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strongest Evidence for fixing the Time of the Beginning of all the Three, I must not omit the Opinion St. Jerome had of That Beginning, when · he saw in the fifth Century, the Barbarous : Nations invading the Roman Empire, whom he reckons up to the Number of Ten, and when he faw Gail and Spain already Conquered, and Rome it self the Scene of War, Strugling, not Hieron s for Glory, but for Safety, and not even Strug- Oper. “ling, but forced to Buy her Life with her

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pag 109. “Gold and other Treasures: " Upon this Paris Occasion he thus breaks out, “ We see him 1609. that letteth, ready to be taken out of the Way, 2 Thes. « and don't we plainly see, that Anti-Christ is 11. 6. “ Coming?”. St.Jerom understood the VVestern Empire to be him that Letteth, and as he Writes, about Thirty Years before its Ruin in Valentinian the III, he sees it already so far gone, as

to have no hope of its Escaping. And for this · Reason he immediately adds, VVo to them that Mark : are with Child, and to them that give Suck in XIlI. 172 those Days. . By which it is plain, that St. Jerom applies


these Threatnings to the Destruction of the Roman Empire, as I have done in the foregoing Parts of this Discourse. And all these Arguments he uses in an Epistle to Ageruchia, to dissuade her from a second Marriage in such miserable Times.

And thus have I endeavoured to explain the Second Period, contained in these Words of

Daniel, Dan.XII “And from the time that the Daily shall be

“ taken away, and the Abomination that maketh « Defolate, set up, there shall be a Thousand “Two Hundred and Ninety Days."



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Of the Third Period. I Will now proceed to explain the Third and 1 last Period of One Thousand Three Hundred and Thirty Five Days, and then shew that these three distinct Periods are not only distinguished in this XII. Chapter of Daniel, but likewise in the VII. and very particularly in the History, as

it is contained in the Revelations of St. John.

Daniel ends his Prophecy with this comfortable Warning from the Lord,

« Blessed is he that waiteth and cometh to Dan. xii. The Thousand I bree Hundred and Thirty Five 14:

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“But go thou thy Way till the end be, for 13. “ thou shalt rest, and stand in thy Lot at the End of the Days.”

Here is a Blesed Time Prophesied of at the very End. We have already observed, that Time of the End to be the One Thousand Two Hundred and Sixty Years, but then when that Time is out, the End takes first Thirty Years to set up the D'aily again, and take away the Abomination that maketh Defolate, and now Forty Five Years more, before all is quite finished. It is natural that the End should thus consist of several Years, fince most of the great Transactions of the World have done the same.

The Jewish Captivity ended in the first of Ezra, I. Cyrus, but they Laboured under such Dfficulties 1: that they could not Rebuild the Temple till the


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Exra VI year of Darius, nor was the Wall of their VI. 15. City finished, (which alone fecured them from Nehem.

1. the Infults of their Neighbours) till the XX of V. 14. Artaxerxes, at the soonest, or as seems most VI. 15. xii. 2. probable, till the XXXII Year of that Kings XIII.6. Reign.

: The Overturning the Heathen Roman Empire
by Constantine, is the Period whence we reckon
its End, and yet it had a Revival, in Julian, several
years after, which lasted till, on Julian's Death
it finally Perished.
· The Power of the Popes in England was taken
away by Henry the VIII. and thence we reckon
its Fall, tho' it had a dangerous Revival in Queen
Mary's Reign, but was quite Extirpated upon
her Death.

And in Germany, when the Reformation first began, and the Smalkaldick League was at its height, we reckon the Papal Power received its Decisive Stroke among those Princes and Cities whọ imbraced the Reformation ; tho' afterwards Charles the V. had Imprisoned some, Deprived others, and well nigh Extinguished the Party, till

· Affairs

Affairs took a new Turn, by the Policy of Maurice Elector of Saxony; and then the Reformation was firmly Established by the Treaty of Passau. ·

Just fo We are to consider the Fate of the Church of Rome, that it has received its Stunning Blow, when it lost that Most Christian King, as they might well call Lewis the XIV. whose chief Ambition was to Extirpate Heresie, in which Attempt he ventured his Kingdom, at the Pere , swasion of the Jesuits, who flattered him with a better Crown in Heaven, for his Service done to the Church on Earth. . We are yet to expect the Fall of the Court

of Rome, by its being totally Deserted and Neg.. lected by the Princes who still depend on it. . And

when that is over, the Orders of Moniks and - Fryers, and particularly the Jesuits , are very simily > likely to take several years more before they are

wholly stript and rooted out of the Kingdoms and

Countries, where they now enjoy so large : Possessions, and have so much Sway with the · Ignorant People, and then every thing that is

to be done, during the End, will be prepared



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