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. But it will be still more evident, that the

Reformation is here intended; if we observe, That Rev. xiii all Kindreds, and Tongues, and Nations, were at 7. first under him that opened his Mouthin Blafphemy

against God, and that likewise, All that dwelt e upon the Earth Worshipped him; as likewise, that

the Woman, called, Mystery Babylon the great,, xvii, 1. the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the · 5:15.18.

*. Earth, did fit on many Waters; which Waters

were People, and Nations; and Multitudes; and Tong ues: And that this Woman was that great City that Reigneth over the Kings of the Earth.. · So that once, all the Common People, as well as the Great Kings of the Earth, that Ruled the People Cruelly and Tyrannically, were altogether

Subject to the Church of Rome and her Popes. Xlig. But where the Slaughter of the Witnesses is de

scribed, (who were those who still continued in · Tribulation, bearing Testimony to the Truth, under Perfecution in Popish Countries There we find two Parties described, who are very

differently disposed to them. e “They of the People, and Kindreds, and

“ Tongues,

<Tongues, and Nations; shall see their Dead “Bodies three Days and a half, and shall not “ fuffer their Dead Bodies to be put into Graves.

“ And they who dwell upon the Earth, fhall Revi « Rejoyce over them, and make Merry, and 11 « fhall send Gifts one to another, because these “two Prophets Tormented them that dwelt on “ the Earth.

“ And after three Days and an half, the Spiritu “ of Life from God entered into them, and they “stood upon their Feet, and great Fear fell on " them which faw them.”. By this laft Verse, compar'd with Ezekiel, it was plainly a friendly Ezek.

xxxvii. Office to keep these Dead Bodies out of Graves,

Og i to it in order to their Resurrection: And here it is plain, that they of the People and Kindreds, &c.

XI. 9. that is, some of the People, &c. are the same vul.. with the great Multitude of all Nations and Kindreds, &c. and that the Remainder of the People and Kindreds, &c. were yet under those who dwell on the Earth: But to put this out of all XI. 1o. doubt, we need only observe, That when “ the « Angel flies with the Everlasting Gospel to giv: 61.

“ Preach

* Preach to them that dwell on the Earth, and “to every Nation, and Kindred, and Tongue,

“ and People,” then immediately after, another Rev.

3. Angel followed, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen. XIV. 8.

By which it is plain, they that dwell on the Earth are supposed to have the remainder of the People and Kindreds, &c. under them, and when they shall likewise embrace the Reformation, that then all the People and Kindreds, &c. shall be no longer under the Mouth speaking Blafphes

mies, or the great Whore, and then his Fower. Zach. II. and her Empire, will fall. Thus by comparing Vi Şt. John with Daniel, (without taking in ZachaJude 8. to 23. riah and St. Jude, who might be shown to have Rev. xii. the same in view, but would swell this Treatise 7.

too much.) I hope I have fully Explained, how we are to apprehend the Accomplishment of this Prophecy,

“Many shall be Purified, and made White, Dan.XII" and Tryed, but the Wicked fhall do Wickedly. 10. « and none of the Wicked shall Understand, but

" the wife shall Understand.


SECT. X. : : Of the Second Period. I Now go on to the express Words which I fix the second Period. “ And from the time that the daily Sacrifice na

NCC Dan.XII * shall be taken away, and the Abomination that 11. “ maketh Defolate, fet up, there shall be a Thoufand Two Hundred and Ninety Days.”

This Verse Determines the whole Period of the Daily's being taken away, (for Sacrifice is no where in the Original) and of the Abominations Continuing, from the Time that the Daily was Removed, and the Abomination set up.

There is another Passage in Daniel, which · relates to this Daily, in his Vision of the third of Belshazzar, where he is describing the little Dani Horn which waxed exceeding great, even to che VIII. 9?

Host of Heaven, and cele down fome of the Host 10. i and of the Stars to the Ground, and stamped upon them

. He



He goes on to give the most diftinguishing

Character of this Little Horn. Dan.viii «Yea, he magnified himself, even to the s « Prince of the Hoft, and by him the l'aily was

“ taken away, and the place of his Sanctuary “ was cast down.

“ And an Host was given him against the .Daily, by Reason of Transgression, and it caft “ down the Truth to the Ground, and it prac6 tised and prospered.

“ Then I heard one Saintspeaking, and another “ Saint said unto that certain Saint which spake, ..“--How long shall be the Vision concerning the Daily, and the Transgression of Desolation, to “ give both the Sanktuary and the Host to be " trodden under Foot?

66 And he said unto me, Unto Two Thousand " and Three Hundred Tays, then shall the 56 Sanctuary be cleansed.”

In clearing up these two Passages of the last Chapter of Daniel, and the VIII. which both mention this taking away the Daily, and setting upthe Transgression, or Abomination of Desolation.


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