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as the Cloud; Thruf in thy Sickle, and Reap,
“ for the Time is come for thee to Reap, for the
“ Harvest of the Earth is Ripe.

cs And he that fite on the Cloud; thrust in Rev.xiv.

- his Sickle on the Earth, and the Earth was
• Reaped.

« And another Angel came out of the Temple,
as which is in Heaven, he also having a sharp

6 Sickle. 1:8.

“ And another Angel came out from the Altar, of which had Power over Fire, and cryed with

a loud Cry to him that had the sharp Sickle saying, Thrust in thy sharp Sickle, and gather as the Clusters of the Vine of the Earth, for: “ her Grapes are fully Ripe.

“And the Angel thrust in his Sickle into the « Earth, and gathered the Vine of the Earth, « and cast it into the great Wine-press of the 56 Wrath of God:

“ And the Wine-press was trodden without “the City, and Blood came out of the Wine " press even unto the Horse Bridles, by the space ss of a Thousand and Six Hundred Furlongs.


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is fallen, xviii: 2:

Here is the Coming of Christ to his Haruell, with his Crown of Gold, to set up his Reign, which was fixt by the compleat Destruction of the Anti-Christian Power.

The like Description is at the End of the Vision of the Seven Vials, which are exactly parallel both as to their Matter, and their Time, to that of the Trumpets, both in their Introduction, their Continuance and their Close. After that, in this Vision of the Vials, the

Rev, Angel had cryed mightily, Babylon is fallen,

: . upon which Destruction her Smoke rose up for XIX. 3. ever and ever, it is soon after said by St. John,

“ And I saw Heaven opened, and behold a IT: White Horse, and he that fate upon 6 called Faithful and True, and in Righteousnefs he doth Judge and make War.

« His Eyes were as a Flame of Fire, and on * his Head were many Crowns, and he had a * Name written that no Man knew but he him<< felf.

« And he was Cloathed with a Vesture dipt is. 6 in Blood, and his Name is called the Word

6 And

him was

of God.



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Rev. ix.

" And the Armies which were in Heaven-fol-. “ lowed him upon: White Horses, Cloathed in

“Fine Linnen, White and Clean. 15.

“ And out of his Mouthgoeth a sharp Sword, (that with it he should Smite the Nations, and “ he fhill Rule them with a Rod of Iron, and " he treadeth the Wine-press of the Fierceness 6 and Wrath of Almighty God.'.

" And he hath on his Vesture, and on his
Thigh a Name written, King of Kings, and
Lord of Lørds.

«.And I faw an Angel standing in the Sun,,
"and he cried with a loud Voice; saying to all" :
" the Fowls that fly in the midst of Heaven,
« Come and gather your selves together unto the: -
Supper of the great. God.

“ That ye, may cat the Flesh of Kings and
“the Flesh of Captains, and the Flesh of Mighty -
« Men, and the Flesh of Horses, and of them
" that fit on them, and the. Flesh of all Mer
e both Free and Bond, both Small and Great.

« And I saw the Beast and the Kings of the
Earth, and their Armies gathered together to


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« make War againft Him that säte on the Horfe,
scand against his Army.

66 And the Beast was taken, and with him Řev.xix
“ the false Prophet that wrought Miracles before
“ him, with which he Deceived them that had re-
“ceived the Mark of the Beast, and them thatWor-

shipped his Image; these both were cast alive “into a Lake of Fire Burning with Brimstone.

« And the Remnant were Slain with the Sword 21
" of him that fate upon the Horse, which Sword
“ proceeded out of his Mouth, and all the Fowls -
"'were filled with their Flesh: ?

Where it ends as the Description in the XIV.
Chap. and just after he sees the Millenium begin,

“ And I saw a great Angel come down from Rev. xxy
« Heaven, having the Key of the Bottomless
“Pit, and a great Chain in his Hand.

“ And he laid hold on the Dragon, thàt Old dig Serpent; which is the Devil and Satán, and « bound him a Thousand Tears.

“ And caft him into the Bottomless Pit, and its a fhut hing up, and set a Seal upon his, that he? * Thould deceive the Nations no more, till the


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*** Thousand Tears should be fullfilled, and after

« that he must be loosed a little Seafon. Rev. xx

“ And I saw Thrones, and they sate upon “ them, and Judgment was given unto them, Esc.

Here St. John brings it to the Thousand Years, of which he says, Blessed and Holy is he that

hath part in the first Resurrection. Which I Dan, xii, observed before, agreed with Daniel's, Blessed is

he that waiteth and cometh to the One Thousand

Three Hundred Thirty Five Days, in the XII. VII. 26, and to the Kingdom of the Sainis, in the VII.





And thus I have gone through the Three Periods, and given my Reasons Why the First may be reckoned to have cxpired in the Year

1715. The Second to be expected to expire in : 1745, and the Lost in 1790.

And that this may not fuein Presumptuous, tho’ in General it is not safe to Guess at what is yet to come, We may remember that our

Saviour allows and commands us, in St. Luke, Luke XXI. 28. When these things begin to come to pass, then look

8 up,

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