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we find in the Prophet Isaiah, when he describes

Ifa. XXV.
« the Covering cast over all People, and the 7. .
6 Vail that is spread over all Nations.

« But God will destroy it, and, wipe away &
(« Tears from all Faces, and the Rebuke of his
“People shall he take away from all the Earth. .

There would then be some by whom " it
« [hɔuld be said in that Day, We have waited
« for him, and he will save us. And again,

"--- In the way of thy Judgments, O Lord, Ifa.xxvi. “have we waited for thee, the desire of our Soul

8. ce is to thy Name, and to the Remembrance of có theo.

“With my Soul have I desired thee in the “Night, yea,

with my Spirit within me will I 9. “ seek thee early, for when thy Judgments are : " in the Earth, the Inhabitants of the World “will learn Righteousness.

« Let Favour bé shewed to the Wicked, yet 100
(will he not learn Righteousness, in the Land
«of Uprightness will he deal Unjustly, and will

not behold the Majesty of the Lord.
“-Lord,' when thine. Hand is lifted up, they · 11!.

" will i

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se will not fee, but they shall fee, and be « ashamed for their Envy at the People, yea, s the Fire of thine Enemies sh all devour them.

Here are the Wise and the Wicked, and those Dan. XI.

that cleave to the Wife with Flatteries, and their 34.

final Destruction, when the Time of the End Rev.

comes, when the Ten Horns thémfelves shall hate xvii. 16. the Whore and eat her Flesh, and all that are her

open or fecret Friends, which Isaiah calls the Fire of thine Enemies devouring the Wicked in the Land of Uprightness.

But the most exact Commentary upon Daniel, as on all other occasions, so on this roth Verfe of the XII Chapter of that Prophet, is in St. John's Revelations, where he sees

" Another Angel ascending from the East, Rev. vii.

having the Seal of the Living God, and he

cryed with a loud Voice to the four Angels, " to whom it was given to hurt the Earth, and

“the Sea,


Saying, Hurt not the Earth, neither the “ Sea, nor the Trees, till we have Scaled the “Servants of our God in their Foreheads.

" And


* And I heard the Number of them which

Rev. vii. were Sealed, and there were Sealed an Hundred and Forty and Four Thousand of all the Tribes of the Children of Israel. And here it might be proved, if the compass of this Treatise would permit it, that these One Hundred and Forty and Four Thousand are the same with the Two

Rev. xi. Witnesses in Sackcloth.

3. So far there were but few that Understood, who are likewise mentioned in Ezekiel, when the Lord said unto the Man with the writers Eze's. Ink-horn, “Go through the midst of the City, 6 through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a “ Mark upon the Fore-heads of the Men that

Sigh, and that Cry for all the Abominations " that be done in the midst thercof.

« And to the others he said, in mine hearing, 5. “Go ye after him through the City, and « smite, let not your Eyes spare, neither have

IX. 4.

ye Pity.


Slay utterly Old and Young, both Maids t and little Children and Women, but come not near any man upon whom is the Mark, and


“ begin

IX. 7

“ begin at my Suturrý; then they began at

" the Ancient M:n which were before the House. Ezek. “ And he said unto them, Defile the House,

« and fill the Courts with the Slain; Go ye forth, “and they went forth and Slew in the City." Where Ezekiel calls that Jerusalem and the City which St. John calls the Earth and the Sea, &c. viz. the Christian Roman Empire.

But afterwards St. John gives an account of a great Addition to this small Number, by which m ans there were in all, many that Understood, and were Wife

“ After this, I beheld, and lo, a great. MultiRev. vii.

tude, which no Man could Number of all “ Nations, and Kindreds, and People, and “ Tongues, stood before the Throne, and bcfore " the Lamb, Cloathed with White Robes, and 6. Palms in their Hands.

There follows a Doxology, or Thanksgiving

from them, and then the Angel informs St John, 14 « These are they which came out of great

66. Tribulation, and have Washed their Robes es and made them. White in the Blood of the « Lambs.


« There

« shall dwell among


" Therefore are they before the Throne of

Rey. VII "God, and serve him Day and Night in his 15. “ Temple; and he that sitteth on the Throne

them. They shall Hunger no more, neither Thirst 16. any more, neither shall the Sun light on them, any

Heat. " For the Lamb which is in the midst of the 13. " Throne, fhill feed them, and shall lead them

unto living Fountains of Water, and God shall " wipe away all Tears from their Eyes."

Here is a plain Description of the Reformation, when great Multitudes washed their Robes, by Purifying their Worship, and came out of great Tribulation, by escaping the further Persecution of the Church of Rome. Thus were the One Thousand Two Hundred and Sixty days of Tribulation shortned for the Elects fake, who after Matth. that, did not Hunger or Thirst after the Words of *XİM.2.26 the Lord, nor were the Heat, or Siin to smite viii. 11. them after the Prifoners were to inherit the defolate lia. xlix. Heritages, or the Wilderness, and the Captives 8. 9. 10. of the Mighty, and the Prey of the Terrible 19. 25. delivered.

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