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« that they should be Judged, and that Thou or should give Reward unto thy Servants the “ Proplicts, and to the Saints, and them that GPS: Ty Name, small and great, and fhouldft “Destroy them which Destroy the Earth."

Here is an abstract of many of Gods past Judgments, and a View of what was yet to come, and there the Prophets are mentioned as the first that are to be Rewarded, and then the Rev. XX Seints, and last of all, the Small and Great, who 4; do not stand before God till the Thousand Tears 7. are expired; and then all that have Destroyed the Earth, firft the Beast and False Prophets, then 10. Satan, and laft Death and Hell will be deftroyed, 140 as St. Paul expresses it to the same effect, when he says,

“For as in Adam all dye, even so in Chrift 1 Cor. shall all be made alive.

. : sXV. 22, « But every Man in his own Order, Christ 23. " the firft Fruits, afterwards they that are Christs at his coming.

“ Then cometh the End, when he hall have 22 5 delivered up the Kighdom to God, even the

." Fathe


<< Father, when he shall have put down all Rule,

“and all Authority and Power. 1. Cor. “For he must Reign till he hath put ani XXV.25 6 Enemies under his Feet.

• The last Enemy that shall be Destroyed, is « Death.""

Thus we see in the order of Events, that the Prophets are part of those that are to be Rewarded first, and are Christs at his Coming; and surely Daniel among them, at the end of the 1335 Days, which if they begin with the Year 455 wilí end in the Year 1790..


A Review of the Three Periods. A ND now that I have endeavoured to fi explain the Three Periods of 1260. 1290. and 1335. Days, I will only Observe, Thalin those Places where they might be expected Principally to be mentioned, they are sufficiently distinguished.


The First Period is described in the XII. Chap. Dan. xii. ter of Taniel; by Scattering the Holy People for *7. i a Time, Times and a Half, in the VII. of Daniel yil ze in the Vision of the Four Beasts, by thinking to Change Times and Law's, which shall be given into his Hand, for a Time, Times and Dividing Rev. xi. of Time ; and by St. Johan, by Treading down 2. the Holy City Forty Two Months, and by the 4111. So Mouth Speaking Blasphemies, having Power given. him to continue Forty Two Months,

· Dan, xiia The Second Period is described to last from the taking away the Daily Sacrifice, and setting up the Abomination that maketh Defolate One VII. 26. Tbousand Two Hundred and Ninety Days, in the XII. of Daniel, and in the VII. that Period is described by The Judgment fitting to take away his Dominion.

i . Rev.xive Which is exactly agreeable to St. John's Dee 7.& Munciation; That the Hour of Gods Judgment is come. Juft before the Angel says, Babylon is XVI 18. fallen, is fallen, which Babylon was only said to 18

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have Come in Remembrance before God, to give unto her the Cup of the Wine of the Fierceness of his Wrath, at the Time of the Earth-quake. And

that Earth-quake, in another place, follows the Rev. XI. Witnesses standing on their feet, and great Fear 30 70 13. falling on them which saw them, after they had

finished their Testimony, which was to be performed * in Sackcloth, during the One Thousand two hundred and fixty Tears. From all which it appears, that the 1260 Years were finished some Time before Babylon's fall.'

And again, when Babylon is defcribed as Fallen,

in another Chapter, it is said, xviii, 10. Alas! alás! that great City, Babylon, that

mighty City! for in one Hour is thy Judgment come. Which suits exactly Daniel's description,

in the VII. Chapter and 26th Verse, and is the · XVII, 10. Woman in the Wilderness with a Cup full of Abo

minations ; which answers to the Abomination

that maketh desolate, in the XII. Chapter of ... Daniel, at the rith Verle... .

" The Third and Last Period is described in the



XII. Chapter of Daniel, by Blessed is be that, Dan, wi.
waiteth and cometh to the One Thousand three 12,
Hundred and Thirty Five Days. In the VII
Chapter, by Consuming and Destroying into the VII. 2€

“And the Kingdom and Dominion, and the
* Greatness of the Kingdom under the whole **
“Heaven, being given to the People of the Saints
“of the Most High, whose Kingdom is an Ever-
“ lafting Kingdom, and all Dominions Thall serve
6 and obey him.”

And in St. John, this final Destroying of the Little Horn, and setting up the Kingdom of the Saints, is thus described at the close of the Vision of the Trumpets, after the account of Babylons. fäll, and the Smoke of ler. Torments ascending up R

8.11. for ever and ever. 5.66 And I looked, and behold, a White Cloud, 19 « and upon the Cloud fate one like unto the

Son of Man, having on his Head a Golden “ Crown, and in his Hand a sharp Sickle, ' “ And another Angél canc out of the Temple, 15. « crying with a loud Voice to him that fate on


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