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2 Tim.iii &c.” And at last, “Having a Form of Godliness,

“but denying the Power thereof; from such turn away ;

“For of this sort are they which creep into “Houses, and lead away Captive filly Women, “ laden with sins, led away with divers Lufts;

“Ever Learning, and never able to come to the “ Knowledge of the Truth.”

And then he adds, “ But they shall proceed no further, for their Folly shall be made manifest « unto all Men.

Of the fene St. Peter says, “But there were 2P et. II.

« False Frophe's also a nong the People, even « as there shall be folje Trachers among you, who privily shall bring in Dannable Heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon

themselves swift Destruction. “ And many shall follow their Pernicious Ways, by means of whom the V Vay of Truth shall be

“evil spoken of. 3. “And thro' Covetoufness shall they with feigned

“Words make Merchandize of you, whose Judgment now of a long time. lingereth not, and



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" their


" their Damnation slumbereth not.

And afterwards, “Having Eyes full of Adul- 2 Pet. II. " tery, and that cannot cease from sin, Beguiling “Unstable Souls ; an heart they have exercised

with Covetous Practices, Cursed Children,
And he closes thus,
“ For when they speak great Swelling Words

18. “of Vanity, they allure through the Lufts of the

Flesh, thro’ much Wantonness, those that were “clean escaped from them who live in Error.

" While they promise them Liberty, they “ themselves are the Servants of Corruption ; for of whom a Man is Overcome, of the fame is “ he brought in Bondage :

“For if after they have Escaped the Pollutions of the World, thro’ the Knowledge of the “Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again

Entangled therein and Overcome, the latter End “is worse with them than the beginning.

« For it had been better for them Not to have known the Way of Righteousness, than after they “ have known it, to turn from the Holy Commandment delivered unto them.” There is little Occasion to shew how well all T






Dan xii. for the Period when; Blefed is he that waitetti

end comeik to the Thousand Three Hindred and
Thirty Five Days; which agrees perfectly with

St. John's Declararion;
Rev XX.

“ Blessed and Holy is he that hath Part in the “first Resurrection, on such the second Death " hath no Power, but they fhall be Priefts of « God and of Christ, and shall Reign with hina 6a Thousand Years.

As the next Verse of Daniel, does with the rest of St. John's Defcription of the fame Reign

of a Thousand Years. Dan: ii.

Daniel ends thus; “But go thou thy way till: 13:

the End be, for thou shalt reft, and fand ina

“thy. Lot # the End of the Days.' Rev..xx,

And St. Jabn fays, “And I faw Throness,
"and they fate upon them; and Judgment was.
“given unto them, and I faw the Souls of them
" that were Beheaded for the Witness of Jefus,
se and for the Word of God, and which had not:
« Worshipped the Beast, neither kiis Image, acither :
" had received his Mark upon their Fore-beads

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IV. 13.

" or in their Hands; and they Lived and Reigned 16 with Chrift a Thousand Tears.

« But the rest of the Dead Lived not again, Rev. xx. “ until the Thousand Tears were finished, this " is the first Resurrection.

This is the Lot that Daniel is promised to ftand in, at the End of the Days.

And this is agreable to St. Paul's Description, to the Thesalonians.

« But I would not have you to be Ignorant, 1 Thes. * Brethren, concerning them which are a Sleep, " that ye Sorrow not, even as others which “have no Hope” (that is, no Revealed Religion. which intitles them to the Promise of a Refurrection;) He goes on,

“For if we believe that Jesus dyed and rose **c again, even so them also which Sleep in Jesus

will God bring with him.

“ For this we fay unto you by the Word of 150 « the Lord, that we which are alive, and remain “ unto the coming of the Lord, shall not preu vent them which are asleep:






“ For the Lord himself shall descend from IV.10. “ Heaven, with a Shout, with the Voice of

« the Arch-Angel, and with the Trump of God, " and the Dead in Christ thall rise firft. "

This Trump of God is the fame with The Voice Rev.3.7. of the Seventh Angel, which, “when he Aaj

« begin to found, the Mystery of God fhould “ be finished, as he hath declared to his Servants as the Prophets.."

And when “the Seventh Angel Sounded, “ there were great Voices in Heaven, saying, « The Kingdoms of this. World are become the “Kingdons of our Lord and of his Chrift, and

" he shall Reign for ever and ever. 16.

" And the Four and Twenty Elders which « fate before God on their Seats, fill upon their “ Faces and Worshipped God.

“ Saying, We give thee Thanks, O Lord « God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art 6 to come, because Thou haft taken to Thee «Thy grear Power, and haft Reigned.

« And the Nations were Angry, and Thy 5 Wrath is come, and the Time of the Dead,

Rev. XI.


" that

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