to Rom. ii. those who are Jews by the Circumcision of the heart,

I have been the more tedious and particular in Discovering who those Two Persons (mentie oned by Daniel and 'St. John) are, because it is a strong Argument to prove, that the Subject on which they are Represented, speaking in the fame manner, in different Visions, is really the very same Subject, and that therefore the VIII.. Chapter of Daniel is to be Explained by the fame Key with the VII and XII Chapters, and with the XII, XIII and XVII Chapters of St. Johns Revelations. And of this Observation




I shall make great Use, when I come to Explain

Dan. xiis the Taking away the T aily, and Setting up the Abomination that maketh Lefolate.

And now that I have enquired, Who was this Man Cloathed in Linnen, which was upon the Waters of the River, and what was the Occasion upon which he is here Represented in this Solemn Manner, I go on to Explain what is meant by this Expression:

----" When He held up His Right Hand, and Deut.xij 65 His Left Hand unto Heaven, and Sware by • Him that liveth forever.

The manner of a Solemn Appeal to God, by Holding up both Hands towards Heaven, was Practised by Mofes, when the Israelites Fought with the Amalekites. And what follows, Ex- Exod.

xvii. 12) plains the Reason of this Posture ; for after the Lord had promised Mofes Utterly to Deftroy Amaleck, Moses says, The Lord hath Sworn, 16;. Ihat the Lord will have War with Amaleck from Generation to Generation. In which word, the Expression (The Lord


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