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First, It is observable, (as I have already thewn) That the two Persons speaking, as well as the Subject of their Discourse, are the same in both Visions, viz. Michael, or the Man Cloa

Dan, X. thed in Linnen with a Golden Girdle, and Gabriel, or the Man fent to make Daniel understand the

VIH, 167 Vision. Wherefore I shall not now Repeat what has been so fully treated of in the beginning of this. Treatise; and this is a strong Argument that these two Paflages are on the very fame Subject

Secondly, As the Man Cloathed'in Linnen with a Golden Girdle, has been shewn to be Our Saviour, who is the High-Priest in his own

Hob. IX, Tabernacle: It will be very Naturaland Consistent, to suppose the Daily no other than what belonged to his.Tabernacle, and not that which was peculiar to the old Tabernacle and Temple of the Jews.

Thirdly, This Daily cannot be the Lamb offered Exod. Day by Day continually, because that was not

xxix.38. offeredin the Sanctuary, but on the Brazen Altar, XXVII. which was without the Sanctuary.

1, 2,3,46 It can therefore only mean the Daily in the Sanktuary, on the Altar to burn Incense, overlaid xXX, 1935



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with pure Gold, Which Mofes was commanded, Exod. “---Thou shalt put it before the Vail, that is XXX. 6.6 by the Ark of the Testimony, before the Mercy

“Seat that is over the Testimony, where I will “ meet with thee.

“ And Aaron shall burn thereon sweet Incense 7.

“ every Morning; when he drefseth the Lamps, “ he shall burn Incense


it. “ And when Aaron lighteth the Lamps at 8.

Éven, he shall burn Incense upon it, a perpetual “ Incense before the Lord throughout your '« Generations.

“ Ye fall offer no strange Incense thereon nor burnt Sacrifice, nor Meat Offering, neither shall

ye pour Drink-Offering thereon.” This was then as much a Daily, as that of the Daily Oblation or Sacrifice on the Brazen Altar; which was to be a continual Burnt Offering

throʻ-out their Generations, and the former agrees XXIX. 42.

with Daniel's Expression, whereas the latter does not.

This likewise agrees with Ezekiel's Expression, when the Man with the writers Ink-born, was


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to set-a Mark on them that Sighed, his order is,

Come not near any Man upon whom is the Mark,
and begin at my Sanctuary.

In the next Chapter Ezekiel gives a Defcrip.
tion that is like to (a) Daniel's and (6) St. John's (a) Dan.
Descriptions of Gods Throne, and his Temple in V11951o.

(b) Rev.
Heaven, but no ways suit with Moses's Tabernacle iv. 1.
or Solomon's Temple. The X Chapter begins VII. 15.

** Then I looked, and behold in the Firmament, Ezek. X.
" that was above the Head of the Cherubims,
" there appeared over them, as it were, a Saphire-
« Stone, as the Appearance of the likeness of a
« Throne.

“ And he (that is, the Ancient of Days) spake 2,
unto the Man Cloathed in Linnen, and said,
“Go in between the Wheels, even under the
“ Cherub, and fill thine hand with Coals of Fire
« from between the Cherubims, and scatter them
s over the City----"

Now this agrees exactly with St. John's
Description, after the Servants of God were
Sealed in their Fore-beads, during which fealing

Rev. VII

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Rev. vii. the four Angels were not to hurt the Earth and

the Sea; and which four Angels are the Four

first of the Seven which he saw standing before Vill. a.

God, and to them were given feven Trumpets.

" And another Angel came and stood at the « Altar, having a Golden Censer, and there was “ given unto him much Incense, that he should "offer it with the Prayers of all Saints, upon the « Golden Altar, which was before the Throne.

" And the Smoke of the Incense, which came “ with the Prayers of the Saints, ascended up “ before God out of the Angels Hand.

“ And the Angel took the Censer and filled " it with Fire of the Altar, and caft it into the “Earth, and there were Voices, and Thundrings, and Lightnings, and an Earth-quake. "

Here is a plain taking away the Daily Offering of the Incense from the Golden Altar, and scattering the Fire on the Earth, that is, among the Common People, which Ezekiel calls the City; and so the Purity of the visible Worship of the Christian Religion being taken away,

There was 20 true Chriftian Church left, but among the



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Servants of God, Sealed in the Fore-head, who

Rey. vii, were dispersed here and there over the World.

Thus I have, I think, sufficiently shewn what was the meaning in Daniel, of taking away Dan. xi. the Daily.

I shall now proceed to Explain, what is the Abomination of Desolation, or Tranfgrefion of Desolation, meant in the XII. and VIII. Chapters of Daniel; and here we have the Aslistance of the Interpretation given in the XI. Chapter, in which mention is made of Polluting the Sanctuary XI. 31. of Strength, where the Golden Altar of Incense stood, and not the Brazen Altar for burnt Offerings, as I have already observed; and where it is faid, “ They shall take away the daily, and place 310 “the Abomination that maketh Desolate; And “ such as do Wickedly shall He Corrupt by Flatteries.

Who this He is, is described in a few Verses after,

“. And the King shall do according to his 36. “Will, and He shall exalt himself, and Magnifie * himself above every God, and fhal speak mar

6 vellous


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